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  • New SDN: What does it need?

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    To add on to what others have said.

    1) Pages/pagination would be great

    2) A filter to show only the scripts you have added to your client or the ability to remove scripts easily from the "Your Scripts" page

    3) More sorting options, like by upload date, update date, rating, etc.

    4) Maybe some lazy loading when the display count is greater than 25 so it loads smoothly (e.g. unfiltered main page)

    5) More info for the scripter panel, it was a wee bit confusing at first.

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    Just the basics like being able to sort them by like last updated. This helps keep my accounts same by using the most up to date scripts. This will also make the inactive scripts more clear. Also I read above people talking about a broken script button! This would be extremely useful!

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    • Dark theme like Yeeter said (Please let me keep what's left of my retinas)
    • More ways to buy scripts. A lot of users don't really like using the credit card in a website they are just starting to get to know (and bitcoin is well... bitcoin). I'm sure people noticed this when the Paypal option went away
    • Make script rating on the SDN exclusively. The way it is right now makes no sense. You have 2 places with different ratings and most people don't realize that
    • Allow scripters to post change logs and have the users get notified of script updates
    • A way that would make it easier for people to know what store vouchers are and how to get them (I get a lot of people asking for ways to not buy scripts the normal way, probably related to the second thing I mentioned).

    Also, luv u Pan

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    Another one that would be really nice would be a beta feature for new scripts;

    * Script wouldnt appear on SDN

    * Script wouldnt need a topic to be created (but at a later point when moved out of beta could be edited to become a full script)

    * Script could only be authorized to X amount of members for a limited time of Y to ensure its only used for beta testing

    * Time limited period of where the script is in beta stage before it goes back into pending for re-request or upload of prod script?

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    - Would love to see multiple payment option for the same script, something like this be good: 
    1) buy 1 instance acces permanent
    2) buy unlimited instance permanent
    3) buy 1 instance monthly
    4) buy unlimited instance monthly

    1 & 3 can be bough multiple times to stack

    - More payment options for the store (Skrill/Ideal/paysafe ?)

    Edited by Nex
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