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  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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    + X Marks The Spot (quest #48) Case sensitive Profile name Example: java -Xmx512M -jar -Xbootclasspath/p:/YOUR_USER_PATH/DreamBot/BotData/client.jar /YOUR_USER_PATH/DreamBot/BotData/client.jar -username "forumsname" -password "forumspw" -account "savedacc1" -script "RQuester" -params "myprofilename"
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    DISCORD SUPPORT SERVER To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given! Features Attacks portals Defends knight All boats Special attacks Loots arrows Intelligent combat and prayer Prioritizes spinners Switches between enemies quickly 16/7 customer support Requirements Atleast 40 combat level Gallery @Phorbidden @wh0x @th3duggan @wh0x To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given!
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    Looks like you joined an hour ago, going to suggest clearing your cache/enabling fresh start. Last I heard all the questing scripts work so guessing this is something on your end. On another note... which script are you talking about... No where did you state what script you purchased that is not functioning properly that way the proper script developers can look into their script if something is indeed broken. also this is not the proper section for refunds that can be found here -> https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/188-request-a-refund/ and to save @Hashtag 20 seconds of his life be sure to use the refund template provided in the "request a refund" sub section of the forum or click this link to copy paste the template into your refund request -> Hope you can get your issues resolved :dabs:
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    Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER DISCORD SUPPORT SERVER To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given! Features Best combat experience per hour Rock cake support Prayer flicking support Supports potions Supports power ups Re-enters dream Supports special attacks Leave when max points are gained 16/7 customer support Requirements 5 quests Preferably high combat stats Gallery @dariuss56 99 Strength! @Cj1010 168 hours! @Tjtheking1 @bhf @jangan @icheat1337 @Tjtheking1 @redmaster16 @Sappig @Sonder @theman55 @iJava @juanrossi @juanrossi @Gains Nightmare Zone guide To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given!
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    Better Chat

    I'd personally would rather see more content on the forums posted then the use of babble. Yeah, I like babble for the quick hiyas and byes, but believe the main conversations should be going on within topics on the forums which they can easily be accessed.
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    Nuclear Nezz

