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  1. It looks 100% exactly like my movement if I give it enough data and train it for a few hours on my GPU. The only problem is that it doesn't like to do too much variation, so I've been trying to figure out a way to use a GAN model.
  2. That means that either they don't know how to use proxies, or that they're botting tutorial island. Find a different provider.
  3. Try doing the gmail trick (note: may lead to chain bans) account@gmail.com account+1@gmail.com account+2@gmail.com will all go to account@gmail.com
  4. .contains should always? return true if a string is .equals, so that's not the case. Here's the actual issue with the code - getModelColors returns short[] https://dreambot.org/javadocs/org/dreambot/api/wrappers/interactive/GameObject.html#getModelColors Try this instead: GameObject ClayRock = getGameObjects().closest(cr-> cr != null && cr.getName().contains("Rocks") && cr.getModelColors().length > 0 && cr.getModelColors()[0] == 6705);
  5. Learn java and the dreambot api and go for s+ again. Worst case scenario you fail (unlikely if you actually try), but you'll be able to get s job as a junior java developer. If your only goal is to make money, then you'll have to wait until the gp price stabilizes. The deadman rework might be another opportunity.
  6. I bet that it's the 7qp that got you. See what happens if you get your quest points manually (and do tutorial island 100% manual).
  7. https://dreambot.org/javadocs/
  8. If the bot stops, check the debug log in the client (Tools->Debugging->Debug Console) and see if there's a message in there. I've never had that issue myself, so if you could provide any logs or error messages that would really help. I'll test it out though, and see if it happens to me. I might add banking+firemaking support in the future, but that would be added through a premium script, with extra features like axe upgrading, progressive switching, etc. Nothing has been developed for that at this time though.
  9. Hello, this is Great movie Zh.
  10. Dreambot 2: Lost Coast Dreambot 2: Episode One Dreambot 2: Episode Two
  11. @kiji The script should now be updated. Please let me know if it works now. 😀
  12. xS Walker Free! ● Custom Anti-Ban ● Over 30 Locations ● Chat Spam [ Add Script ] How to use: Select a location and click start. It's that simple. Locations: Al Kharid Bank Agility Pyramid Ardougne Bank Barbarian Village Burthorpe Castle Wars Camelot Bank Catherby Bank Crafting Guild Draynor Bank Draynor Manor Duel Arena Edgeville Bank Falador Falador West Bank Falador East Bank Feldip Hills Grand Exchange Lumbridge Castle Lumbridge Chickens Lumbridge Swamp Piscatoris (Falconer) Port Sarim Rellekka Rimmington Sophanem Rock Tree Gnome Stronghold Varrock East Bank Varrock West Bank Varrock Palace Varrock Southwest Mine Varrock Southeast Mine Wizard's Tower Yanille
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