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Found 14 results

  1. Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER DISCORD SUPPORT SERVER What does it do? This script is capable of mixing (almost) any two items together. What are good items? Such as Pizzas, Goat horns or Chocolate bars. There are many mixable items that make good money! Can it do Fletching? Yes it can! It can also cut uncut gems for example. How do I use it? When you start the script it will start recording your actions. While it is recording you are supposed to mix the items manually once so the script knows what to do. After the script is happy enough, it will start automating the process and stop recording your actions. Instructions are also shown when you start the script. It does not mix my items properly =( Contact me if that happens and I will sort the problem out with you! I am happy to modify the script when needed! I want a trial! I know you do! Upvote/like this thread and reply to this thread and I will grant you access to the 24 hour trial!
  2. Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER DISCORD SUPPORT SERVER To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given! Features Supports all bars except bronze bars Pays fee every 10 minutes when under 60 smithing Supports cooling down smelted bars with bucket of water or ice gloves Supports stamina potions to boost run energy Supports coal bag to carry twice as much coal Stops when out of ores or coffer is empty Supports DreamBot's QuickStart Cool dynamic signature 16/7 customer support Requirements Started the quest The Giant Dwarf (No requirements to start the quest) Atleast 15 smithing (Optional: You get smithing level to 29 when you finish The Knight's Sword) You must have coins in the coffer before starting the script. It will logout once you have no coins in the coffer. It consumes 72k/hour, so this way you can determine how long you want the script to run. Gallery @TheMcPker @Farquaad @Hashtag @Hashtag Blast Furnace guide QuickStart To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given!
  3. pDough Purchase the script here for $2.99 Feel free to ask for a 24 hour trial Features -Makes any dough anywhere -Nice paint -Easy to use GUI -Stops the script when out of supplies Pictures GUI: Paint: Purchase the script here for $2.99 Feel free to ask for a 24 hour trial
  4. Xephy's Jangerberry Looter - [$1.99] - Makes roughly 150k gp/h - Very anti-ban orientated - Fully supports world hopping to prevent crashing - Will always stay updated Requirements: - 10 Agility - 25+ Health (Recommended) - 20+ Defense (Recommended) - Rings of dueling - Ropes Instructions: *Important* - If you're not starting with a ring of dueling equipped, start within walkable distance to a bank. - Start with your preferred gear equipped - Have rings of dueling in the bank - Have ropes in the bank - Have your preferred food near your ropes (Recommended) - Sit back and enjoy the profit! Purchase here Any bugs found can be reported in this discord channel: https://discord.gg/9csKjas Proggies: - 24 hour trials given upon request. Please report any bugs or suggestions in the comments below, enjoy!
  5. pClimbingBoots Now on the SDN! Purchase the script here for a one time payment of $4.99 Features -Buys climbing boots very fast for a great profit -Nice paint -No GUI -Stops the script when out of supplies Requirements -Games necklaces -Dueling rings -Coins -Death plateau quest completed Pictures https://imgur.com/a/rfZ4f Purchase the script here for a one time payment of $4.99
  6. Script is currently in beta, please let me know of any issues you find. Also make sure to grab a trial from my discord bot in my server below before purchasing. Please join my discord if you need any support or would like a trial. https://discord.gg/DGQ4fKA Features How to use You will need the following items: - Unpowered orbs - Cosmic runes - Stamina potion(4)s (Optional, but highly recommended) - Amulet of glory(6)s - Staff of air - Food of your choice Once you have all the supplies, just start the script in edgeville, or anywhere with a glory equipped. Break System All break times will be in minutes. - Break Frequency - How long to wait before breaking - Break Frequency Variation - Random amount to adjust the frequency. - Break Length - How long to break for. - Break Length Variation - Random amount to adjust the length. SDN Status Active Price: $6.99 Buy Now! Change Log
  7. Cabbage YEETER Ever just wanna yeet some cabbages? WELL NOW YOU CAN! FOR FREE Bot will pick cabbages near Draynor village then Deposits at deposit box on the docks. Keeps track of deposited cabbages during that session. Includes basic anti ban measures. Any questions or issues just let me know!
  8. Yellow Dye YEETER Making yellow dyes is a simple money making method. 1 x Yellow Dye can be crafted in Draynor village with 5gp, and 2 onions. Start with enough gp in inventory to craft all dyes (5 * the amount of onions you have in your bank (math is hard I know)). Script will logout and stop once there are not enough onions to craft anymore dyes. Keeps track of the yellow dyes banked, some basic anti ban implemented. How to use: 1.) Start with enough gp in inventory to craft all dyes (5 * the amount of onions you have in your bank (math is hard I know)). 2.) Onions in bank 3.) Smash that start button! Status: Pending approval~ Any questions or problem just let me know! Word of caution In some worlds a mage will spawn in the bank that will attack lower level bots. Not all worlds have the mage spawn in the bank so just be sure to take a glance to assure it is not there.
  9. Koschei's Salmon Looter V1.6 Features • Simple Antiban. • Picks up Salmon from Barbarian Village. • Raw Salmon are about 35-40 GP each. • Muling Support just wait in the lower end of Edgeville Bank. • Picks up both Salmon and Raw Salmon • Supports quick-start (VIP Only) or GUI Features to be added • World hopping if there isn't many in a world. • Cooking Support • Looking for more ideas now Add Script Any suggestions or bugs you come across may be reported here: https://discord.gg/9csKjas Proggy Quickstart Update Log Version 1.0. - Initial release. Version 1.1. - Updated Paint, now uses TaskScript, and Fixed some bugs. Thanks to Dinh for Price Checker. Version 1.2. - Updated Paint, Added Cooking support, Muling support, and GUI Version 1.3. - Updated looting to make it faster Version 1.4. - Updated paint and removed cooking (created too many bugs), also added running. Version 1.5. - Updated GUI to add option to loot Raw and Cooked Salmon. Version 1.6. - Updated GUI, added quickstart, updated paint, improved waiting and looting.
  10. BankBitter DreamBot's First Dragon Bitter Buyer! Only Requirement is Membership! Script can be started with lower than 10gp! Note. If OSBuddy price is inactive it will simulate a price between 200 and 300gp! Trial Information At Bottom Of Thread! How to use: Start in Yanille with Cash in Inventory or Bank! Features: Profit Tracking Profit Estimation Purchase Estimation Upcoming Updates: > Any Suggestions < Want to see something added to the script? Feel free to message me Discord: Banker#1282 Skype: live:rsbnk_2 DreamBot: @Banker Proggies: 30 Minute 1 Hour: 2 Hours: Want a trial? (24h Hours) Step 1: Upvote this thread! Step 2: Reply to this thread Your trial will be activated once I am able to do it I will reply to you when your trial is active
  11. OldGrama


    OGFlax Features: - Automatically stops when out of flax - Doesn't get stuck at doors if they are closed Instructions: - Have flax in bank or UN-NOTED flax in inventory - Must be level 10 crafting - Start anywhere near Lumbridge Castle
  12. Looking for a Blue Dragons script for mage safe spotting with the fire spell , pm me on Skype "Lynx_Ryga", doesent need the 70 agility shortcut. but needs food support, spells, teleporting and banking. msg me on Skype for more information
  13. wooden shields are currently ~260gp each they spawn on the ground north from varrock east bank. easy script just click the item & hop worlds till inventory is full & bank them i bet this would be easy 50k+ /h
  14. Hi all, so i just tried loading the free flax picker script, and it just loaded the script selector menu and lagged and lagged, never started up the script, and crashed the client.
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