    Script Queing

    We had script queue'ing (well, script scheduler), but the scripters at the time were not interested in implementing the fact that you needed to be able to start their script from *anywhere* with *any* setup. It was causing bugs that were the scripters' responsibility, but was being put on the client, as people saw: "If it allows scheduling, it should work!" It has since been removed. It's possible that it will be implemented in DB3 when the time comes, where we'll likely have more strict script guidelines.
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    Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER DISCORD SUPPORT SERVER To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given! Features Supports custom locations Supports banking Supports item selling Supports pack opening Supports world hopping 16/7 customer support Gallery @arvydaslt123 @gnomechill44 @arvydaslt123 @arvydaslt123 @zenterian @ScrewYouDrive @zenterian @mindmaster @mindmaster To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given!
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    Hello Everyone! Before I start this tutorial, I would like to declare this tutorial as a Community Cooperation Tutorial, where every member has the opportunity to add in new content to this thread for it to become a 1 stop place for newbies to begin their hopefully lucrative gold farming journey! What I have in here is from personal experience, and tips that I got from awesome members like @depwession @yeeter01 Table of contents: Downloading the Client Understanding the Client Understanding ranks & recommendations Understanding Proxies Bot/Slave Account Creation Bot/Slave Account Buying Understanding Bot Timing/Breaks/Anti-Pattern Understanding Script Types Understanding Scripting Dealing with Bans/Locks Mules & Super-Mules Dumping End-Products Selling the Gold Frequently Asked Questions 1) Downloading the Client Downloading the Client is the simplest part! Head over to "https://dreambot.org" and click Download Now! 2) Understanding the Client The DreamBot Client offers many features that can assist you on accomplishing a successful bot farm! The main sections you'll need to understand fully is: Manage Accounts Manage Scripts Client Settings [1] Manage Accounts Adding accounts the Classic Way: Navigate to File > Manage Accounts Click Add Account Fill in the Information Indicated by the Red Arrows in the Image Below. Save Account Repeat to Add All Accounts You can use @Hashtag Mass Account Adder to add in your Bot Farm Accounts more Easily! Add The Script | View Script Thread/Topic [2] Manage Scripts - Adding Public Free/Paid Scripts Navigate to the DreamBot Public SDN and Add the scripts you are in need of! - Adding Local Scripts (Private Script OR Script Made By YOU) Navigate to the Users Folder on Your Computer, then look for the DreamBot Folder Paste Your Scripts in the "Scripts" Folder in .JAR format. Learn More About Compiling: Eclipse | IntelliJ -- To View Your Scripts: (Click Refresh Each Time You Make A Change In The Scripts) [3] Client Settings You can Learn More about the Client Settings by clicking here! The main ones I use are the CPU Saver (Reduces strain on CPU by transferring it over) Disable Sound Effects (You don't really want to hear mixed up SFX from numerous Bots lol) Fresh Start (Deletes Jagex Cache, Has a nice chance of Preventing Bans/Locks when opening up second sessions) Covert Mode (VIP Only) Read About it You can learn more about the other settings that may prove very useful to you! Ex. Increasing Mouse Speed = More End-Product in Mouse Intensive Scripts Useful Links: Useful In-depth Client Guide by @Computor 3) Understanding Ranks & Recommendations I'm not going to go in in-depth details of the ranks because you can read about them in deep details here. Scripter The Scripter rank allows you to upload free scripts onto the Public SDN. Scripter+ The Scripter+ rank allows you to upload paid scripts onto the Public SDN. VIP The VIP Rank which is the most popular rank to have allow you to have unlimited tabs open, VIP only scripts, VIP only forum section, & covert mode. Sponsor The Sponsor rank has all what the VIP rank offers + the ability to advertise your Botting-Related stores/businesses on the forums/signature. Lifetime Sponsor Same as Sponsor but Lifetime. I recommend you guys start with no rank, test the environment & learn more about it then hop onto the VIP rank train! 4) Understanding Proxies Proxies are masks for your IP, instead of Jagex seeing your Home IP.. they detect a totally different IP in a different location. Proxies have many advantages like for an example: They protect your Home IP from being flagged by Jagex for Botting They allow you to run high amounts of bots on your device while each of the bots have different identities/IPs. Prevent Chain Bans Read more about Proxies: Where to get Proxies? As @yeeter01 recommended: Make your own proxies using physical IPs from your local ISP on a raspberry device. Read more about creating your own proxies. Why make your own proxy? Many SOCKS5 proxy providers are used up like crazy by botters, that means that the majority of proxies provided by them are more than likely are flagged and will cause your accounts to be locked/banned really rapidly! 