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  • New SDN: What does it need?

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    Hey guys,

    Our top priority here at DreamBot is to listen to the community's needs, so I'd like to reach out and hear what your current opinion is on the state of the SDN and anything related to it.

    As you may know, a new SDN is a priority for us as we think it's overdue for a complete rework and overhaul.

    If you have any thoughts about what makes the current SDN not so great, or a killer feature you'd love to see in the future SDN, please post it below so we can try to gauge what's most important to you guys and how we should prioritize our time.

    Currently Planned:

    • Automated trials with time limits set by scripters
    • Instance limited script support
    • Improved default script sorting and other useful sorting selections
    • Dashboard for users to see their running clients, what they're doing, what accounts, etc. (info sharing can be toggled in client settings)
    • New analytics for scripters, including usage data and sales data


    The Dream Team

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    1.) Dark theme

    2.) What the fuck is the current script info screen?  Style or make that a modal/copout plz

    3.) More stats for scripters to view. Not sure what we would be allowed to see but analytics are cool

    4.) Either a more direct/blatant link to the scripts forum post or separate sub sections in the scripts info panel for an overview, introductions, how to report bugs to the scripter, contact details etc. 

    5.) Link in the client to the SDN page for the script/forum page. (Might already be a thing but I dont remember)

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    1. Some kind of sensible organization to the front page of the SDN, maybe sorted by top scripts in the last 7 days
    2. Show recently updated scripts to help with visibility and lets people know which scripts are being actively updated (could also be done on the sidebar in forums)
    3. Option to limit instances (within reason)
    Edited by Bunnybun
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    When you add a script: That pop up for adding a script scrolls all the way to the top of the page and then you have to scroll back down to close it, (if you want to continue browsing).

    Other times it redirects you to a blank page saying "Script added". 

    When you remove a script: The script removed button is worse, you have to sometimes spam click it for it to close, other times it'll just freeze and then have to refresh the page. 

    Please make adding and removing consistent and easier in the rebuild.

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    No. The thing it needs the most is the ability to add multiple scripts without the dang thing scrolling to the top and refreshing and reloading and just being a total pain for new users to try out multiple things cuz it takes like 30 refreshes and types and scrollings to go click add on every script u want. Its like some sort of phone dopamine addiction. Which is fine but man its so 2013.

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    1. More information for first time script uploaders, also more automatic adding of scripts. Eg, have the SDN automatically check that the script package structure is correct
    2. More stats for script (It would be cool to see things like, how many users have the script added, avg runtime of the script per day/week/month, total hours ran for day/week/month across all users
    3. I'm guessing the reason scripters can't recompile their own is to have the script reviewed to make sure ther is nothing hidden away? If not it would be nice to be able to do it ourselves
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    1.  More streamlined update process - Would be great to have a feed of latest updated scripts and their versions so customers know when new versions are released or pending release

    2. More options around pricing (per instance/time amount)

    3. Allow HTML on SDN script description

    4. Multiple pricing tiers for scripts (to support 6/month or lifetime script options rather than duplicating the script on the SDN

    5. Better/Required reviews? Would help clients find scripts that work well

    6. Would be nice to see CTR on scripts for analytics

    7. Broken script button

    8. Visability/easier management of the Git Repo's

    9. Formal API for SDN - Currently i think a fair few of us are scraping the SDN Requests page to get current version info & version updates on script requests etc. Would be nice to have this accessible over an API

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    Currently most paid script forum posts are filled with requests for trials so it's rather difficult so go through pages of that to find people giving feedback on the script. I think it'd be great to have the option to start a trial just by clicking something on the script page. It would clean up paid script posts a lot as some currently have hundreds of pages of people requesting trials.

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