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    1. That happens in any client, even the official OSRS client... if you have fresh start it will show up every time you open a new dreambot client, otherwise you just have to accept it once.
    2. This is what I have and it works for me. javaw -Xmx700m -jar C:\Users\user\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -script "ScriptNameHere" -account "AccountNameHere" -covert -fps "5" -world "members" -minimized
    3. You need to do define your conditions better. You need to call walkToBank() only when out of food And walkToCow() when your inventory is full of food (for example). This is what I would do. if(!InventoryHasFood){ if(Walking.shouldWalk(5)) { // Returns whether you should walk - if you're moving, it'll check if your distance to destination is less than specified Walking.walk(LUMBRIDGE_AREA); } } if(Inventory.isFull()){ if(Walking.shouldWalk(5)) { Walking.walk(COW_AREA); } } My example is very simple and you really should put more conditions for your scripts. For example, what would happen if we just banked for food, but somehow we dropped or ate one piece of food. The inventory is no longer full but it is not out of food. This will not trigger any of our two existing conditions, and the bot will not do anything. But... I get your point for the Walking part. I'm aware other botting platforms has Walking methods that will only break/finish when you reach the destination, but that's not how Dreambot API does it.
    4. I believe you are calling pathToBank() and pathToCow() at the same time. This would explain the climbing up and down and walking to bank sometimes. We would need to see further code to fully understand whats going on.
    5. We can't really help you unless you show us some piece of code.
    6. Hello everyone. I'm currently selling membership codes. 16 and 96 days are in stock. 16 days: 7.5M GP or 3 USD paypal or 2,50 USD crypto 96 days: 36M GP or 13.90 USD paypal or 12.90 USD crypto Bulk prices for 16 days (only CRYPTO!) 50: 2.40 USD 100: 2.35 USD 200: 2.30 USD 300: 2.26 USD 400: 2.23 USD 500: 2.20 USD 750: 2.17 USD 1000: 2.15 USD All of the transactions are done via discord tickets. https://discord.gg/jZy9eSbyJ6 Join the discord and open a ticket. I will NEVER DM you first.
    7. I believe you are talking about my Dye Maker script. I will add an option to collect onions, and perhaps redberries too. Redberries are a little worst since there is only 2 spawns in each world and they take 2 minutes to re-grow.
    8. I believe you can collect them north west of lumbridge (blue area) and in Rimmington as well west of the mine
    9. I followed @yeeter01guide without any prior knowledge on how SDN worked and now I'm a beast!
    10. Hey Karson, I have not received any reports like this yet. Once I have my new computer built I will check the script again and make sure it's working. I also have plans to add Grand Exchange to the script so when it run out of supplies it will sell dyes and buy primary items.
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