5) Bot/Slave Account Creation Bot/Slave Account Self-Creation (Not recommended) You'd need to have residential rotating proxies available to create the accounts, as creating multiple accounts on an IP is suspicious and may get your account locked straight outta compton tutorial island. To do this really rapidly, I advise you guys to use @henrique190 Account Creator using 2Captcha Solver. Add this script | View Script Topic/Thread A suggestion by @Kiji: Use Manly Tutorial for automated Account creation & Tutorial Island Complesion. You can also use #1Quester to complete Tutorial Island + 7QP Quests. 6) Bot/Slave Account Buying (Recommended) You can buy already made 7QP Level 3 Accounts and more by viewing the Account Buying/Selling Section I also want to vouch for @depwession who I have bought numerous accounts from with no problem at all. 7) Understanding Bot Timing/Breaks/Anti-Pattern Timing Timing is crucial in the botting world, as botting during Jagex Work Hours have a higher chance of getting your Bot Banned. So my advice is to bot substantially less during Jagex Work Hours, and more in the Jagex Off-Hours/Weekends/Holidays. Breaks Dreambot has its own break system where you can set your bot to pause for a period of time (Deviation is available). Here is the Break's Interface: Anti-Pattern Having Anti-Pattern in your/public scripts is really useful as it has the chance to avoid bans. Anti Pattern Examples: Bot Path Changes, Bot Chat Responder/Random Messager, Random Camera Movement, etc.. 😎 Understanding Script Types Free Scripts (Check them out) Free Scripts are awesome because they're free right? Well yes & no. Free means that the script will be used by numerous botters, so by that.. the script's pattern/method will be more known by Jagex, therefore have a higher ban-chance. This ofcourse doesn't mean that you shouldn't use free scripts, but just be aware of this fact and bot safely! Finally, you should know the ban rate can be affected by the quality of the script/scripter. Paid Scripts (Check them out) Paid scripts are less used because they're ofcourse monetized, and people who buy paid scripts more than often bot more safely than Free Script users. You should alse know the ban rate can be affected by the quality of the script/scripter even on Paid Scripts. Private Scripts (Find a scripter) Private scripts are scripts that are written FOR YOU, therefore you are the sole user of the script. Private scripts are the way to go as you can request features like Anti-Pattern, Automated Muling, Automated breaks encoded within the script. 9) Understanding scripting Writing your own scripts gives you the ability to pop out any idea as a script whenever you want, and this is an awesome advantage in my eyes. Writing scripts isn't difficult but needs practice! You can find numerous guides on DreamBot Scripting here 10) Dealing with Bans/Locks Locks: 1. Make sure that you have an email attached with the account. 2. Unlock your account via email. 3. Mule everything the once-locked account has (Why?) Why? Once accounts get locked, they have a really high chance to get banned or locked again. Bans: Unfortunately you cannot recover banned bots as you have been indeed botting. BUT, you can try to prevent getting banned again by following these steps: 1. Take a break from botting for a couple hours. 2. Close all clients opened on the machine, then enable fresh start on the DB Client. (This will delete the Jagex Cache). 3. Check if your IP is flagged by creating an account then by doing Tutorial Island. (Probably Not) 11) Mules & Super-Mules Muling is essential in botting, because not collecting the end-products from your bots periodically may results in a financial loss when the bots get banned inevitably. How to mule? It's simple yet really tiresome to do it manually: Trade your bots & Take the items. Automatically: Have it private scripted into your script OR use #1Muler by @Hashtag Add the script | View Script Topic/Thread What are Super-Mules? If you're as stubborn as I am, then use Super-Mules. Super-Mules basically mule the mule every 24 - 48 hours, and it is done manually. I often use my main as the super-mule or atleast an aged account with some basic levels on it. 12) Dumping End-Products Dumping/Selling your End-Products play a huge role in market crash, as you're dumping more of the item into the Grand Exchange/Shops. Sell your End-Products in Portions every day. 13) Selling the Gold You can sell the gold on this here forums for a higher price while taking a risk, or you could sell the gold on popular sites like (Not going to name them, use Google) with a low risk of getting scammed. Selling Gold Section 14) Frequently Asked Questions: DreamBot User FAQ This section will be updated everyday based on the replies to this thread. 1. How many bots should I have on 1 IP? I've personally tried up to 15 simple clicker bots on 1 IP for 12 hours a hours a day (Ofcourse, I divided a full 24 day by 2 hour breaks using Breaks), and the bots are still alive to this day. It's all up to Trial & Error!
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    Useful Links:
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    Nuclear Nezz

