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    1. when dreambot can support account who have put to jagexsecure and can only play at with jagexlauncher . so many people have put this with theyr account to stop scammers / account hijackers . when its works ? how its works ?
    2. Buying all your osrs gold 0.,15 e / M . discord IHME#9065. Scammers dont even bother ..
    3. Come and sell your botted golds turn them to realmoney . Paying 0.15 e / M . Discord IHME#9065 . Scammer dont even bother...
    4. This script dont work at all i have tryed 10 different items etc its just start and stop this script at ferox enclave nothing hapen just waste of my time ...
    5. When dreambotlauncher can launch jagexlauncher account that only can be playeabe at jagexlauncher .. This would be so awesome if we get that launcher soon as possible
    6. How do you use dream bot in future becost soon coming jagex account management to lock every else than jagexlauncher .
    7. This bot dont work at all its dont start it self just standing and doing nothing
    8. any other got this kind of behaivior when using dream bot and saving password ?
    9. I have got scammed 3 times all my money a row when using dreambot / have saved account info & password there got anthenticator so cleary this bot is running and scamming people !!
    10. Using this Script 100 % permabann rate 4 account permaban for this ty and 10 Dollar ea month :D:D
    11. Rly bad its just run to the boat stand there . boat sinks and its continue keeping like this useless i say
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