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    1. So I tested it and it doesn't work (of course) but what is interesting that I didn't know is that it will always round down. log(Integer.toString((int) 0.1)); gives the same result as log(Integer.toString((int) 0.9)); in both cases it rounds it down to zero
    2. so I tested it properly and I was wrong about it not afecting the mouse, I guess what I'm really looking for is setting the speed below 1 even at the lowest speed it's still producing weird too fast movement in my 'anti-ban', but it probably doesn't matter although I wonder why is the speed int instead of a float
    3. Gorn

      error handling

      I mean I could have definetly avoided the error in the first place by being more disciplined about the null checks, unfortunetly I usually only add them after the error pops up, maybe it will show the line if I start the client through console
    4. So I noticed when calling this function it ignores the mouse speed setting. I even tried changing it through code at the beggining of the script but the speed is always the same. Any way to customize mouse speed when using this function?
    5. Gorn

      error handling

      thx, you're right it should be fixed with a null check currently I can't replicate the error and it didn't say the line that caused it but I still feel like implementing some sort of 'last resort' error check. like if I let it run over night and it stops from some phantom error (it's probaly from my super convoluded custom 'anti-ban') it could just log out and switch to different account, but it's not a priority now anyway
    6. Gorn

      error handling

      How do you handle client throwing an error generally? I'm looking for some boolean or something that activates when there is any error. I'm getting an "[ERROR]16:11:30: You're checking a null tile!" error that doesn't give any more info (like what tile, which line) but I want the bot to just to reset when there is any error.
    7. It's not Dreambot. OSRS is down.
    8. ok I will take a shot at it if (!getInventory().isFull()) { //code } if(getInventory().isFull()){ //code } You could just have else there if (treeArea != null) { log("treeArea Chest is not null."); } else { log("treeArea Chest is null."); } treeArea is your own variable that you define at the top, how could it be null? if (getWalking().walk(treeArea.getRandomTile())) you don't need to get a new random tile every time you call the walk function @Override public void onPaint(Graphics graphics) { } Why are you posting an empty function? sleepUntil(() -> ge
    9. Gorn


      That's what I was looking at and didn't realize you have to write it twice like getGroundItems().getGroundItems(lootTile) Basically there are 2 different functions both named getGroundItems and I didn't realize it right away. Especially confusing when you need to chain them like this.
    10. GroundItem[] loot = manager.getGroundItems().getGroundItems(lootTile); Can you rename this to something like 'getGroundItemsOnTile'? I was just banging my head on why getGroundItems doesn't take Tile type, but you can't rename it cause it would break old code right? It's pretty confusing for newcomers
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