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  1. hello and good morning, been trying to start the script but nothing happens. like the window for setting up herbs and pots doesnt pop up i have tried resetting comp etc and nothing thnak you for your time and I hope you have a great day
  2. hello and good day i bought your scrip but there seems to an issue. the script get stuck on player settings and doenst move from there. thank you for yourtime
  3. Hello and good day I am fairly new to botting and I am liking it. now i am interested in investing a few dollars from 50 to 100 dollars (or maybe you guys think i wont need that much), now the question is, what scripts would you buy with brand new accounts and would you get memberships etc. now my goal is to be able to get my investment back and then make some side money to renew monthly scripts and memerships and after all that is paid use the rest mills to fund my main account. thank you in advace for your time and input helipipe
  4. hey man, how are you?

    I am looking at buying your f2p dough maker, i am looking at the profit margins and it only start to show when i get 35 cooking right tomake pizza dough?

    thanks for your time

  5. hello i have been trying your script, its pretty simple and good but i am having an issue after a few kills (goblins) the script stops or it even stops midway a kill? did something change? thnak you for your time and assistance
  6. hye im using your monkrobe script and imlking it

    i have a just one question

    is it better to just loot tops seeing they are better priced in the GE? i was just thinking less time lost to walkto the bank and back.


    either way great script

    1. Bmc


      I'd suggest running a few tests, I'm not familiar with current market rates. However, an important thing to remember is that often when going to sell robes, the amount your'e selling will heavily outweigh the demand for robes. With this in mind, if you need capital faster, you may consider looting robe bottoms aswell as to diversify your assets and increase cash flow, even if current market rates for robe tops would otherwise lead you to just looting those. I'd also advise setting a price and not lowering it if prices go lower. If you dump ~10k robes you can easily crash the market. I'd advise transfering loot to multiple mules and offloading at reasonable prices. If you acquire lots of robes, you can maybe give those bots a break or give them another task while your supply sells off.

      It's a judgement call, I hope this helps give you some ideas though

    2. helipipe


      awesome thanks for your reply, i did sometesting and it can turns out to be the same because i would spend more time worldhopping for only tops. got one account banned working on another one for prayer level to gain access

      either way i am now close to my first mill thanks to that acount.


      thnak you

  7. Hello and good day to everyone So i am new to this botting scenario but it seems I am the worst at it I cant even start botting I bought this proxie to use on dreambot and runescape client loads succesfully I have made 2 accounts and started doing tutorial island manually and once i get to the fishing part then my account gets logged out and then when i try to log back in then i get a message saying 'Account locked as we suspect it has been stolen' now i have used weird emails for the first one and i used an email i have access to for the second one. so should i be verifying my accounts so they dont getlocked again? and if so should i use the same email or will it be targeted from then on? thank you for your time and i hope you have a great day Helipipe
  8. Hello Can you explain this credential thing? I'm having an issue with loading proxies into my client. The rs client won't load when I set up a proxie it gets stuck in the dreambot logo. I have been using us-proxies.org. the only way to load the page is not using a proxie. Thank you in advance Helipipe
  9. still no luck, tried to used my countries proxies and still had the same problem, can some one please ansrew this thanky uo in advance
  10. i have used now a few proxies from the mentioned website and none worked is it beause i am trying from south america
  11. ummm okay i did it without a proxy and downloaded immediately is there a specific set of proxies i need to be using? i got one from us-proxy.org
  12. Hello and good day I am reallyyyy new at this and interested on how it works so i have looked at the tutorial on youtube, changed the proxy and added my username and password of the my first bot, now the issue is that the rs screen isnt showing up. its stuck on the dream bot logo on the client is there a step i missed or there is something i have to change before i succesfully start botting? thanks for your time helipipe
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