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  1. Can you check that original email for any emails from runescape saying i recovered the account? No, just checked, the password of the e-mail adress is changed. Which I've given you full access to. Can you check that email for any email saying it was logged into from another location? No, see above. Never logged into that email. Don't think this point proves your innocence. And finally, just having that email is not sufficient information to recover an account, you need billing info, creation date, Service Provider, Locations The only person with access to such information is you as the original owner of the account. If you could please provide evidence of me ever logging into that email to recover the account? I remain to my statement that I've not recovered the account. What you are trying to get out of me is just liber and slander without any form of evidence.
  2. I gave you full access to the original e-mail. If you claim to not have access to it, while you just showed a screenshot of me telling you what the login and password is nonsense. I've checked to see what e-mail the account is registered to right now. I tried to "recover" the account today and this is what the e-mail is set to: https://puu.sh/z1VhM/faac7afa8f.png How is an e-mail adress that starts with a 4 even close to the original e-mail I've send to you?
  3. Hello, Yes I've sold this account to Bonker. But I gave him full account details. Including original E-mail with password. As shown in the picture he prodived himself. I did not recover this account and I do not have access to it whatsoever.
  4. 1. logs in, walks to lumbridge castle bank. 2. joins clanchat given in param 3. says keyword given in param 4. trades bots back who trade mule AND are in the clanchat. 5. trades items in params Params should look like this: "cc" "keyword" item1,amount:item2,amount: quotations for items who are two words I.E. "Armadyl Godsword",1 pm me prices.
  6. It worked for a minute, but now it's down again for me. edit: back to working again, seems very unstable tho
  7. romfan

    GG DreamBot

    luls, almost lost my shit cause I couldn't log in. Oh well :^)
  8. Congratulations my friend
  9. romfan

    Prison Break

    brb killing myself
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