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    1. Thanks Jerb, haven't updated this script in a while but I am aware of this issue and will get around to fixing it asap.
    2. This has been fixed! Script should run smoothly again, no more getting stuck upstairs or at wilderness ditch.
    3. It should do that by default, only buries bones if you click the "Bury" button in the on-screen GUI
    4. Good morning, today when using the script, I noticed this message that came out, before that didn't appear, is it normal?


      1. getbackgng


        mine still runs fine when i see this message, i dont think theirs any need to worry!

      2. edwuarsequera
      3. edwuarsequera


        Good morning, where to sell the drop of the zamorak monks I'm new and I really don't know much, I've been looking for a while and nothing t.t

    5. Did anyone get back to you on this? Can't remember if u messaged me already... Beefsteak#8944 on Disc
    6. I thought there was a script that telegrabs wines, but looking at the SDN it seems to be deleted or not updated. I could easily write that... do you think it'd be better to make a separate script for telegrabbing, or add it to the ZMonks script as a feature? Checkbox for telegrabbing wines?
    7. Calm down. You're using a free-to-use script for a free-to-play Runescape account, I don't owe you anything lol. I've fixed the wilderness gap issue and the GE-button I will make smaller and move elsewhere to avoid the bot clicking the button on accident. Both will be fixed in the next update, but I'm in no rush to update this script since I make $0 from this and I work a full-time job. Hope you enjoy my scripts.
    8. Excellent! I am glad to hear that. Update coming out very soon for BoneBot, which will save time on walking to the wilderness and will instead just teleport to Ferrox.
    9. ZMonks update has been submitted to Dreambot staff for review. Should go live in 12-24hrs, check the forum thread for when its approved.
    10. Not at the moment, but that sounds like a good feature. Maybe I will add a "Bury mode" button for people training prayer
    11. Hell yea! Glad to hear yall are having good experiences with BoneBot! No idea how you guys aren't getting banned haha mine always go after 16ish hours xD
    12. Easy F2P Money-Maker! - Start after Tut. Island! No Requirements - Select your world and go! FUNCTIONS: NOTES: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ --> https://discord.gg/BBqTX5cGSa <-- Join my Discord to ask me questions or post suggestions! Comments always appreciated to help me improve the script! Thanks for using FishBot
    13. R.I.P. They can't all be winners! Others have run 10+ BoneBots for ~32 hours non-stop without ban (screenshots in my Discord)
    14. I always run my new accounts through Tut Island with a script. My IP is 100% flagged but they still typically last 16-18 hours of non-stop botting before ban, which is more than enough for my purposes. To think that there are people out there manually running bots through Tut Island makes my skin crawl, we have technology for that! Haha
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