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    1. Welcome to AssuranceGold BUYING ALL RUNESCAPE 3 GOLD My Discord: Assurance#7312 ID: 1033579281651073024 JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER: CLICK HERE Payment Methods: Crypto (BTC/ETH/LTC) Vouch Thread: AssuranceGold Vouch Thread
    2. It's pretty strict. My friend just logged on some of my accounts using OpenOSRS and all the accounts got slapped with a 2 week ban. It was literally 10 seconds into using the client too.
    3. That is strange, it is working for me. MinigameTeleporter.teleportMinigame("Soul Wars");
    4. @mamo95 It is still functioning. Are you trying to develop a script using this class?
    5. I will look into it and get back to you.
    6. Hi, I have prepared a utility class for handling minigame teleportation via the minigame interface. Follow the thread and I hope it solves your problem.
    7. Hi All, I am wanting to share my implementation of Utility classes for DreamBot which are not available through the DreamBot API. The first one I am going to share is the MinigameTeleporter class. This class is useful for allowing the local player to use the minigame teleports in the grouping tab. Below is the source code and how to use in your project. ALL AVAILABLE CLASSES CAN BE FOUND AT: https://github.com/HMM7777/DreamBotUtility SOURCE CODE HOW TO USE IN YOUR PROJECT The MinigameTeleporter is easy to use. The MinigameTeleporter class contains the method teleportMinigame(String minigameName). The teleportMinigame method takes a String parameter. This String literal is the name of the minigame you wish to teleport to. Note: the String literal has to be spelt appropriately in accordance with the widget text value in the minigame tab. Below is an example of teleporting to Clan Wars using the minigame teleports via the grouping tab. MinigameTeleporter.teleportMinigame("Clan Wars"); ADDITIONAL NOTES The sleep times used can be changed to your convenience. The sleep times I used were made quickly for my test environment. The MinigameTeleporter does not check if your minigame teleport is available (cooldown 20 minutes). You can wrap the teleportMinigame with a boolean checker to see if the teleport is on cooldown or not. I did play with Varbit 8354 which is the counter for the minigame teleport. Most minigames are made available in the grouping tab and are selectable within the interface however some of these minigames do not have a teleport. Be weary of this. This class will most likely be used for F2P accounts or niche use cases. Please let me know how it goes. Any constructive criticism will be appreciated. Regards, Hmm. MinigameTeleporter.java
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