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  • Still not working? Try downloading and running JarFix
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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  1. Would it be possible to do a benchmark with a more intensive script? Possibly a script that utilizes multi-threading or one with custom listeners to see how the new client handles heavier loads? Edit: Thanks for the benchmark by the way! Client is looking great!
  2. Will do! Again, thank you for your feedback, Jason. If you think of anything else you want to see come to life in the script please let me know and I will see if I can get it added. Happy botting!
  3. Do you think it would be appropriate to add banking and restocking to get the best armor?
  4. Hey Jason! Thank you for the feedback! I have plans on re-writing this script in the near future. I have a lot on my plate with my Master's degree so I am slowly working on it. I plan on adding a few new features moving forward. Additional NPC's can be one of them. How would you feel about progressing the account to killing Hill giants when it hits certain combat stats?
  5. What type of user are you? (Scripter, casual user, heavy user) I am a Scripter and casual user. I plan on re-writing my public script in the future so this will be a good opportunity to utilize the new API (if there is one). Also a great opportunity to test any new script development features you guys plan on rolling out. How many bots do you usually run at one time? Typically 1, I can also test up to 40 if need be. How long have you used DreamBot? Since 2019
  6. It does! This was my first (any only) public script release. I have learned a lot over the year or so I have been scripting so I plan on re-writing the whole thing to streamline everything a bit. Thanks again for your feedback!
  7. I appreciate your input and was going to recommend starting a new instance of the client and not using tabs. How long did you bot for if I may ask?
  8. Are you opening up a new tab and starting the script? Or starting up a new client?
  9. Wohoo!! Great to hear! I will look at the code soon. I am currently starting my Master's degree so I want to make sure I get my battle rhythm down before looking at the code. Expect an update soon! And thank you for reaching out to me and trying my script
  10. Yeah, I haven't added any break handling yet. On my list to add for the re-write. Thank you for the update!
  11. So is everything good? I plan on re-writing the whole script to make it more efficient and easier to read soon.
  12. noCap

    Scripter+ changes

    This is really dope! Hopefully we will see some new scripters soon
  13. noCap

    Pomodoro Timers

    @yeeter01 I've always found myself not being able to focus longer than 50 minutes at a time. So I am on the 50-10 schedule for work. 50 minutes of work, 10 minute walk/break. While I understand this is incredibly inefficient purely from a time perspective, I seem to get more accomplished because I know at the end of the 50 minute stint I will be rewarded with a break.
  14. So the bot will only go fishing if you set the mode to fish only, or you reach the desired combat levels.
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