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  1. Any way you can add a faster click rate for clay mining? Its not competitive with all the other bots there, the Deki Clay Miner works better, but has less functionality (have to be able to equip pickaxe with Deki)
  2. beefsteak

    Wet Quester

    Also having trouble w R&J but love the new update! thanks
  3. Love the script! Saw you'll be adding custom walking, that will be so crucial for all the hard-to-reach monsters. Could you also add Karamja functionality and depositing at the Port Sarim deposit box? Looking to farm some imps and possibly monkeys (monkey bones are 350ea, could be fat profit, no need for food). Thanks!!
  4. Funny story: My main got banned last night, right after I got 72 mining and unlocked motherlode upper level. Was running Nano Miner for 1.5hr shifts of motherlode and 1hr shifts of iron ore in Mining Guild, during the day time for about 3 or 4 days. This was four days after I got temp banned for macroing (due to a buggy combat script), so I was pretty sure I was done for, but after appealing the ban and admitting use of 3rd party software, they unbanned my and "quashed" both of my macroing charges. They said they found evidence that my account was compromised or something along those lines, so hooray! Anyway, lessons learned... I wasnt using the 1-3min afk feature in anti-ban, and had my worldhops set to like 25-30min so I could definitely have applied more antiban measures.
  5. Hey, dig the script, was just wondering why the char has to have pick in inventory during motherlode? Could get that extra inventory space and use my d pick special. I see some other people have had similar issue. Probably looks weird from mods pov too
  6. This is the error where it tries to go into Brimhaven, happens while looking for imp. Even after stopping the script, it tries to go into Brimhaven for a few minutes until I manually ran away from the area. Hope this helps [SCRIPT]17:52:07: Looking for imps [SCRIPT]17:52:10: Looking for imps [SCRIPT]17:52:12: Walking to Imp [SCRIPT]17:52:15: Looking for imps [SCRIPT]17:52:23: Banking [SCRIPT]17:53:05: click1 [SCRIPT]17:53:13: click2 [SCRIPT]17:53:23: click3 [INFO]17:53:26: Script Imp Farmer paused... [SCRIPT]17:53:32: click4 [SCRIPT]17:53:42: click5 [DEBUG]17:53:43: Retrying to load account data! [SCRIPT]17:53:46: Walking to Imp [SCRIPT]17:53:53: click6 [SCRIPT]17:54:02: click7 [SCRIPT]17:54:08: Walking to Imp [SCRIPT]17:54:08: click8 [ERROR]17:54:14: Exception has occurred while running! Please report error to developer if problem persists: java.lang.NullPointerException at org.dreambot.api.input.event.impl.mouse.impl.MoveEvent.handleMovement(MoveEvent.java:350) at org.dreambot.api.input.event.impl.mouse.impl.MoveEvent.handleMovement(MoveEvent.java:284) at org.dreambot.api.input.event.impl.mouse.impl.MoveEvent.run(MoveEvent.java:92) at org.dreambot.api.input.event.impl.InteractionEvent.interact(InteractionEvent.java:150) at org.dreambot.api.input.event.impl.InteractionEvent.interact(InteractionEvent.java:78) at org.dreambot.api.methods.walking.impl.Walking.clickTileOnMinimap(Walking.java:136) at org.dreambot.api.methods.walking.path.impl.LocalPath.walkTileMM(LocalPath.java:96) at org.dreambot.api.methods.walking.path.impl.LocalPath.walk(LocalPath.java:77) at org.dreambot.api.methods.walking.impl.Walking.walk(Walking.java:101) at org.dreambot.api.methods.walking.impl.Walking.walk(Walking.java:72) at a.b.onLoop(Unknown Source) at org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript.run(AbstractScript.java:264) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [INFO]17:54:16: Stopping script: Imp Farmer [SCRIPT]17:54:16: Bot Ended [DEBUG]17:54:16: Random Manager thread has ended. [SCRIPT]17:55:12: Walking back to vulcano area
  7. Awesome script, been running it today and works well. Got hung up a couple times, like when trying to cross into Brimhaven while on F2P account. A function to log out after runes are depleted would be nice, since the character just chases imps with staff. An option to set timer for world hop would be awesome too, just to avoid the ever-present banhammer. Thanks again, love the script!
  8. Dreambot devs to the rescueInsert other media
  9. Interesting... Well I hope I'm the only one experiencing this, good luck with patching it! Appreciate your help guys thanks
  10. That didnt work, but I found a workaround for anyone else experiencing this. In settings, under Theme, I changed the Pop-Up Text to black, so I can reach my script names and tabs with the white background. And the background is set to blue/grey in the Theme settings, so I dont know why its glitching out and turning white, but at least I have a workaround now.
  11. I've tried out a lot, but primarily use Nex Walker, Nano Miner, King Fighter. It might have to do with some graphics settings? Not sure. Heres what it looks like, it actually affects all tabs in the Dreambot app.
  12. Hey, has anyone had this issue before? Sometimes when I open up my script list in Dreambot, the scripts will be highlighted, making the grey/blue background white and making the name of the script unreadable (its in white font). I've tried dragging stuff to see if I can un-highlight it but I usually need to restart or squint real hard. Any setting or debug to fix this? thanks
  13. Do these proxies actually work and reduce your chance of getting banhammered? I've had a few alts banned and I'm guessing my IP is flagged. Also, if I get a proxy located in Canada vs Russia (Canada being closer to where I live) will it be faster? Any latency issues using proxies? Big noob here, thanks for any help.
  14. Hey been digging the script! Had some questions about saving profiles and antiban, since I never see the script checking stats or quest log? Maybe I just havent noticed it, but I think I am not loading profiles properly or something. Sry, am a noob at this! Thanks
  15. Hey man! Just finished Dream Mentor and reacted to this, can I get a trial? Does Humidify script work with jugs as well (since more profitable now than clay)? Thanks.
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