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    1. Okay so i just got my second temp ban in a row.

      First i got it on my max main, then my almost maxed zerker. Temp ban for 1 Day.

      It seems to me that Jagex is taking a completely different approach to banning, or do you think its simply because the accounts were aged?



    2. Hey, i just bought this script but having som issues. it seems to move camera and drop the inventory when full but doesn't actually click the fishing spots.
    3. Does this script safespot with range & alch option? or can it be added?
    4. Is it possible to add the coker support? i thinking having the option to have a coker who just sits there and spades is great for anyone who might want to start a 10hp obby pure.
    5. Wow bro it's really not that deep
    6. Devs have life's/Family's/Other Responsibilities as well, waiting a day is really not that much of a big issue.
    7. @DucoGFX Apologies, i could swear i clicked on the script request thread.
    8. Looking for a fairly simple Private Caged Ogres Script. Will pay via £GBP/OSRSGP. The script wouldn't do much at all, just refill cannonballs when running low, but i would like to add a telegrab feature for the ranaars etc. And world-hopping when crashers come. Let me know if anyone can do this. Thank you.
    9. Usually its done pretty quick, depends really. @Hashtag Do you make private scripts for £/OSRSGP? I'm looking for a fairly simple custom caged ogres script, would only really need to click the cannon to refill, and maybe add a telegrab option for the ranaars etc. Let me know if you can!
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