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    Hello everyone,

    I'm excited to announce that we now fully support instance limited scripts on our client and store!

    In case you're not aware, "Instance Limited Scripts" are scripts that are sold on our store that can only be ran on a set limit of clients at a time. If you purchase an instanced script with 2 active instances, that means you can run the script on up to 2 clients at the same time. Instances are not attached to your in game characters, just actively running clients.

    We believe this is a fantastic addition that should allow for both maximizing the value for script writers and minimize the initial investment end users should need to spend to access a normally very expensive script. We think that instance limited scripts will allow for a whole new category of scripts now that scripters can release them without worrying about too many accounts running it at once which should allow for less bans.

    We hope scripters can feel comfortable releasing "high end" scripts that they previously wouldn't have even though about due to our unlimited pricing. The system has been designed to be tamper proof and offers an extended protection model over standard SDN scripts.

    You can find an example of an instanced script on our store here.

    User FAQ:

    Does this mean DreamBot will be flooded with overpriced scripts that do menial tasks?

    Absolutely not! We do not want to become like other clients that penny pinch you guys for every little thing you do and every script you want to run. We have a strict approval process for instance limited scripts that ensures that the community will benefit from the pricing arrangement, and it's generally reserved for big time money makers, boss scripts, certain questing scripts, and others on a case to case basis. We will continue to offer scripts using our existing pricing models that offer lifetime, unlimited access for standard scripts.

    What if I purchased the script before it became instance limited? Will I have to repurchase it?

    All existing customers will remain on whatever purchase terms they setup at the time of the original purchase. If you bought a lifetime purchase of a script then it goes instanced, you will continue to have the script unlimited, and should still receive regular updates by the script writer as it's from the same source. If you purchased a script at a certain monthly price, it will continue being active until you stop paying that renewal. The price will not change, and you will not be forced to purchase the new script plans. However, if the script is materially different (complete rework, tons of additions, or something like that), it might be treated as a completely new script so you would need to purchase it again if you want those changes. You would still have access to the current version that you have however.

    If I purchase a 5/10/25/50 Active Instance script, do I need VIP?

    Purchasing any script does not allow you to avoid our client's instance limits, so if you plan on running more than 2 instances at a time you will need to purchase one of our subscriptions. Purchasing a higher package of an instanced script will not remove that requirement.

    What if I need more than 50 active instances?

    Instance limited script purchases stack, so you can purchase a 50 instance, and a 25 instance of the same script and your limit would be raised to 75. This goes for all instanced scripts, and any number of purchases.

    Can I upgrade/downgrade my instanced purchases?

    Unfortunately at this time you cannot change your purchase after you place it, but you can always cancel renewals if it has a monthly payment. You can also always just purchase more if that's the concern, but we cannot offer any discounts for moving up from 10 to 25 for instance due to various factors.

    Scripter FAQ:

    If my script is instanced and I enable automated trials, are they limited at all?

    Yes, any instanced script has a forced limitation of one instance during any trials.

    Can I convert my existing script to an instanced script?

    To ensure that existing purchasers of your script continue having unlimited access, you'll need to send in a request for a new script and ask the staff to hide your existing script. We expect you'll use the same repo/module so you can continue offering support and updates to your existing customers.


    I hope that clears up any questions you might have, feel free to ask more below if you have any concerns.


    The Dream Team

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    10 hours ago, EtraFS said:

    Just wondering how this would affect people who already own / are paying for the script already?

    If an existing premium script is converted to instanced script, all the existing customers can continue on using the script without limited instances. This change only applies to new purchases.

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    2 hours ago, Hashtag said:

    all the existing customers can continue on using the script without limited instances.

    Thats what i like to hear +1

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