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  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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  1. Thanks a lot. Any detection of bots, not just game bots, would be wonderful.
  2. Hello, Shot in the dark, but is anybody aware of any published books that go in-depth regarding the filtering of bots, and how they let some % go through to create false positives? I know that something along these lines exists, but can't recall the book or author name. If memory recalls correctly, the same author published many books along similar lines. Any recommendations of books about robot detection, game bot filtering, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards
  3. Hey man, There's a new tutorial island chatbox message that just came recently and sometimes breaks script. NPC never stops showing arrow to interact with, even if you interact with chatbox. Bot sometimes get stuck here. Kind regards
  4. I like this too. A lot of nuggets that get dropped in Babble and disappear quickly after, but they would be saved if they were in the forums in threads. I don't know how you can force people to do that, though. They already have that opportunity.
  5. Paying for mobile proxy server assistance. PM me if you already know how and we'll negoiate price.
  6. Looking for an experienced developer, who can make my projects, and deliver the source code. I'm not looking to develop complex scripts, but all scripts I want created should accept arguments to start them.
  7. Ive had been having issues where the bot its not picking up the gold after selling the itens, any way to avoid this? because the bot its getting stuck out of money waiting for the offers to be sold while the only part left is to pick up the gold
  8. I found this issue persists just with specific proxies (they are probably flagged). I dramatically reduced this game message from switching to a new proxy pool.
  9. Do you know anybody selling any RuneScape targeted proxies nowadays that don't lead to locks? I know the previous ones seemed to use datacenter proxies, but at least they were individually assigned, and at one point not flagged for RuneScape.
  10. I think that they'll get banned quickly after they get unlocked, anyways.
  11. CCproxy also works for creating proxies, and is easy to use for Windows.
  12. Hey Neffarion, Does this script have grand exchange support or muling support, like your fletcher and fisher?
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