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    1. [combat] list=Chicken area=20 tile=x,y,z (hid these) [loot] list= frequency=Normal price= value=false [equipment] sword=Bronze sword shield=Wooden shield helmet= amulet= platebody= platelegs= gloves= boots= use_melee=true range_bow= range_helmet= range_amulet= range_body= range_legs= range_gloves= range_boots= use_ranged=false magic_staff= magic_hands= magic_helmet= magic_amulet= magic_body= magic_legs= magic_gloves= magic_boots= use_magic=false [bank] use=true location=CLOSEST hold= amount=
    2. still isnt equipping the items, also I can't seem to figure out how to get it to bury bones, I have it enabled for all and it doesn't work, and I tried explicitly setting bury only and that isn't working either. edit: okay so to bury bones you need to add it to the loot list, that makes sense but a message in the ui might help. The item equipment problem is still happening though
    3. so you think it's just an anomaly that the only account I ran it on happened to be banned?
    4. any idea what might be causing this ? org.pushingpixels.substance.api.UiThreadingViolationException: Swing component creation must be done on the Event Dispatch Thread. Try wrapping your method in SwingUtilities#invokeLater. It's happens when bun's automation tool trying to call nano miner with quick start here's some more logs - 2021-05-13 12:06:25 [INFO] [12:06:25][Nano Miner] - [LOADING][CONTEXT][START] 2021-05-13 12:06:25 [INFO] [12:06:25][Nano Miner] - [LOADING][CONTEXT][END] 2021-05-13 12:06:25 [INFO] [12:06:25][Nano Miner] - [LOADING][NODE FACTORY
    5. Also it does not seem to use my buy price filters, I "buyPriceFilters": [ { "match": "Mithril pickaxe", "matchMode": "Equals", "lookupMode": "DEFAULT", "modifierMode": "PLUS_PERCENT", "modifier": 25, "isDefault": false }, And the script is offering 15% less than the asking for price everytime, which happens to be the default sellPriceFilter, so i think you have some variables mixed up there
    6. "children": [ { "uid": "11bf5ce4-e09e-400c-abe5-ccff0a8bce6c", "name": "Does_not_own_mith_pickaxe", "type": "SetTag", "profile": "Required", "data": { "type": "TaskDataSetTag", "tagName": "does_not_own_mith_pickaxe", "toggled": true }, "startConditions": [ { "not": false, "or": false, "type": "HasTag", "data": { "type": "ConditionDataHasTag", "tagName": "can_use_mith_pickaxe"
    7. Nothing happens when I press duplicate task, which would be extremely useful and save a ton of time, also there's no way to delete conditions, and it seems like you can't set the "or" flag on the last condition you have set, I have to go into the config myself to set it. Also there's a limit of conditions which I guess I can work around by just having separate tasks that can toggle the same flag? also when I try to run another script i get this error: Swing threading error: org.pushingpixels.substance.api.UiThreadingViolationException: Swing component creation must be done
    8. right that's what i'm saying, the contrast is insane so even if it's not 100% it's significantly higher if EVERY single other account was fine
    9. this is pretty shitty logic considering 49 other accounts didn't get banned, maybe it's not 100% but the fact it happened on the only account I tested it on while the others were fine means I don't want to find out what the actual % is because if it's not 0% I don't want even care to try
    10. yo i'm still getting the failed to login message when I launch the script from the login screen, even though it succesfully logs in, by the time it logs in there's already red text in the top left corner saying it failed to login, stopping script
    11. so I made 50 brand new accounts, on 50 unique premium static ip residential proxies, no databases have logged these ips. I ran the script with JUST tutorial island on 49 accounts ONLY ONE of those accounts, did I run this script WITH the option tutorial island + 10 quest points I rested all 50 accounts for 24 hours at least after completion of scripts. Out of all 50 accounts, the ONLY one that was disabled upon trying to log in again was the one that I ran WITH the option + 10 quest points.
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