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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java 8 installed
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
  • Try asking for help in the chatbox

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  1. I bet that it's the 7qp that got you. See what happens if you get your quest points manually (and do tutorial island 100% manual).
  2. https://dreambot.org/javadocs/
  3. If the bot stops, check the debug log in the client (Tools->Debugging->Debug Console) and see if there's a message in there. I've never had that issue myself, so if you could provide any logs or error messages that would really help. I'll test it out though, and see if it happens to me. I might add banking+firemaking support in the future, but that would be added through a premium script, with extra features like axe upgrading, progressive switching, etc. Nothing has been developed for that at this time though.
  4. Hello, this is Great movie Zh.
  5. Dreambot 2: Lost Coast Dreambot 2: Episode One Dreambot 2: Episode Two
  6. @kiji The script should now be updated. Please let me know if it works now. 😀
  7. xS Walker Free! ● Custom Anti-Ban ● Over 30 Locations ● Chat Spam [ Add Script ] How to use: Select a location and click start. It's that simple. Locations: Al Kharid Bank Agility Pyramid Ardougne Bank Barbarian Village Burthorpe Castle Wars Camelot Bank Catherby Bank Crafting Guild Draynor Bank Draynor Manor Duel Arena Edgeville Bank Falador Falador West Bank Falador East Bank Feldip Hills Grand Exchange Lumbridge Castle Lumbridge Chickens Lumbridge Swamp Piscatoris (Falconer) Port Sarim Rellekka Rimmington Sophanem Rock Tree Gnome Stronghold Varrock East Bank Varrock West Bank Varrock Palace Varrock Southwest Mine Varrock Southeast Mine Wizard's Tower Yanille
  8. Your params are correct, but I forgot to fix the number of parameters in my code (and never properly tested it). I'm going to push a bug fix and will let you know when that's done.
  9. Likely a linear random that created a giant square
  10. This. Free scripts are free. The scripters who make them make no money from them. Bugs can be reported on the respective threads, but they might not get fixed. Paid scripts are different, and have a much higher quality standard. The banking in the client is absolutely flawless, so any bugs with banking is almost guaranteed to be either a bug in the script, or misuse of the script (not reading instructions).
  11. Pretty much 0 Edit: Tested to be around 0.5-1ms per path generated.
  12. Video This is a small project I'm working on where I use a neural network to create mouse movements. In theory, the movements themselves should be completely undetectable (and the results are pretty impressive and look almost exactly like my real movements). Currently I've trained it on about 4000 clicks from my own data. How it works: The network is a 3 layer fully connected network. The input is 6 float values (random value 0.000-0.001,last start delta X,last start delta Y,current delta X,current delta Y,1.0) The network has a 1000 neuron layer connected to a 400 neuron layer (trained with 50% dropout), and the activation function is leaky relu (tf.nn.leaky_relu). The outputs are 456 values, each ranging from -1 to 1. The output is grouped into 152 sets of 3, being the delta x, delta y, and either 1 or -1 (-1 signals that the movement is complete). The deltas are an amount from the end position, divided by 1000. (So if the destination is at 1000,500 and our mouse is at 0,0, then the delta is 1.0,0.5). The delta will always decrease to 0,0 as that is the pixel we're moving to. It's easier for the network to learn to decay to 0,0 from a starting delta, than to go from 0,0 to an end point. Now there's still a bit of jerkiness on the first position, most likely due to not enough data, so I also apply a small amount of smoothing to the points to reduce it. I'm using tensorflow (python) for the network. Gathering data: I made a simple program that records all mouse movements. When the square is clicked, it uses the destination as the end point, and then re-creates the nice delta data from there, then resets and moves the square to another random position. The reason why the square is so large is because it leads to more fluid and free mouse movements. Plans: Once I get things smoothed out I'll try to implement it in some of my private scripts, and then open-source it. I'm also currently testing how it affects ban rates on brand new F2P bots, compared to a control set.
  13. It's part of the anti-ban in the client. You'll have to make your own input if you need it to be faster than the default. Also you can change the mouse speed in the client settings, see if that helps.
  14. Does your VPN mitm/block/attack HTTPS? Also, if you get locked/banned due to IP switching, that's not the client's fault at all. The client itself is to my knowledge (and through testing) nearly undetectable and it comes down to how you use it, and how you code your scripts.
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