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  • I beat cancer


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    Hi, some of you may know I was battling cancer since June 2020, it was a 8 month adventure that consisted of tons of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. I would like to say that I recently found out I am cancer free now. :)

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    1 hour ago, Hashtag said:

    I wasn't aware of this at all, but I'm super glad to hear you beat it♥️!

    No worries, I mentioned it a few times in chatbox, but thanks I appreciate it!

    1 hour ago, Bonfire said:

    That's great news! Congratulations! 😊

    Thanks bro hehe

    1 hour ago, TheCloakdOne said:

    Congrats dude!!!

    Thank you man!

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    Awesome dude! 

    My grandfather is starting his treatments soon so I appreciate you sharing your success news with us!

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    My mom has stage 4 TNBC, & stage 4 melanoma spread to the brain.  (& tumors like... everywhere).

    Cancer is the scariest thing.  Seeing it in a loved one, is heartbreaking, & the journey itself is hell with treatments, side effects, and the whole cancer fuckery.


    I went in an atheist, coming out "a believer of miracles"  wouldn't say I'm religious just yet, but being this close to cancer, I'd say it's definitely a "spiritual journey".  A lot of doubt, fear, uncertainty,  pain, confusion, restlessness, there's really not much room for comfort.  I'm happy for you, & I'm glad you're past that hell I'm sure you lived.

    Keep on thriving, & thank you for sharing.   May you live a healthy life.

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