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  • Client Release

    Nuclear Nezz

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    Hello Everyone!

    Today is actually a pretty big release! Lots of bug fixes and even new things.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed reading membership days left on the new welcome screen
    • Fixed part of the Quest enum that wasn't working properly
    • Fixed deleting temp db folders (I'm pretty sure let me know if it's still not deleting)
    • Fixed the cache loader! No more deleting jagexcache on updates. (Thanks @Notorious)

    New Things:

    • I've added in HintArrow and HintArrowType, you can get them from the Client class. More details below.
    • We've added in a new cache loader!
    • I've added missing methods to DepositBox as well as making a parent class for bank and deposit box both.
    • FreshStart will now put tmp folders inside of one more folder, DBFolderCache, so that your userhome doesn't get cluttered up.
    • -fresh parameter added to quickstart, this will treat that client like it's opening with fresh start.
    • -userhome param will now override freshstart, so if you have freshstart enabled, but you give a -userhome arg, it won't create more tmp folders

    I did not remove any deprecated methods for this release, I figured the additions were large enough.


    Thank you everyone, as always.

    The Dream Team


    For HintArrow!


    Create the arrow via the Client class (getClient().getHintArrow())
    You'll find 4 different types of arrow, NPC, Player, Tile, and Empty. I'm not 100% familiar with hint arrows, but I believe Tile will generally point towards a GameObject, I kept it as just Tile because I'm unaware of the full capacity of hint arrows. If you do find instances with various types of arrows (like one that actually just points at a tile, or maybe a ground item) I would appreciate it if you could send me the getTypeValue that it sends, as well as the getX/Y/Z

    As of now, hintArrow.getTile() shifts the x/y/z value if it's a tile type, so this may not return correctly. The only ones I found were game objects, and the shifts worked for those.

    hintArrow.getPointed will return a character that is being pointed at, in the future this may change to Entity to include GameObjects, if the only other arrow type is a GameObject. (Like I said, I'm unaware at the moment)

    If it is a player/npc type, it will return a player/npc, otherwise it will return null. If the hint arrow is pointing at a character, it will print the character's tile for getTile, getX/Y/Z are NOT impacted by the character, they are their own separate hooks.

    The only reason I'm going into this much detail is because the only other way is with docs, which as you all know are not quite up to date (hah)

    I will work on getting docs updated soon, as well, especially with all of the deprecated method removals.


    If anything is not working as it should, please report it to me with details, as well as what you're doing to get the hint arrow you're looking at.

    If you have any questions on what part of which method does what, please let me know in the comments so I can explain further.


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