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    1. i know that you get banned from botting but still, i expected that the anti ban would be better then this... got banned after 2 days of use, started from a lvl 3, clean IP and everything. as it sits right now, its just not worth me using it because i lose more money then it makes me... maybe if i get an account premade with the skills required... but if your going for a build from lvl 3... dont use this script.
    2. ya im finding that bans are higher for tut island in general. tbh the only way to have a tut island script is to have it with machine learning.
    3. i like to turn off/restart my device from time to time. but i dont think it would be "bloat" because it would provide a good use, and if you did not want that function it would be just as easy as not using it. just like with the proxies it would be defaulted to no cache/temp cache
    4. pretty much the idea is that the fresh start only applies when you add/log in to a new account, so account A will always have the same cache as well as B and C and so on with this we would reduce the amount of times we call for data that we would of already had downloaded and makes the account that you are having for long term look less suspicious. if not then can we have something like this in place in the near future? in my opinion the best way to do it would be before going in to the runescape login part of the client a pop up shows up and ask if you wish to log in to X account with an option of a true fresh start that would be deleted after you are done using it, this would just be another drop down box that dreambot has under the proxy box.
    5. this may be a little late but im gona explain anyways, i claimed that you needed at least " a pi 4 1GB or better" this means that you can not use a pi 3 or below, you can run up to... 3ish clients on a 1gb pi, with 2 gbs of ram you should effectively be able to run at least 5-6 clients but then start running in to CPU limitations (unless the pi has gotten a better CPU from the last time i attempted this. will be testing it out again very soon
    6. so when playing a game or going to a website, the program knows your using Y on X OS, my question is can we trick the program, in this case OSRS, in to thinking we are using a windows 10 or even a windows 11 OS with out a VM or compromising the compatibility?
    7. im gona attempt to update this post sometime this week
    8. bump and added another service, working on getting more accounts added
    9. can a staff member pm me so that i can see which IPs had access to my account? I can give any verification that they may need to make sure I am who I am. the reason why i think i was hacked was because as i was botting, the dreambot client kicks me out because i was using too many instances. as soon as that happened i changed my password but still would like to know if i was officially hacked or not
    10. Hand Made Accounts All accounts are Handmade 700k per account (1-10) 600k per account (11-20) Stock: 70 Tradeable Accounts 4m Per account (1-29) 3m Per account (30+) Stock: 0 have an order of 100+, so expect slower stock updates Custom Orders Custom orders can be made but can cost more depending on the requirements price will only go up IF your asking me to do it in a short amount of time. otherwise expect the same price as normal the premade accounts TOS All account sales are final and no refunds For these accounts (handmade accounts) if any of them are locked/banned/muted, I am not responsible for them For specific country accounts payment is required upfront Buyer always goes first unless has higher rep then I do on Dreambot ONLY I have the right to refuse any and all service if I so wish to do, for any reason I might add. please give feedback on Dreambot after you are done buying please and thank you Other Info I do not have a reliable bot to do tut botted accounts, so don't ask for that, if and when I do, I will provide cheaper accounts with new rules as well as my hand made accounts as well Contact Info PMs on the website Gnar#9358 https://discord.gg/J42NGrmZsj
    11. @Aeglen can you please confirm that i have talked to you and you said what is said above in discord?
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