    Script Queing

    That's what quickstart parameters are for. Like I said, people see "script queue" and assume all of it works for every script, and when it doesn't, they PM me. It might be a thing in DB3, since at that point people would have to update their scripts regardless.
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    Nuclear Nezz

    Bank Organizer Service! ⭐⭐

    I'd like to be clear on this, before you continue forward. "3. I'm not held responsible for any scams and the payment will be paid before logging off the account" If you take someone's money, you will be held responsible for scamming their account. Because that'd be scamming. I'd suggest you document very thoroughly when you're getting off the account, if someone comes in saying you stole something you're going to want to have proof to show you did not. Really, you should very thoroughly document your whole process. Record it all if you have to. Your service is in a very, very sketchy area. "Give me access to your bank!" is generally not a great start for trustworthy services.
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    One thing that new botters don't consider when starting out suicide botting is how they will get their suicide accounts. Many think they will just make the accounts, this will be impossible on a large scale. This isn't only because of the shear amount time it takes to create enough accounts but also because your IP will be flagged. This means all new accounts made on this IP will be locked (even accounts you make by hand) as soon as you get through tutorial island. You can go through the process of unlocking them but in my experience the ban rate after doing this is very high. You did allude to residential IP's which is a step in the right direction but if you can get an efficient method of botting tutorial island accounts I would just sell them to other suicide botters. So you basically can bot the accounts on clean IPs (which can be extremely difficult to find) or buy the accounts with tutorial island already done. Clean IPs add extra cost and might get flagged aswell. Right now it looks like the price/account is 100-200k. Assuming you want to make 7.25 USD/hr (avg minimum wage in US), at 0.6M/USD, you need to make 11.9M/hour. At 50k/hr suicide bots (this would be a good suicide botting method) you would need 238 accounts running. When I did suicide botting the accounts would last 1-2 days depending on the time of week but your mileage may vary. Replacing this many accounts regularly can be very difficult. Also think about the servers and proxies required for this type of operation as they will cut into this profit. PS you want proxies to reduce the chance of all your accounts getting chain banned all at once. The benefit of suicide botting is that a lost account or even multiple lost accounts isn't a big deal and new bots can be started almost instantly. Your second idea of doing higher requirement methods will make more gp/hr but it has its own issues. Like I mentioned before you still have to make the accounts which can be cumbersome but with the lower ban rates doing it yourself or even buying them is much more manageable. Adding membership means you have to make 5M (a bond) before the account is banned. There are way more methods available for member accounts but im going to assume 500k/hr (making ranarr poitions). That means the account needs to last 10 hours of botting just to make back the investment. After the 10th hour you'd be making about 0.3$/hr per account, which could equate to 7.25$/hr with 25 accounts. This may be way less accounts but you have much more to lose if one or multiple get banned. I know you likely aren't trying to make 7.25$/hr from botting but it puts things it in perspective. Both options are possible, personally did suicide botting during uni because I didn't have enough money in my bank account to purchase a bond. I would suggest making a spreadsheet of all the expenses and profit you expect for each method type to see which option is the most viable for you.
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    Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your FREE trial: https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ Features: How to start: GUI: Change Log: Proggy: Signature: Video: Get Yours Today:
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    Appreciate the comment . Glad that you like the script.
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    I purchased this script a few days ago and completed almost all of the quests on it. Just wanted to say excellent script! Ran into an issue once (Mountain Daughter) where it got stuck despite me restarting the client, however I just looked up the required items on the wiki and bought them manually then continued the script, and it worked perfectly. Apart from that, awesome work, highly recommend this script!
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    Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER DISCORD SUPPORT SERVER To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given! Features Supports almost all locations Can mine at mining guild Can mine rune essence at Varrock and Ardougne Anticipates rocks to beat other bots (see the GIFs below) Can switch worlds when no rocks to mine Fast powermining Easy setup 16/7 customer support Anticipating makes sure you beat other bots! Anticipating off (other bots use this): Anticipating on (no other bot does this): Smart spot detection Gallery To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given!
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    Walking on the map using local tiles

    public Tile toInstancedTile(Tile localPos) { return new Tile(localPos.getX() + getBaseX(), localPos.getY() + getBaseY(), localPos.getZ()); }
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    Mogy Woodcutter Trial version

    Just posting a progress report. Awesome bot!
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    #1 Free Gambling Script [Casino RS]

