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    1. While working on my account creator project I came across the need for tons of user agents. I quickly threw together a tool to allow me to scrape these UA's and write them to a file in the form of a java array. (variable name userAgents) Not sure if this is useful to anyone, but figured I'd release it here incase it is. This is specifically designed to scrape developers.whatismybrowser.com (the path to this websites windows UA list is auto-populated when the program is opened as an example). Then just enter the number of pages to scrape (50 UA's per page), and the name of the file to writ
    2. Hi all, between renovating my house & work I haven't had much time. I am planning to release a v1.1.0 in a few days. Here are some features I have added. If anyone has any features they would like to see in this next release please post and let me know! - toggleable log/debug window that displays feedback from the program as it runs - file->experimental flags window that allows user to set some experimental features - automatically detect and move past error 15 and captcha occurrences (note: this does NOT mean it solves them, it just detects them and quits immediately, movin
    3. Very interesting, when I have a chance I'm going to look through the source code and see what they're doing for undetectable patching. Thanks!
    4. It's officially here! v1.0.0 release! VPN Mode Information: This mode requires OpenVPN to be installed! You may have noticed the file is now a .exe - why you ask? VPN mode requires admin privileges to work, so this is just a simple wrapper to allow for privilege escalation. It still runs on Java. When starting the program it will automatically create a folder "RSAF" in the same directory as the program. You can set the username and password for your VPN through the program GUI, or by editing "RSAF/vpn/credentials.txt" To add VPN connections, navigate to "RSAF/vpn/ovpn
    5. Love to hear that! I am planning to add integrations into DreamBot (such as tut island as you mentioned) as I actually just saw an account creator/manager program that someone is selling which includes this feature as well as AI based captcha solving. It definitely inspired me to expand this program out to have even more features! Best of all, I never plan to sell this program, it will *always* be FREEWARE. Currently in my spare time I've been working on the VPN support (hooking into OpenVPN) and some final improvements. Once this is done I'll release v1.0.0. From there, we are out
    6. Been extremely busy, but I did have time to bang out a new chromedriver patcher, this time written in C++ with NO dependencies and NO admin requirements... media fire didnt flag this one as a virus either, so that's a good sign just put in directory with chromedriver.exe and run, itll verify success http://www.mediafire.com/file/xyqkfbhzsri02b6/chrome_patcher.exe/file Once again: if you experience any issues with this, such as windows calling it a virus... please let me know!!!
    7. Thanks! User feedback and knowing people are getting good use is what keeps me motivated to keep improving this tool I appreciate your feedback about the patcher, I'll be re-adding the download link for the modified driver for now, here it is (and on 1st post): http://www.mediafire.com/file/to1impq0zyh17aj/chromedriver.exe/file NOTICE: Please report here if you experience windows automatically deleting the file or calling it malicious... thank you
    8. v0.1.7 is now released! We've got a few cool new things such as excel formatted exporting, randomized birthdays option and a nice little new application icon You can find all the details in the version log on the first post \ bottom of this post EDIT: Removed information about old chromedriver patcher.. please see front page for the new distribution v0.1.7 - added "use random birthdays" checkbox, which will use a random birthday for every account created - added birthday to the output file - output file now exports to an Excel document (.xlsx), and file ren
    9. Very cool, I want to get into creating some scripts as well in the future
    10. It's here!! v0.1.6 - added GUI for top menu bar (no functionality yet) - checkboxes that disable features now visually represent and disallow input to box (such as "disable proxy") - added "enable human delays" checkbox, which increases time between filling the form inputs (slows script) - added "make verified accounts" checkbox, which uses temporary emails to enable it to also verify the account after creation - added "kill process" button, which terminates any running account creating session/process (no function yet - once I fix concurrency) If using the verified account featu
    11. Just out of curiosity is the 7 day verification thing in the email true or a bluff? These tests never make it to 7 days so I've never found out hahaha
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