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    1. ive never received a ban not even a temp , thats why i choose to stay here as its not really botted in my location often and i can go a hour without banking. i take breaks to quest and train other skills and use breaks on dreambot. ive been here so many hours i dont even want to think about it. its not like hillys i only do moss
    2. im more about the gains and low ban rates then the gp
    3. oww 100% i only use two accounts i dont farm i dont sell gp its all for me
    4. i wish i could but it lags me out so bad that it barely functions for me get like one kill in two mins , i wish i could use it it looks amazing. like 20% of scripts dont function well for me its my pc not them im sure
    5. big fan of beefsteaks afkgiants however my account is now over 85 and they do not agro me , i want the same thing but i want it to attack the hillys
    6. if you dont have a spec weapon it just idols looking for a spec bar in the tab (lost like a hr+ of trial opss)
    7. kicks off, soon as i start at the bank it opens bank and ends the script. i have range pots and the selected food in bank also my knife in my inventory. more info on correctly starting would be great as ive been messing with it for a whole hr of my trial now
    8. i really wanted to try advanced quester but it is tied into your other questers trail so i spent the whole hr trying to figure out what was up. really should make that know so ppl dont waist there time by hitting trail on the one that only offers beginner quest.

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      2. dabslabsz


        only other trail i have used was for the other quest bot that doesn't offer dt accidentally

      3. dabslabsz


        when i finally figured it out it just continued the countdown from the other bot however it took me the whole hr to figure it out and only had 9 mins left

      4. SubCZ


        Scripters don't have access to anything related to your issue, you'll have to message an admin. We just write scripts. I've reset your advanced quester trial so you can activate it again.

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