    Casino RS {THIS SCRIPT DOES NOT SUPPORT RIGGING AND WILL NOT IN THE FUTURE} [PLEASE READ REPLIES FOR REASONING AND INFORMATION] Have you ever wanted to start your own gambling clan? Have you ever wanted to make bank like the old days of gambling? Don't want to pay high prices for a bot to do it? Well you've found the right place. Casino RS is the most advanced *FREE* Gambling bot on the DreamBot market right now. Supporting a wide range of games with an active Developer at hand to fix any bugs and add new features at your request! Currently the bot doesn't support rigs and will not, the reasons for this are as follows. - Players and gamblers ingame have lost trust in the gambling community, the increasing numbers of rigged/riggable bots is killing off gambling as it is. Players no longer know who to trust when they want to gamble. (More information in comments/replies to this) With almost instant reply times from the commands and advanced queuing methods to stop congestion in the bot, this is simply the best free gambling bot out there! - Commands - !abc - ABC Game with Ranking !dd - Dice duel !roll - 1-100 Dice !flower - Plants a flower !fp - Flower Poker !help - General help on how to play Add it to your scripts today and bring back RuneScape Gambling! #BringBackGambling! No the script isn't broken, start the bot and press the Keyboard icon to enable it to type. ~~ Banker ~~
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    The script has been released. Congratulations on promotion!
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    Pushed v3.17 - X Marks The Spot. This quest will allow F2Pers to start Dragon Slayer (32 QP on F2P). From now on I do not accept any quest requests. This script will only see new quests if those are required for my farm.
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    You're probably missing something from your equipment or inventory preset. A consumable that the bot has used on the previous quest. Check the console to find out what it is, also check the gear instructions.
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    Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER DISCORD SUPPORT SERVER To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given! Features Supports stun alching, curse alching, etc. Supports humidifying Supports stringing jewellery Supports plank making Supports tanning leathers Supports enchanting Supports superheating Supports splashing Supports teleporting 16/7 customer support Gallery @Allinium To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given!
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    Manly Hunter Features: Notes: This script uses a bit more CPU power than most other scripts, therefore users may see spikes in CPU usage at certain stages of the script. Lag and delay will cause the script to malfunction. The script can hunt black chins but there is no support for deathwalking etc. Shift dropping with bones may bury them, resulting in prayer XP. The script can get stuck whilst walking from certain places due to the web (whilst using banking/auto progression). So if this happens, the script will just idle. So be careful! Instructions: Position player where the base tile should be when generating Plus/Cross patterns.Make sure the tiles are walkable. Have at least 10 traps in inventory. Have a bow equipped without arrows so misclicks on chins do not attack them if hunting chins. Refresh all scripts in script loader. Start script. Select pattern type in GUI. If using custom pattern, stand at each tile and click the 'add tile to pattern' button. Click the start button. Auto Progression: Banking is recommend to be enabled so that the script can go get traps if required. The script will hunt the following creatures at the following levels: 1-9 = Crimson Swifts 9-19 = Copper Longtails 19-53 = Tropical Longtails 53-63 = Grey Chins 63+ = Red chins Progress Pictures: Trials: I'm looking for an account so I can test improvements to the script. Let me know if you can provide one. I can offer an extended amount of time on one of my scripts. Upvote this post and ask for a trial. You will get a 12 hour trial as soon as I see it. You will be ignored otherwise. Purchase Here:
