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  1. Hi, i seem to be having some connection issues to the dreambot server. from loading the bot, logging in, loading scripts from sdn and even sometimes during a quest it would get connection issues and stop it. this seems to be happening since saturday, all across my devices, different isps tried and everything.
  2. as far as i remember you are not allowed to sell these in this forum, i might be wrong tho.
  3. struiz22


    any eta that u know of?
  4. struiz22


    roma, how do i do tuttorial island with this since it starts with resizable lol.
  5. struiz22


    roma, does it support using prayer?
  6. struiz22


    Hey Roma found a couple bugs while checking out trial. 1. after finishing up a quest and looking for items for next one in bank. It will take out the items and sometimes keep looking for them in the bank while the items are on the inventory. 2. After it defeated the ogre in fight arena, and was sent back to the cell. it would set task as idle, and didnt talk to the guy so i manually had to and then it just kept going as usual. Pretty good fucking job with the scrip, ill probably buy.
  7. struiz22


    hi, cna i has trial pls
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