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    1. Bought the lifetime version, for the purpose of rolving elves & subquests. Banking is bot-like, buying is bot-like, walking is bot-like, sleeps are bot-like. Got stuck on regicide, idk which part, bc I haven't done regicide since ever, & I tried to pause script since it wouldn't let me allow manual input, & that resulted in the client freezing. Tried to restart the bot, now I'm stuck here trying to figure out if I should finish the quest manually, since the script doesn't support Regicide mid-quest. Defeats the purpose of having paid so much for this script, now I'm just blergh. Trying to see a guide online, and holy fuck it's a long quest, & I'm not looking forward to it. Also, where's the runtime? Edit: 1 hour later, did it manually, no fun. Hope my luck with rolving elves is better x.x Edit: Contacted due to issue with Rolving elves, quick aid, thanks.
    2. I have a similar issue... an issue I didn't have on db2, which is why I delayed moving to db3 until I had to. Freezes get on my nerves, I used to run my scripts for weeks on end without manual input [db2], now I'm having to reopen clients *daily* due to freezes, and it's so obnoxious. I just figured it was the way I wrote my scripts, but I never could pinpoint the cause. Sometimes it happens in the middle of a walking method I have that works on a while loop, but other times it just happens on basic sleepuntils iirc. Could never find the reason to the freezes, no matter how much I edited, and modified my script, that I just gave up. Gl with finding a solution.
    3. My mom has stage 4 TNBC, & stage 4 melanoma spread to the brain. (& tumors like... everywhere). Cancer is the scariest thing. Seeing it in a loved one, is heartbreaking, & the journey itself is hell with treatments, side effects, and the whole cancer fuckery. I went in an atheist, coming out "a believer of miracles" wouldn't say I'm religious just yet, but being this close to cancer, I'd say it's definitely a "spiritual journey". A lot of doubt, fear, uncertainty, pain, confusion, restlessness, there's really not much room for comfort. I'm happy for you, & I'm glad you're past that hell I'm sure you lived. Keep on thriving, & thank you for sharing. May you live a healthy life.
    4. update to client-db2.jar. client.jar is now db3, I assume you're trying to run on db2?
    5. If you're able to make US based tut accounts, I'd take a handful.
    6. Having same issue with minigame teleports, myself. Deleted cache , too. The texts & actions redirect to wrong widgets. Can't find the "Teleport" option, for example, not even by searching the action/text, or widget hovering.
    7. Awe, alright. Shame the rates aren't as good as pvp, but I guess I'll keep it on the SDN for those that want to try it out. Thanks for using the script :]
    8. Should work in varrock east as well, can you confirm?
    9. You can do it from the client settings, make one break, save it. Go next account, click "Add break" or w/e it says. It should add previous break. Then save. Repeat as needed for all accounts. Hope this is the answer you needed. Good luck.
    10. I'm not sure where, but there should be a snippet Nezz released somewhere regarding his temporary "fix" for that issue. Look around tutorials/guides, maybe the search bar. Good luck with this! Would've been amazing for the client to simply support all zooms
    11. The amount depends on the prices, but I need accounts longterm, for the most part. Want to skip the hassle of creating them myself, as I lack good residential IPs.
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