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    Here's my first attempt at writing a useful script. It chops trees along the Al Kharid gate and banks them at Lumby banks. I really feel like the banking portion of this script could use some work. Any feedback is welcome. Feel free to use the script if you want it. package main; import org.dreambot.api.methods.container.impl.bank.BankLocation; import org.dreambot.api.methods.map.Area; import org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript; import org.dreambot.api.script.Category; import org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManifest; import org.dreambot.api.wrappers.interactive.GameObject; @ScriptManifest( author = "Foo Man", name = "First Bot", version = 0, description = "Test", category = Category.WOODCUTTING ) public class Main extends AbstractScript { private final Area treeArea = new Area( 3263,3215,3266,3237 ); public enum Task { CHOP, BANK, } public Task currentTask; @Override public void onStart() { if ( getInventory().isFull() ) { currentTask = Task.BANK; } else { currentTask = Task.CHOP; } } @Override public int onLoop(){ int returnValue = 300; sleep( 1820, 2862 ); switch ( currentTask ) { case BANK: if ( !getLocalPlayer().isAnimating() && !BankLocation.LUMBRIDGE.getArea( 2 ).contains( getLocalPlayer().getTile() ) ) { getWalking().walk( BankLocation.LUMBRIDGE.getArea( 2 ).getRandomTile() ); } else { getBank().openClosest(); getBank().depositAllItems(); getBank().close(); currentTask = Task.CHOP; } break; case CHOP: if ( getInventory().isFull() ) { currentTask = Task.BANK; break; } if ( !getLocalPlayer().isAnimating() && !treeArea.contains( getLocalPlayer().getTile() ) ) { getWalking().walk( treeArea.getRandomTile() ); } else if ( !getLocalPlayer().isAnimating() ){ GameObject tree = getGameObjects().closest("Tree" ); if ( tree != null ) { tree.interact( "Chop down" ); sleep( 500, 1200 ); } } break; } return returnValue; } @Override public void onExit(){ } } EDIT I now feel like this may have been the wrong place to post this. Sorry if that's the case, still getting used to these forums!
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    Hmm, that's strange. I was getting an error calling getRandomTile() on GEBank and had to add the getArea() to it
  29. 1 point
    Good job! I can give you some suggestions, take them and use them if you'd like: (Read the comments, easier that way) private static final int ANIMATION_CHOPPING = 0; // Not sure what the ID is, you should check it yourself and change @Override public int onLoop(){ //int returnValue = 300; // Don't do this, its totally worthless, doesnt do anything besides increase the delays for no reason. // It won't help you with any bans if thats what you are worried about //sleep( 1820, 2862 ); // Seperate your current states instead of doing things procedurally and expecting things to follow through all the time (they might not and you can get stuck on something // For example, You can seperate the branch where the bank is open or not and act on it, same for inventory, etc switch (currentTask) { case BANK: if(getBank().isOpen()){ if(getInventory().isEmpty()){ if(getBank().close()){ currentTask = Task.CHOP; } }else{ if(getBank().depositAllItems()){ SleepUntil(() -> getInventory().isEmpty(), 1500); } } }else{ if(getInventory().isEmpty()){ currentTask = Task.CHOP; }else{ if (!BankLocation.LUMBRIDGE.getArea(2).contains(getLocalPlayer())) { // Try to get into the habit of testing if the operations were successfull if(getWalking().walk(BankLocation.LUMBRIDGE.getArea(2).getRandomTile())){ // You can use sleepUntil to sleep or "wait" until a condition is met. // It isnt a must, but it helps prevent spam clicking and mistakes because of any sudden "lag" you might get MethodProvider.sleepUntil(() -> getWalking().shouldWalk(), 4000); } }else{ if(getBank().open()){ MethodProvider.sleepUntil(() -> getBank().isOpen(), 3000); } } } } break; case CHOP: if(treeArea.contains(getLocalPlayer())){ if (getInventory().isFull() ) { currentTask = Task.BANK; }else{ if(getLocalPlayer().getAnimation() != CHOPPING_ANIMATION_ID){ GameObject tree = getGameObjects().closest("Tree"); if (tree != null && tree.interact("Chop down")) { MethodProvider.sleepUntil(() -> getLocalPlayer().getAnimation() == CHOPPING_ANIMATION_ID, 3000); } } } }else{ if (getInventory().isFull() ) { currentTask = Task.BANK; }else{ if(getWalking().walk(treeArea.getRandomTile())){ MethodProvider.sleepUntil(() -> getWalking().shouldWalk(), 4000); } } } } return 500; }
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    Script Queing

