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  • Christmas Activity and The New Year

    Nuclear Nezz

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    Hello everyone!

    Christmas is coming up, and I'll be heading to visit family for the holidays. My activity will very likely decrease, but I will still do my best to be available at least once a day, and on Thursday mornings.

    Scripters, this means there may be a delay in processing script requests.

    Users, this means there may be a delay in my response to any messages, disputes, refund requests, etc.

    I'll still have the staff discord chat, so if there's an emergency they can still get a hold of me through that.


    On a separate note, scripters, any of you who have recently passed the S+ test and have paid scripts on the SDN, if you have not gone through the process to set up payments yet, please message me to confirm whether or not you're set up for payments. If you do not, and are not, you will not be paid.


    On a *third* note, I'll be moving when I get back, so really my activity may be limited until like January 10th ish (I should be settled by then) and I have a plan that I hope to maintain good updates with you all on, and to continue forward with it. I'll be setting up goals, along with timelines for those goals, on both DB2, and DB3. There are some outside issues that I will have to deal with, and those may impact some of my timelines (like server changes) and if they do, I'll be sure to keep you updated on those, as well. Once I have my goals and timelines set up, I'll post them and keep everyone updated on how they're moving along. I'm going to push for those goals and timelines to be made and set probably by January 15th, if everything goes well. My update thread will include details on different goals, as well as highlighting things I plan to focus on with more detail, rather than some other things that will be less detailed, and will be left for later to do a closer focus on.

    I hope to start 2019 off with a bang, not only for Dreambot, but also for myself. If you guys care to hear my own personal goals (mostly about rockclimbing tbh) I'd be happy to make a separate thread about that, as well. (Do I hear a "workout goals for 2019" thread? ;);) )


    As always, thank you everyone for using Dreambot,

    The Dream Team

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    • Nuclear Nezz changed the title to Christmas Activity and The New Year

    "I hope to start 2019 off with a bang"

    Is that a sneakpeak at DB3 

    Image result for pogchampMerry xmas to all ;)

    Edited by blazebot
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    21 minutes ago, blazebot said:

    "I hope to start 2019 off with a bang"

    Is that a sneakpeak at DB3 

    Image result for pogchamp

    Nope, he's hoping to get laid on NYE :troll:.


    Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy the holidays!

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    8 hours ago, Nima said:

    Happy holidays nezz. Also, tell me about ur new years rock climbing resolutions lmao.

    Well, my shoulder is finally making solid progress, so mostly I plan on getting an actual workout schedule + go climbing every other day or so. I gotta start off slow since my fingers are weak now gg

    Kind of hoping I'll be back in shape by the go pro mountain games, there's a citizens comp that I wanted to enter, but unsure if I can now rip.

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