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    1. worst scrip i ever buyd 3hours running and 2 carates, used fresh start and zoom fix or what ever to call it i would refund this
    2. ty for the fix working fine now,it sust get stuck while missclick depositbox and sust stand till i fix it manuali lo, otherwise nice script
    3. i made steel bars and it sust open bank and mouse sust stand on goal bag i try to make screenshot on this,and i made only steel bars nothing ealse
    4. hi nice script,but i dont see anywere option to change stamina usage,and it get stuck emptying furnance pleas fix it pro
    5. hi,btw nice script ,but. fails the first time it tries to open the bank, as well as paydirty when adding a hopper, and if it fails then drops it..... and i use fresh start i tryed anithing but nothing dont work
    6. U can add option "wait to loot" or somthink likenthis?
    7. It fail pick marks and try go back ,got banned realy fast pleas fix it
    8. got banned when and it wasnt piced up marks not well,on varrok and canfais
    9. hi,it will bruying bones¿ ty
    10. i mean whether the purchase price could be made higher or lower¿like seling
    11. hi looks nice script pro it is possible add buying price ,to buy higher price i mean¿ sorry my bad english
    12. https://vimeo.com/user129991819/review/494778041/d67bef99ff this script full buggy i buyd it and used succefuly few houers pleas fix the issues it looks happend only when other players in area
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