    Bring forth the era of DB3, Lord Nezz.
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    Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER DISCORD SUPPORT SERVER What does it do? This script is capable of mixing (almost) any two items together. What are good items? Such as Pizzas, Goat horns or Chocolate bars. There are many mixable items that make good money! Can it do Fletching? Yes it can! It can also cut uncut gems for example. How do I use it? When you start the script it will start recording your actions. While it is recording you are supposed to mix the items manually once so the script knows what to do. After the script is happy enough, it will start automating the process and stop recording your actions. Instructions are also shown when you start the script. It does not mix my items properly =( Contact me if that happens and I will sort the problem out with you! I am happy to modify the script when needed! I want a trial! I know you do! Upvote/like this thread and reply to this thread and I will grant you access to the 24 hour trial!
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    Client Release

    Thanks again Nezz for the GE method
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    You should probably look more into how switch statements work. switch(getBank().contains(String itemName or int itemNumber, int Quantity)) { //check the contains() boolean method case true: //if true startGE(); //start GE Process break; case false: //if false continueScript(); //continue the task break; } Error: You can't switch a boolean Also, looking at your use of switch statements, you say that it's better for readability, but in the instances you show it seems much harder to read. switch(state) { // read what value state is set to case 1: //Buying state executeBuyer(): //method to start the buying process break; case 2: //Selling state executeSeller(); //method to start the selling process break; } In this usage a simple if-else would be more readable or at least an enum with a BUY and SELL case. For the executeSeller/executeBuyer method, just have some if elses for the method for readability sake and overall logic of the script. As with the current logic you're ignoring whether one is not true and going onto the next. So you know that the character is not at the Grand Exchange and are currently walking towards it and you're going to ask: "do you have coins?", "even though the Grand Exchange is not open and you're not near it, is the buy screen open?", "Going to attempt to buy items and will return false as the bank is not open", etc. So pretty much just use if-else and else-ifs for some of the logic.
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    Latest update: 9th of January, 2019 Gets your Firemaking level 99 in no time! Features: Trains your Firemaking, Woodcutting and Fletching level. Makes a fair amount of gp at the same time. Smart point calculation (Tries to get at least 500 points every time). Chops Bruma roots, fletches them into kindlings and burns them at the brazier. Relights the brazier when needed. Eats food when low on hitpoints. Leaves the game if out of food and very low on hitpoints. Withdraws more when at the bank. Refills hitpoints at bank. Runs to the door and afks after gaining 500 points and burning all of the kindlings. Opens the crates before banking if wanted. Will need room in the bank if wanting to deposit them as crates. Instructions: Level 50 Firemaking is required. Fill out the gui. Have warm clothes equipped (Read wiki). Have any axe equipped or in inventory. Have food in inventory. Have tinderbox in inventory. Have knife in inventory. Recommended to start the script inside the mini-game while Wintertodt is returning. Ideal inventory consist of: Tinderbox, Knife, 7 Food. Gallery: @Dankillazzz "Hey man a 30 hr proggy. going to see how far it can go" @bynotify "That's making about 200k/hr. I also managed to get 2 full sets of the pyromancer outfit, 6 bruma torches, and 5 pairs of warm gloves. From my testing there is 0 risk of death, the script is VERY solid, even for long stretches of time (16+ hours straight), definitely worth the money." @zenterian @Dankillazzz "Bruh..!" If you run into problems with the script, let me know by replying this thread and I will fix them. Store link Upvote the thread and comment for a 12 hour trial.
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    Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER DISCORD SUPPORT SERVER To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given! Features Gets 7 quest points for your accounts fast Supported quests are visible in the image below Collects required items Almost all actions are randomized Takes a list of accounts Supports DreamBot's QuickStart 16/7 customer support Gallery @death dead Tutorial Island finished in 6 minutes 32 seconds Currently supported quests Account file QuickStart To get a free 24 hour trial: REACT to this post by liking or upvoting POST "I reacted, can I have a trial?" I will then reply to you once the trial is given!
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    Nuclear Nezz

    Refund Request

    If it's not script related, I'm not sure what you're asking for. Your hardware isn't really our problem. If you were maybe some casual botter, and your own PC couldn't run it it's possible I'd have another viewpoint. However, since it's a server, and you're running wc, and you have VIP, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that's not the case. It's your responsibility to verify you have the necessary tools to use the software. It really doesn't take much to run the client at all, if you're having issues it's because you think you can skimp out on as much as you can and have it be successful. You cannot. Botting is a very hard trial and error process, we're not responsible for your failures during these trial and error phases. I'll leave the refund up to hash, since it is his script, but from my view I don't see a reason for you to be refunded unfortunately.
  37. 1 point


  38. 1 point


    Been using this script for a month or so. The script works great, noone is getting stuck, items are bought correctly. The problem is that all the characters that I use this script on are getting banned the next day. The quests I use are all F2P for now. At first I tried doing Tut.island, cooks assistant, sheep sheerer and romeo and Juliet. With this combo they got hammered the next day. Now I am doing Tut.Island and those quest manually and after i try other F2P quests: Ernest the chicken, rune mysteries etc etc. And they also get banned. Maybe I am doing something incorrectly? Any advice?
  39. 1 point

