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    1. Hi thanks for trying out the script. The bot doesn't actually craft runes, its just designed to trade your main account and bring you the essence. I will likely add a solo mode to this script soon, so you can craft runes with the bot instead of just trading essence.
    2. Good call, I'll add that now! Thanks for trying the script.
    3. Join my Discord by clicking HERE for the latest updates and roadmaps for my scripts. Feel free to drop dank memes here, as well as ask questions or post suggestions. 

      Thanks for using Beefy Scripts

    4. The ClayDemon bot never leaves Rimmington mines. Your mule has to meet the bot in the mine. I recommend using my basic muling script SimpleMule , its made to work with this script.
    5. Hi, thanks for trying EssRunner. This is a F2P Runecrafting script, as it says in the title of this thread. At the moment, only regular Rune Essence are supported and only F2P altars are supported. If this script is popular, maybe down the line I will add members functionality and members altars (chaos, nature, mud, etc.) I'll definitely add a line of code to log out and stop the script if it does not find Rune Essence in the bank, so it doesn't open and close it on loop.
    6. Hey, thanks for testing the script. 1. This is not an independent script, it requires a second account to trade the essence to. Your main account must accept the trades from bot. So the account that uses EssRunner is not actually getting RC experience, it just brings your main account ess at the altar so you don't have to move. 2. I will fix the "talk to banker" bug by adding a line of code to click continue, thanks for letting me know 3. Custom walk paths are something I want to add to all my scripts, but thats still down the road.
    7. Get that 99 Runecrafting clout with EssRunner! This is an easy-to-use script that does three things: 1. Grabs rune essence from bank 2. Runs them to altar 3. Trades them to player Set Up: Features: - This script does not actually craft runes independently! - - You must be logged into another account & manually accept trades from bot - - This is a F2P script, only works with regular Rune Essence - _______________________________________________________________________________________ --> https://discord.gg/BBqTX5cGSa <-- Join my Discord to ask me questions or post suggestions! Let me know if you have any issues with the script or suggestions for future updates! Thank you for using EssRunner!
    8. Added the option to select # of items (minimum) you want the mule to bank! So if its set to 3, the mule will bank if it has at least 3 or more items in inv.
    9. Hi, at the moment the Mule only banks if it has more than half-full inventory. I'll probably add an option in the Set Up GUI to allow you to change # of items in inventory before banking.
    10. 0.4 Update Out Now! - You can now select how much food to withdraw from bank - Run threshold lowered from 50% to 15 - 25 % - Added check box to disable world hopping (so you will loot wines until monks start respawning) - Added failsafe to prevent bot occasionally getting stuck in the doorway when its supposed to loot wines
    11. Hi, make sure that your mule has nothing in its inventory when you start the script, then it should work.
    12. Ah okay, I see what you meant now. The issue is if you try to take the wine by hand without killing all the monks, they will all attack you. I haven't added any spell functionality to the script, so tele-grabbing isn't supported at the moment. Maybe in the future I will add a checkbox to disable all combat functions and just telegrab wines, but I feel like there are already scripts out there that do that. And you can start the script anywhere, it will just go to the Falador west bank to get food if you don't have any in inventory. - I will tweak the run percentage down to 25% instead of 50. Thats a good call, thanks.
    13. Hmm okay, it might be because the wine is outside of the screen/field of view. I'll see if I can fix this. Thanks for the comment!
    14. Hey, not sure what you mean, all the script does is kill monks. What option are you referring to? And okay, I'll add a slider in the Set Up to let you chose how much food to withdraw. Thanks for the note!
    15. Sorry about that, SimpleMule script should have gone live at the same time but there was an error with the SDN request. It will be available tomorrow probably! Then ClayDemon script should trade SimpleMule when inv is full.
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