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  • Sub Spidines AIO [300k-500k/h] [Level 3] [AIO] [Integrated Muling] [Ardougne Diary 2] [Quick Start/CLI]


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    Spidines have high value guaranteed loot, drop fully noted after Ardougne Diary II completion, and are killed extremely fast with 0 defence and low HP. They are located right next to a fairy ring which makes banking highly efficient. 

    With the medium requirements and rare use of this method, ban rates are extremely low despite its high efficiency. The combination of profit and combat XP makes this method ideal as a gold farm as well as for training accounts. By the time you reach 90s in combat, you will have 100M+ in your bank.

    This script will complete all requirements from a fresh level 3 account.




    • Stronghold of Security combat training (Ranged/Melee)
    • Magic enchanting
    • Crafting leather gear
    • Cutting gems
    • Agility rooftops
    • Gilded altar prayer
    • Silk stall thieving
    • Fletching arrows
    • Making potions
    • Sorceress Garden (Farming)
    • Sorceress Garden (Thieving)
    • House construction
    • Slayer tasks
    • Progressive Woodcutting
    • Progressive Firemaking
    • Progressive Mining
    • Fishing/Cooking combo
    • Woodcutting/Firemaking combo


    • Tower of Life
    • Dragon Slayer I
    • Animal Magnetism
    • Ernest the Chicken
    • Lost City
    • Fairytale II
    • Fairytale I
    • The Nature Spirit
    • The Restless Ghost
    • Priest in Peril
    • The Grand Tree
    • Shilo Village
    • Jungle Potion
    • The Hand in the Sand
    • Rune Mysteries
    • Enlightened Journey
    • Watchtower
    • Sea Slug
    • Underground Pass
    • X Marks the Spot
    • The Tourist Trap
    • Icthlarin's Little Helper
    • Gertude's Cat
    • Prince Ali Rescue
    • Witch's House
    • Plague City
    • Biohazard
    • Hazeel Cult
    • Fight Arena
    • Client of Kourend
    • The Queen of Thieves
    • The Knight's Sword
    • Imp Catcher
    • Druidic Ritual



    1. Log in (or let the script log you in).

    2. Use the graphical interface to set up the script:


    If you don't have the listed requirements, the script will train them for you.

    3. Hit "Run".

    Required gold to train from level 3: ~6M


    Human Mouse

    All Sub™ scripts implement a unique, privately developed human mouse movement algorithm based on modified Bernstein polynomials. Mouse movement is calibrated using real human data to be fluid, natural, and efficient.

    Human Interactions

    Instead of using DreamBot's default methods of interaction, all Sub™ scripts implement a privately developed set of custom client interactions that distinguish it from all other public scripts. The goal is to make the signature of the script as unique as that of a private client.

    Behavioral Randomization

    With advanced reaction time distributions, data driven behavioral patterns, Gaussian walking, and banking/GE randomization, each script execution becomes unique.



    Quick Start / CLI Instructions

    Quick start will launch your last used configuration without opening the GUI. To launch with quick start add the following as the last command line parameter:  -params "default"

    For a full guide on setting up and using Quick Start / CLI, see here.



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    • SubCZ changed the title to Sub Spidines [300k-500k/h] [Level 3] [AIO] [Integrated Muling] [Ardougne Diary 2] [Quick Start/CLI]

    Sub Spidines V 1.1 Released:

    • Now only trains melee if 'Use melee' is selected
    • Reduced agility requirement to 40
    • Reduced firemaking training cost
    • Removed built-in breaks
    • Fixed construction training
    • Fixed prayer training
    • Fixed ranged training ammo bug
    • Fixed settings
    • Fixed unnoting bug
    • Fixed NPE
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    banned within 10 minutes of the trial.

    i know why, its because some skills are highly watched for bots, 

     this bot helps you reach the level requirements as well as do the diary and the actual killing etc
    i think using this to reach the level requirements (for example for crafting/fletching, which is what it was doing for me) means that it can be high risk

    i suggest people use this after they have completed the level reqs through other means. 

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    • SubCZ changed the title to Sub Spidines AIO [300k-500k/h] [Level 3] [AIO] [Integrated Muling] [Ardougne Diary 2] [Quick Start/CLI]

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