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    Been botting on and off RS for the last decade and have finally decided to leverage my programming experience to start building scripts for OSRS, but I am also cheap and don't want to scale my bot farm via $ so I have figured out my middle ground, fund it via scripting. I will be posting my Gold Farm Stats and Scripting progress, let me know if you have any script requests and I'll see about making a script for it. Please note currently only running bots in F2P so making a members script might be out of scope for now.

    Gold Farm 

    May 2022 | Total Accounts: 104 | Total Accounts Banned: 40 | Total Accounts Running: 6

    June 2022 | Total Accounts: 163 | Total Accounts Banned: 51 | Total Accounts Running: 6

    July 2023 | Total Accounts: 235 | Total Accounts Banned: 89 | Total Accounts Running: 16

    Aug 2023 | Total Accounts: 250 | Total Accounts Banned: 93 | Total Accounts Running: 19


    Public Scripting & Goals

    May 2022 | Release Al Kharid Beer Glass Collector (Launched!) & RSMaster Cabbage Collector (Launched!) & 1st Attempt at Scripter+ Test (Failed)

    June 2022 | Release Al Kharid Beer Glass Collector V2 & Cabbage Collector V2


    Private Scripting

    May 2022 | Finish Beta of Tutorial Island Script

    June 2022 | Tutorial Island --> 55 Magic AIO & F2P Quests & Moneymaking Scripts, Agility AIO, AIO Thieving, Crafting AIO

    May 2023 | Tutorial Island --> 55 Magic AIO & F2P Quests (Done!)

    June 2023 | AIO Smithing, Magic, Cooking, Crafting and Fletching to 99 (Done!)

    July 2023 | AIO Woodcutting, Fishing, Cooking, Mining and Combat to 99  (Done!)

    Aug 2023 | AIO F2P Quests and Develop Dynamic Decision Solution to level as skill and quests using AIOs 



    June 2023 | 1st Account to 99 Magic, Smithing, Cooking using AIO

    July 2023 | 1st Account to break 150m total XP and 99 Crafting using AIO

    Oct 2023 | 1st Account to break 250m total XP and 1250 total level - first 99 in RS3

    More updates to follow, if you want a certain F2P script made post below and I will see about making it. I will also try to update this whenever a notable update comes along


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    32 minutes ago, Hans Zimmer said:

    Good luck and hopefully you make some nice progress!

    Thanks! Lost most of those account early on before I figured out the break system was built into Dreambot so I am expecting to see a lot less ban rates. Maybe I'll add a 99 or total GP counter rounded to the nearest 10m or something.

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    56 minutes ago, SubCZ said:

    Good luck m8, keep the updates coming

    Ty, just lost 2 accounts for the first time in a week training them up... guess that teaches me once again not to use other people's script. Lol.

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    3 hours ago, SirNecrosis said:

    Make a F2P quester to do all quests on F2P except for shield or arrav.

    I have already started a private script for exactly that until I get Scripter+, currently does 12 QPs, working on a tut island bot that can AIO a few different skills to a decent base and a script that will get you to high alch from tut island with 0 interactions.

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