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    1. Aeon

      Aeon Herblore

      It's not possible to get banned after 5 minutes of using a script. This was likely a delayed ban caused by another script you used. I've used this script on multiple accounts for hours on end and have not received any bans.
    2. Not sure if you actually have this in your code, but you have a semi-colon right after the if(x>240) which would cause undesired behavior.
    3. One possible solution would just to reset a timer when you drink the potion and in your main loop just check to see if the timer.elapsed() > 5 minutes or whatever, and if it is, then you know you need to drink another dose.
    4. Aeon

      [Free] Aeon Thiever

      Thanks for your feedback. The timing is actually randomized based on a normal distribution curve, and the mouse will typically stay in one place for the whole inventory -- only sometimes moving. I've found that less mouse movement results is lower ban rates. As for the dropping mechanics, I haven't found that implementing "mistakes" when dropping has had any affect on bans either.
    5. I'm sure there's a more elegant way to do this, but for my Firemaking script I just checked to see if there is a fire on my tile: GameObject fire = GameObjects.closest(FIRE); if (fire != null) { if(fire.distance(getLocalPlayer()) == 0) { // There is a fire on the player's tile } else { // There is NOT a fire on the player's tile } }
    6. You are able to sell them in F2P as well actually, but if the account is new it may have trade restrictions. Here's a snippet from the OSRS Wiki: "New Free-to-play accounts have trade restrictions in place until the account's logged in time surpasses 20 hours of game time, 10 or more quest points are acquired, and reaching 100 total level[4]. Such restrictions include a block from selling items on the Grand Exchange."
    7. Aeon

      Aeon Herblore

      In my experience, I only run herblore potion making for 2 hours at a time about 2-3 times a day without bans. For herb cleaning, I would only run it for at most twice a day for 1 hour each session.
    8. Aeon

      Aeon Herblore

      Can you post the console output when it stops? That will help me figure out the problem
    9. Aeon

      [Free] Aeon Thiever

      I can add in an option to disable paint in the next update. Glad you like it
    10. Nobody can say EXACTLY what they do, but from the experience many have had over the years we have a pretty good idea. When an account on an IP gets flagged, Jagex looks into the account and either bans it if they believe it's a bot or clear the flag if it was incorrectly flagged. If the account gets banned, they likely look at all activity from that IP for other suspicious activity. Even though the other accounts on the IP may not have been flagged, they are likely still reviewed and possibly issued a ban -- even though they may have never been flagged otherwise. Speaking from experience, I've had accounts that have run daily for months without a ban, but then had another account running a different bot get banned, and that resulted in a chain ban of my longer-running accounts. I'm sure others can add to their thoughts on this as well, but from my experience if you have scripts that can run for a long time without getting banned, don't run high-risk bots on the same IP if you want to avoid frequent chain bans.
    11. Sent you a private message about my script.
    12. Aeon

      [Free] Aeon Thiever

      Hi, can you post a screenshot of the console output?
    13. Aeon

      [Free] Aeon Thiever

      I'm glad you like it! And it never crossed my mind to test this with a 99 thieving account, but I realized the logic I used won't keep training after 99. I pushed a hot fix just now to make it so if you set the goal as 99 it will never stop. Thanks for pointing this out! The update should be live as soon as they recompile my script.
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