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    1. almost a year later and this is still working very nicely
    2. this was apparently recently updated. But the script is still broken as hell, won't even go to the Essence mine by itself
    3. +rep I usually don't leave reviews on scripts since I use so many of them and they all serve a purpose, but holy shit dude, this script is a tank. Never once had an account banned by it, running for days on end.
    4. Got to 99 agility within 6-7 hours using progressive mode, covert, 4 minute breaks every hour and it resulted in a 24 hour ban. To be honest, it was worth the ban considering how rapidly I managed to get 99. 9.5/10, if there is a way to make mouse movement a little more randomized, let me know as I didn't see it in the menu of either script or client, but if not, that would be appreciated as an update considering how randomizing movement a bit would most likely result in some serious anti-ban.
    5. Update: account had exactly what I ordered (70/70/70 Attack defense HP) and then some the bank had a starting 1.1 Mil in it, 200 lobsters, iron gear and a rune scimitar. for 20 bucks, that was a decent deal. also customer service was live and actively sent me all the details, account has authenticator on it now and my email linked so scamming is unlikely. 10/10
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