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  • Still not working? Try downloading and running JarFix
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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  1. Alright. I take your advice and will do few quest and level some combat to gather levels before starting fishing. I will report back in a week or two. 😅
  2. No, eating for me has been fine. I have currently tried salmon, lobster and swordfish. Just make sure it's only the same food in the inventory as you specify (not food mix). Only problems I have encounter is looting getting stuck, so I rarely let it loot anymore without supervision.
  3. Just got banned using only this script in f2p empty server at night on my solo alt at karamja lobster caging & banking. Before this night did the same routine on lumbridge swamp with fishnet. Stats: Afk timer: 1 1:30 hour deviated by 20 minutes and randomized bot time 2 hours break deviated by 20 minutes and randomized Runtime: my sleep schedule; ie. 6-8 hours. Meaning at best little over 4 hours of active botting per night. Account lasted 2 days. No other scripts run, tutorial island ran through myself, no other accounts compromised. Shame really, it did it work so well with the shrimps.
  4. God damn. Pretty excited for "flowchart-scripting" if get hang of it. 😄 By fast glance at the treelistings, I don't see any anti-ban options other than sleeping. Is it possible to check exp or items or random camera angling? Also is that camera movement to find and attack/interact with target included in these blocks with spesific range? Sorry for noobish questions, I know bit coding but really new to whole rs-scripting scene.
  5. Oh, continuing about my last post, just noticed that sometimes looting get's stuck on infinite loop or stuck to loop for a while. I am not quite sure if it's spesific item that causes it but cursor just says "looting". Sometimes it resolves itself and continues after ~1 minute pause but sometimes I noticed it stay there bit closer to 2-4 minutes and I manually interfere to not raise any red flags on my account.
  6. Been enjoying heck out of this script bast week with moderate break times and it's been great at farming f2p non-trade restricted items to gain some profit to buy the bot basic gear that don't need banking while leveling. Only negatives I spotted while watching my bot run is sometimes terrfyingly fast turns or changes of direction of mouse and camera on places like barbarian village, clicking through walls to targets (really often happends on places like muggers near port sarim dungeon) and as previously adressed in the thread, banking. Other than that very solid stuff. Really eagar waiting for the update you planning. That edgeville dungeon hill giants would sound terrific if supported (with brass key).
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