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  1. I wonder if its better to tell em to get quick start. Or just force VK_ENTER to the forms somehow to get through them. Make everyone support that key press? I don't know. anyway, @mbmaster . Made this for local scripts on DB2 (has a gui), if you're interested:
  2. Is it intended behavior for distance < 1 to work for tile checks but getTile == tile . not to work ? like getLocalPlayer().getTile() != destTile ; then walk. Seems to get me to the tile but then just spam clicks under me.
  3. Might be your layout stuff you are using. Good luck. Cheers. Read some tutorials and make sure u get every detail right. I tend to put the gui in its own class to seperate logic more but up to u. EDIT: OH you are also missing a @ScriptManifest . Without that ur script won't run. frame.setTitle("TESTING); should be frame.setTitle("TESTING"); Here's the kind of code I use: panel1.setLayout(null); //---- label1 ---- label1.setText("Port:"); panel1.add(label1); label1.setBounds(15, 20, 50, 20);
  4. Zawy is King of the Andals and the Rhoynar, and the First Men; Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm. Good luck with script. Cheers. maps in the gui is like noob proof. really nice.
  5. If I do that it just freezes my client. On mac btw. EDIT: using swing components if that makes any difference.
  6. @Pandemic Why does this work: this.addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter(){ public void windowClosing(WindowEvent e){ //ctx.stop(); ctx.setState(ScriptManager$State.STOP); } }); But this doesn't? this.addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter(){ public void windowClosing(WindowEvent e){ ctx.stop(); //ctx.setState(ScriptManager$State.STOP); } }); Script still running even after GUI close. Weird. Well anyway. Cheers. Love the new client looks way more than old one. its fashionable.
  7. thanks for the hotkeys. super duper appreciated
  8. DB4 will be when we have an AI to run the bots for us in our place. This looks great. We finally out of beta. So now we can get the stragglers to start testing DB3. EDIT: @Pandemic can we get that replay button without dev mode too? pretty pwease. XD
  9. Its on DB3. I know everything else works. I only changed that one line of code. I disable the login handler to start with. Then manually with a button i enable it. Works fine with multi thread mouse setting, speed, hops, etc. But with that setmouse alg to that. it just poof no work. No error message or anything. It moves the mouse! But doesn't click. Which is awkward. EDIT: yeah it might be a db3 issue, idk. No console error messages though.
  10. Doesn't seem to work with login handler for me.
  11. Design patterns are all bullcrap u learn the hardway later after using the wrong way long enough and trying to make your code better. There is never a 100% right answer. Its always just preference after screwing around long enough. As for what you're saying. U could do relationships in either code or in DB. through doing like hasOne, belongsTo, hasMany, and etc. methods. This sounds more like a library ontop of DB3. I like this idea. But depends if ur using it for information or u want it to do all those things. Could easily break along the way if u intend for it to do a lot. Maybe just a check for if it can do those things would be nice. Like if it detects bar + hammer in bank with anvil close. u could give it a true boolean for a method maybe like bankHasSmelting? Idk. Most people will want to do their own implementations. or maybe bankHasSmeltingIronBar.
  12. Nice. Yeah my bad on Wheel event. Works fine. I really like the reload button btw. Makes scripting a lot easier. @Pandemic You forgot to change the hover text on reload to not say local anymore ^^. Not really an error but just trying to find error for u. Did anyone else run into issues with Death handler random in DB2? I remember multiple times where it would finish all the dialogue options except for 1. And then so my dude would never leave lol. EDIT: Weird the on paint doesn't seem to end either take a look at this lol The paint from #1 Woodcutting is still running. Despite me launching my local script. And my local script has color changer on paint. So #1 woodcutting's text for onpaint is changing colors from holic's rainbow mode lmao Even when i reload my script its still there.
  13. EDIT: that's the fastest bot ever btw.
  14. @Pandemic Seems like the canvas doesn't respond to these? Instance.dispatchCanvasEvent(new MouseWheelEvent(Instance.getCanvas(), Integer.parseInt(t[0]), System.currentTimeMillis(), Integer.parseInt(t[1]), Integer.parseInt(t[2]), Integer.parseInt(t[3]), Integer.parseInt(t[4]), Integer.parseInt(t[5]), Integer.parseInt(t[6]), Boolean.parseBoolean(t[7]), Integer.parseInt(t[8]), Integer.parseInt(t[9]), Integer.parseInt(t[10]), Double.parseDouble(t[11]))); Atleast the event listener works on this one. Cheers.
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