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    1. 7 days of membership for free with twitch prime = more bots = jagex turns their shit up
    2. Widgets.get(629, 3).interact("Character Summary"); Widgets.get(712, 2 , 100).getText();
    3. Prime month baby! I'm not even using public scripts until its over anymore
    4. I'm looking to switch providers after my proxies run out so can't really recommend my current one, but its also worth mentioning that i've only got chainbanned when i've ran goldfarms with multiple accounts on the same IP so if you want to save a couple dollars you could run 2 accounts on 1 proxy and most likely be fine.
    5. VPN IPs are almost certainly flagged, you'll get much better results with residential proxies. How long you should bot for depends on the activity, for example you can bot NMZ for way longer than chinchompa hunting. Honestly you can bot whatever skills you want but switching up the skills seems to help with bans, you should try to seem as much like a real player as you can. (Train different skills, do some questing, etc.)
    6. Try posting here using the template; https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/188-request-a-refund/
    7. You might want to keep using the same IPs on your accounts instead of switching around, not sure if it really makes a difference though. Whats nordvpn got to do with botting? 👀
    8. Might be flagged ip etc. but accounts are getting banned way faster right now anyways because of prime membership, even legit players are getting banned.
    9. Legit players don't play 24/7 though, you're gonna get flagged at some point no matter what script
    10. Which script are you trying to run? If you've only got 1 instance of it you can only run 1 bot
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