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  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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  1. If you're able to make US based tut accounts, I'd take a handful.
  2. Having same issue with minigame teleports, myself. Deleted cache , too. The texts & actions redirect to wrong widgets. Can't find the "Teleport" option, for example, not even by searching the action/text, or widget hovering.
  3. Awe, alright. Shame the rates aren't as good as pvp, but I guess I'll keep it on the SDN for those that want to try it out. Thanks for using the script :]
  4. Should work in varrock east as well, can you confirm?
  5. You can do it from the client settings, make one break, save it. Go next account, click "Add break" or w/e it says. It should add previous break. Then save. Repeat as needed for all accounts. Hope this is the answer you needed. Good luck.
  6. I'm not sure where, but there should be a snippet Nezz released somewhere regarding his temporary "fix" for that issue. Look around tutorials/guides, maybe the search bar. Good luck with this! Would've been amazing for the client to simply support all zooms
  7. The amount depends on the prices, but I need accounts longterm, for the most part. Want to skip the hassle of creating them myself, as I lack good residential IPs.
  8. Was having this issue myself about 13 hrs ago. In the brief moments I saw the bots, I also saw it trying to do it while using a furnace. Bank scenario- Opens bank, doesn't recognize it's open, keeps trying to open via npc/booth(unable to as banks already open), I can manually close the bank, & the bot would recognize bots closed, try again, & everything works "normal" afterwords, it wouldn't read the proper widget for banks open while bank was open. Furnace scenario- Opens widget interface, still tries to interact with furnace, it wouldn't read the proper widget for interface open while interface was open.. Same idea, close manually, it resets as if nothing was wrong to begin with. It seems to ignore certain widgets at certain random times. As said above, it doesn't always happen. Maybe 1/30-1/40 banks, but it did eventually happen. I just checked most of my bots, & the proggies seem normal, & saw no issues running at all. Can't confirm it still happens, but can confirm it once did. Seemed very random, but worrisome ban-wise. Try not to interrupt your bot to re-run/change script, that's where my issues began. Set up your bot, walk off for a couple hours & do something else. Helps die down the anxiety, & maybe it cleared itself up with time, like it did for me? Good luck.
  9. As title suggests, I'm looking for rested (2 day minimum) tut island accts with 7-10qp. USA preferred, but not required. PM/post prices. Also interested in no restriction or 10qp/100 total accounts.
  10. Looks nice, clean looking clicks, wonder how it goes when the opponent has it's prayer up. Been meaning to make a rev pvp bot myself, just never got to it. Instead, made a gearer script I use to manually rag on 4 99 ranged accounts (once , or twice a month) . At death , they restock and tele to house for pool & obelisk, and I re-direct to my bots until all 4 are at 35s. I'm sure I could've made it better if I actually tried to, but I didn't see a reason to , or the time, for that matter. Have you tried the script at pvp scenarios? Following this thread to keep up with progress, goodluck!
  11. Script was requested on DB script requests recently, figured why not. Currently supports lumbridge chest in pvp worlds. Can easily add more location support upon request(s). On SDN! Features: - Re-fills empty containers , & softens clay for basic f2p profit. - Human-like antiban, at least my attempt of it. - Stops when out of clay. - Personalized break work-around to avoid it getting stuck on certain break-scenarios. On start: - Select desired container to use. - Select "Idle antiban" if you want the script to include a human-like reaction idle alongside the existing antiban. - Make sure there's clay in your bank & either filled, or unfilled containers. - Start in pvp world, near chest or fountain at lumbridge. Please report any bugs with images/description of script logs, & on-paint status for a speedier bug-fix.
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