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  1. say I wanted 1200 arrow shafts. What would i change in the JSON/GUI?
  2. Just posting this here because yolo blaze it. Took me like a week to figure this out. lol
  3. Maybe one day we fix the ladder bug lol. it runs long enough without running into it for me anyway.
  4. Seems to work pretty good. The only 2 problems i had with this was Lumbridge never worked (starting script in lumbridge the thing would just sit there). And walking to GE from Varrock East bank it would screw itself over trying to click inside the courtyard of the castle and the west bank yard back and forth.
  5. the best for your money will be the Canadian one or the one the richest dude in the world owns. Those have the biggest market share and lowest prices. Don't pay more than 2-3 dollars a month
  6. Easier to use multiple clients because the client will lag if you running 4 tabs per say. Jagex is selective. If you are running 2-3 bots on an IP. They probably won't come after you. Its when you're running 10 bots on your IP. Jagex gets flag and comes down hard. For instance I've been running the obvious berry picker bot for a week and haven't gotten banned. But I assure you if i ran 10 of them. Probably would've. Plus you gotta think other people in the house might play Runescape too. And even normal players will play on multiple accounts at once. So 2-3 works good.
  7. nice. had some bots go into the new death mechanic. freaked me out lol
  8. Just FYI. This script will get you banned. I've lost i think 5-6+ accounts because of this script. If you really wanna suicide bot 24+ hours or something. Maybe use this script. If you are planning to run 5-6 hours a day for a week or more. DON'T use it. I ran loads of scripts after this one. And it was always this one that flagged the account and got it banned later. Don't create mules with this script. The beginning of this script where it right clicks across the map to the first NPC outside the house through eveything = insta ban. Anyway. Its a good suicide botting script. The only part it gets stuck on is the door. Not bad considering free.
  9. Hmm. For F2P accounts under the restriction the only way to do it is to die to the mule in the wildy. Even then has to be cash because only drops 20 noted items. I assume this script has nothing to do with that. Maybe a future feature. Cheers. Should be able to use this with members bots.
  10. Original topic: Instructions: 1. Get 31 Prayer using some bone burying bot available on the SDN 2. Go to Edgeville 3. Start the script NOTE: The only difference with this one and the original post is i removed (world 417) F2p PVP world from the bot. This is because otherwise this breaks the bot because it can't handle the prompts about pvp world. THIS REQUIRES NO QUEST POINTS DON'T USE TOO MANY OF THIS BOT OR WON'T BE ENOUGH FOR THE REST OF US. CHEERS ~LordJashin32 http://www.filedropper.com/mcmonkjar https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zNVUwbkJBoAHFr777GtBTJqmtxLn5wFi/view?usp=sharing
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