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    1. falloutr

      The Missile

      Sounds like they need a real time OS or kernel module All this bullshit about it not being where it thinks it is would be moot Nice lil story about a problem tho
    2. A follow up to this, he is able to see the changelog.txt following the link: http://cdn.dreambot.org/changelog.txt Not too sure how to help him beyond identifying part of the issue
    3. As someone who would say falls into category 2 or 3, having invested both money and time into it, even making and releasing scripts (now defunct). I can say I make about $0.25/mo on this game. LOL. You can learn everything, even spend the money. But if you don't apply it, you wont get anywhere. My recommendation: if you enjoy the game, want to learn something new, AND want to actively apply yourself. Get into it for the money and invest. If you just enjoy the game and want to learn something new we have plenty of resources for scripting, I'd recommend looking around at oth
    4. @Koschei, thats exactly it. The issue was needing to get the composite of the player who is attacking. In chat we settled on: List<Player> attackingPlayers = getPlayers().all(player->{ return player.getInteractingCharacter().getName() == "MyUserName"; }); your way would work but if in multi-combat might miss potential threats.
    5. Thought it was messier Linux master race lel
    6. Hakko with an asston of tips is where its at
    7. If you have access to the hardware or initial OS there is absolutely no reason to virtualize for such a small and unobtrusive process. If the question is whether a VPS would be faster than a dedicated server we would need specs.
    8. its likely an issue with pathing what does: /usr/libexec/java_home -V output? It should give you a list of a few Java Virtual Machines, you should be able to select them with: /usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.8 Link for reference: https://www.mkyong.com/java/how-to-set-java_home-environment-variable-on-mac-os-x/
    9. are you using java 8? https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html what does "java -version" output?
    10. Sounds like you are on windows? try right clicking, open with..., java 8u211 If that fails, try jarfix if that doesnt work... try powershell? rightclick DBLauncher.jar, copy, open powershell, type "java -jar" no qoutes, then right click, and enter. Copying the file and right clicking in powershell should paste the absolute path to db launcher, java -jar ensures its ran as a jar file in java.
    11. Not sure, I have heard color/opengl bots are un-detected and have extremely low ban rates but that doesn't make any sense if you ask me how I think jagex detection works. Never tested, so can't really say. Opengl bots are a bitch and a half to write scripts for - especially human-like scripts.
    12. Umm clicking a random coord in a set boundary is how clicking works in getTabs().openWithMouse(Tab.PRAYER), the boundary is just set by the widget isn't it? Don't all clients do that? How does Dreambot "not seems as advanced" when all clients have the methods capable of this solution? I am sorry, not too familiar with what era you are talking about? Mind enlightening us?
    13. Here you go, check for your email in any leaks: https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Also take any client, runelite for example, and google "runelite hacks" you will get a whole list of people complaining about RUNELITE phishing or hacking them lol Confirmation bias is a bitch isn't it?
    14. 1.) always use an authenticator when available, you are stupid if you dont 2.) use a password manager so every password on each website and for every account is unique 3.) Scripts on DreamBot are uploaded as source, meaning the developers have the ability to look at what exactly is going on in every script before it is compiled and available to the end-user (you). Doing this ensures there are no class droppers or malicious key logging. 4.) "I stick to consuming any RS-oriented content via you-tube." some of the most sketchy shit i've ever encoutered is on youtube - good old "OSR
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