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  1. Hi, have one question about dijkstra solver.

    You apply patch:

    Good morning everyone!

    RS did a small update to banking, so this release will be addressing that for the most part.

    In other news:

    • Added a blacklisted tiles method to the path finder, so if there are tiles you know you can't walk because of whatever reason maybe during a quest, or whatever, you can add that tile to the black listed tiles. Make sure you add it to the AStar path finder if the path does not go up or down Z, if it does add it to the Dij finder, they both have their own separate lists.
    • Fixed a bug with account data loading, one of my previous error checks was throwing more errors under certain circumstances. (this is already live, but was a silent release, so it's going in these notes)


    Thank you everyone!
    The Dream Team

    and dijkstra doesn't care forbidden tiles when i calculate path by this solver on z=0 like:

    start: 3230, 3234, 0

    end: 3230, 3237, 0

    and dijkstra path is:

    0 (3230, 3234, 0), false
    1 (3230, 3234, 0), false
    2 (3230, 3235, 0), true Optional[Door] -> Open     <<<<<<<<<<<
    3 (3230, 3236, 0), false Optional[Door] -> Open
    4 (3230, 3237, 0), false

    where false and true is result of method: dijkstra.isBlacklisted(tile)

    a* calculate path properly.

    Can you mb solve it?





  2. Thanks for hint and yes there are all things that i need.
  3. I'm writing own interaction method and i've notice that actions doesn't update when i go to particular object. Example bellow: GameObject obj = getGameObjects().closest("Object name"); if (obj != null) { if (getMouse().move(obj)) { sleep(10000); List<MenuRow> rows = getClient().getMenu().getMenuRows(); for (MenuRow row : rows) System.out.println(row.getObject() + " - " + row.getAction()); } } and then i dont recieve actual menu actions. When i add one more "getMouse().move(obj)" at a row, actions are updated even without any sleep. GameObject obj = getGameObjects().closest("Object name"); if (obj != null) { if (getMouse().move(obj) && getMouse().move(obj)) { sleep(10000); List<MenuRow> rows = getClient().getMenu().getMenuRows(); for (MenuRow row : rows) System.out.println(row.getObject() + " - " + row.getAction()); } } Any idea how to recieve actual actions without moving mouse twice?
  4. the main problem is that actions of items are changing. it depends on item state. if you select item in inventory like meal then fire has action use. I found that getMenu().getDefaultAction() can handle some of problems but not all.
  5. Couple of things, i get information from it about object state.
  6. Is there any way to check string displayed in top left corner of the game window? Im talking about string "Take Ashes / 2 more options" like i show in image below. I look in the api for it amd don't find nothing reasonable. Widget hoower also don't respond with that area.
  7. its It's simply: getBank().all() I noticed that can occur when item is changing atm like in GE example: I have offer: SELL OFFER - 100 QTY for price 10 gp each (0 sold atm) When someone buy couple of my items i can recieve list without that item in my offers. Its last like 1-2 secs then offer appear again like follow: SELL OFFER - 100 QTY for price 10 gp each (ex 10 pcs sold) im wonder that can i check it somehow that item is changing and then wait to valid list?
  8. 1. In stores client doesnt recieve proper quantity of items. 2. In Grand Exchange it cant proper choose item that it serached and found.
  9. Ty for your response. I'm sure that im logged into specific world (i made button that lists items for test).
  10. Is there any chance to get valid list of items that hero posseses? Methods like: getBank().all() getInventory().all() etc. can return empty list, or only a part of items that really exists in specific location. That problem commonly occurs when world has changed but not only. ofcourse method usually works good but i can't rely on that results. How to check to be sure? How to handle it?
  11. Do somebody know how to properly use EntranceWebNodes? A buch of code (abstract one will be good enough). I tied to find some info about native implementation of nodes other than BasicWebNode and i fail to find any usefull information. I dont even know pourpose of them becouse AgilityWebBode isnt valid at all, it contains only nessesery info for solver?
  12. command lines still working? I've trouble to run myscript from command line. I run it via this command: java -jar -Xmx256M -jar -Xbootclasspath/p:C:\Users\Admin\Dreambot\BotData\client.jar C:\Users\Admin\Dreambot\BotData\client.jar -script OtterChickenKiller -world 430 -account Vlad and then client launches with world i specified via command line but nothing more happens. Client just reaches the main screen of runescape and thats it. Im new hera and not a vip, yet. What i'm doing wrong? Someone help me pls...
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