    I'm selling acct's message me

    I'm selling acct's message me
  40. 1 point


    I see, would be nice for f2p indeed yes. If you have sparetime very good idea to add more quests, your script will be downloaded way more times keep up the good work. Goodluck with your farm.
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    ✨ Elixr Premium GFX Shop ✨

    ⭐ Elixr's Premium GFX Shop ⭐ Creating professional Avatars, Banners, script paint & much more! ★ AVATARS ★ ★ BANNERS ★ Contact me on discord for prices or more examples. Discord: elixr.#6666 (UID: 305519298254864385)
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    Why Choose this script: Low bans. Quick Exp. Variety in locations. Supports most food. What does this script do: Gets you 1-99 Cooking Requirements: 1 Cooking How to start: Start the script near your selected location. Have raw food in you're inventory and/or bank. Currently Supports: Wine Making (Any Bank!) Potato, Shrimps, Sardine, Herring, Trout, Salmon, Tuna, Lobster, Swordfish, Monkfish, Shark (Can add more upon request!) Proggy: Signature: Get your own by adding: http://nexscripting.com/users/YOURNAME&script=cooker.png to you're signature. Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/XS2JQYF
  43. 1 point
    The npc would either stand or walk around inside the shop. Eventually it would click on the door but I'd randomly walk around the shop trying to trade the npc for 30-60 seconds. Thanks for getting back to me Hashtag, appreciate the responses!
  44. 1 point
    Why Choose this script: - Alot of fishing spots - Low bans - Can be used in F2P - Supports Sharks - Works on DMM aswell - Supports most fish - Supports Shift-Dropping - Progressive mode (Catherby) What does this script do: - Gets you 1-99 fishing - Gets you alot of money along the way! Requirements: - 1 fishing and some fishing supplies in bank How to start: - Start the script on the location selected or near it - Have the right fishing tools in bank or inventory GUI: Shift Dropping: Make sure you have shift click enabled before running the script on drop-mode for shift dropping! else it will right click drop. Proggy's: Signature: Get your own by adding this to you're signature: [img=http://nexscripting.com/users/YOURNAME&script=fisher.png] On the SDN for only 7.99 Click here to buy! Request a trial: Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ
  45. 1 point

    Bank Organiser service!

    > Trust someone on the internet to "clean" your bank OR > Run a simple script to organize items by ID
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    ❅ Why Choose this script: - Low bans - Fast Exp - Easy pet ❅ What does this script do: - Gets you 50-99 Firemaking - Does the Wintertodt minigame ❅ Requirements: - 50 - A axe - Some food - If using Clan Wars: ❅ Recommended: - 31, 30 ❅ How to start: - Start the script near Clan wars or Wintertodt - Have the correct axe, food, & if using clan wars: games necklace's & dueling rings in the bank ❅ Proggy: ❅ GUI: ❅ Signature: ❅ Get your own by adding this to you're signature: [img=http://nexscripting.com/users/YOURNAME&script=wintertodt.png] On the SDN for only 9.99 ❅ Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ Perfect to use in combination with Baller's Firemaker
  47. 1 point
    Im A Baller

    Dicing bot [Rigged] [PP/OSGP]

    Not really, there's a difference between directly scamming players and running bots in order to generate items in the game.
  48. 0 points

    Can't Log In

    Was working perfectly fine yesterday but not for some reason when i start up the db client and go to type in my login details it says in the client console: "[Error] Failed to connect to server! Exception occurred while connecting.java.io.IOException: Unable to connect to: cdn.dreambot.org/" Anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?
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    refund request

    services to pricey and you guys didnt have milasoft dicer
  50. 0 points

    Refund Request

    The trees were the trees southwest of lumbridge castle, close to the goblins. As I said, I don't think it is script related, but it clicked on a goblin to attack instead of a tree. I would very much like a refund as I am unsatisfied with how it performs. I do agree with you that I should of tested everything before jumping the gun and buying it. My bad on that side. Would you please be so kind to have the refund pass through the process?
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