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  1. Thank you for looking into this, when I made the post about this in the Client Support section I was a little worried it would go unnoticed. If it helps, I also used fresh start + covert. Didn't want to get my personal IP or residential proxy flagged with more testing so I haven't bothered testing with any other settings to see if it changes outcome.
  2. I have the same problem but it only happens with DreamBot, not the official client or other bot clients.
  3. Tried rested accounts as well (I have a huge list of 200-800+ day rested accounts) The proxy itself is actually irrelevant in this case though because the only difference between a successful account creation and an insta-lock was the client I logged in with. Used the same exact hardware, created the account through the same browser (using same proxy), logged in from clients with same proxy, the same amount of time between account creation and login, etc. The only variable I changed was the client for a successful result.
  4. I recently bought a residential proxy to create some accounts. All excited to test it out, I loaded up firefox with foxyproxy and created an account. Then I loaded up dreambot (covert mode on) to connect through the proxy and logged in. Sadly, the account was locked within 2-3 seconds of login. After repeating this process a few times I got kind of frustrated and thought maybe the residential proxy was a datacenter proxy even though it didn't appear to be, so I went back and let the seller know. They were able to successfully create an account and log in with it doing everything I had just done (same browser, same proxy, etc) but they used their preferred client. I was skeptical at first, but after hearing I was using dreambot's client they suggested I try logging in with a different one (not naming the one I used because I don't want to promote) and sure enough, it worked on the first try. The most important thing to note here is I didn't log in and try running any scripts, all I did was just log in via dreambot's client with fresh start and covert mode enabled for an insta-lock. Then isolated the client by successfully re-running through the entire process with all other variables exactly the same except the client (same browser to create account, same proxy, etc) Not posting this to be negative in any way, but did want to make sure it was at least known in case this is a new problem 😕
  5. Sadly I have no idea where I can set up servers with residential ips around here. Even my home internet doesn't allow port forwarding which is lame.
  6. Ye, I just bought a $15 residential to test the exact same process on a different account with covert mode on. If no ban, either covert or IP is to blame and covert will never not be on going forward so that eliminates most scenarios
  7. A while back, datacenter proxies weren't great, but they seemed to get the job done. After jumping back into the botting world now in 2020, this was my experience with the same provider I used in the past (Proxy6) that had never really given me any issues with ban rate: Logged into a 20/20/20 account that's been sitting on my list untouched since I was last in the botting scene (3 yrs old) on a fresh IP Hand played for a bit, did cook's assistance, chatted at GE, killed a few NPCs, etc Had RQuester do Goblin Diplomacy, Rune Mysteries, and Doric's Quest with a little manual interaction in between Hand played for a few minutes, killed a few NPCs, and then logged out. Attempted to log back in today - banned I did forget to turn covert mode and fresh start on, but would it really make that big of a difference? I'm much more suspect of the Proxy6 IP
  8. The last thing I left you guys with was this thread Which detailed a long series of unfortunate events, beginning with Hurricane Irma Things actually got much worse after posting that thread. I had every intent on coming back, but the opportunity never really presented itself. Ended up splitting up with the girl I was about to be engaged to, becoming an alcoholic and recovering from it, quitting my day job to do development work via contracting, and otherwise completely engulfing myself with a few startups to get out of my own head. That's finally all paying off though, and I've finally accomplished a few things: In a much better / happier / healthier relationship Billing 2.5x hourly what I was paid working that day job Created technology that is now attached to almost every mural in my city (there are hundreds) and tons of others around the world (which has also snowballed into major news segments, interviews, etc) Moved into a better apartment with decent security (no more people stealing my motorcycles, breaking into my car, or breaking into my home) Got back into writing / producing music and set up a recording studio in my apartment Feels good to finally say things have gotten better. The only real problem now is that I've created too much work for myself and don't ever take any "me" time. Hence, my return. Have always loved scaping, botting, rsps, gold farming, etc and my girl has been nudging me to get back into it for the sake of sanity, so here we are Plan is to jump back into scripting and gold farming with the intent to build a really cool network of bots, mules, automated gold selling with Nano, etc. Should be fun! As far as scripting goes, I may re-take the test to get S+ rank back and get my scripts back on SDN, but probably going to give it a few weeks. Need to gauge if supporting paid scripts is a responsibility I can afford to have. Anyways, this post ended up being way longer than expected. Just happy to see a lot of the same people are still around and hope to be more in the loop with everyone soon enough!
  9. I just dumped 2k into the current piece of shit that I did that with less than 2 months ago so I decided I'm not gambling with that anymore. I will refinance the car when I'm able but it seemed like the more stable choice to me. I also only had about $350 to work with to financing was going to be a thing either way. Banks don't like to loan money for low loan-to-value cars, so either way I was gonna get a stupid high rate at a buy here pay here place or at a proper dealership Things are definitely way better than they could be Thanks! This kind of stuff happens to everybody from time to time, I only posted this to make sure nobody thought I was just trying to bail out of responsibilities or the community or anything like that
  10. AceKingSuited

    Checking In

    Hey guys, just wanted to check in and update y'all on my inactivity. Starting with Hurricane Irma and being out of power for several days, I got way backlogged both on non-rs related development work and one massive private script I have spent a ridiculous amount of time on. That had me out for a few weeks while I played catch-up. Then I started having car trouble and had to buy a new car which put more financial pressure on me (paying 18% APR on a $18k car gg) which made me realize I wasn't backlogged enough on non-rs related development work to pay for it. So I went out and found more.. Then, just as I was getting ready to get back to scripting/db activity, my macbook's new-ish SSD failed on me which has me suspicious of the macbook itself due to some other power-related problems it has/had. This blows because apparently OneDrive hasn't backed my files up since August 6th. Gg loads of work. In order to get a new laptop I had to borrow $500 on a 2 week loan, buy a temp laptop, do enough non-db dev work with this temp laptop (what I'm currently doing) to pay off the the loan, return the temp laptop within Best Buy's 14 day return period, and use that $ + a good portion of my paycheck to buy a better laptop (because I can't afford a new top-end macbook pro and will now have to run OSX on a vm for iOS dev) I also own/develop for another business that is falling way behind on dev because of all this so that is also pressure I will need to alleviate before becoming active again. All of that being said, I'm still around, and you can still pm me on forums or discord and I will still get back to you when I check it Hope to become more active again when I'm able, and still looking forward to writing some sick scripts both privately and for SDN. TLDR: Swamped irl, laptop fucked, doing crazy shit for new laptop atm, will be more active when things cool down
  11. Dude you have no chill lol he is already doing the community a favor by providing a solid source of good proxies and they are already cheap af.
  12. Most new scripters aren't set out to become software developers. I learned at a young age off poorly documented and poorly conventioned code and honestly feel like it helped because I wasn't trying to absorb so much information that didn't matter at the time. I didn't care if a constant was in all caps as long as the damn thing worked. If they are trying to take it that seriously, they need to be doing more learning than the tutorials section on DreamBot lmfao. If this is presented in a way that someone will learn from it, who cares if they aren't learning damn conventions. They are learning concepts that are 10x more important in the beginning to understand and get something working.
  13. So uhh, I can't use nearly the number of tabs I'd like to be using right now and I paid for VIP on September 8th
  14. Same I'm up to around $150 from private scripts so far, SDN @ $2 (lul) and gold farming @ like $120 I feel like you can make solid money if you are smart about what you invest your time/money/focus on. I have just sucked at picking the right things
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