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    1. I am sad now I got hacked for all my stuff and right now I dont feel anything.
    2. Holy fucking shit OP is a fucking legend I got my max main unbanned 2110 total level with 3b in items in the bank still. I will send screen shot for proof. I literally cried tears or joy when I got to log back in. HOLY FUCK MY 5b House is still there
    3. No offense I don't use free scripts because some not all get you banned hans dye maker I use all the time and the accounts havent been banned and they are months old they just make dyes I also have a main and pure I sucide bot on for the shits and giggles I barely take breaks and im not banned maybe buy vip covert mode idk bro but just saying.
    4. Covert mode does work I can post proggies if you want one day of some bots running for days on end. As long as you run good scripts and not bad scripts.
    5. Can you combine dyes together with this because I want to try but I guess I tried the trial when jagex updated the game. So before I buy can you let me know if it can combined dyes together? For example I have 3k of red and yellow dyes and I want to make 3k orange dyes. Can the script do that? edit: took a chance and bought it and it mixes dyes well in slow mode but if I try fast mode it just derps out and double clicks the same dyes so it doesnt mix.
    6. Just bought this script because I got tired of getting past tutorial island and the 10 quest points and holy shit this is one of the best scripts I have ever seen do you make private scripts or just premium scripts?
    7. nah man its not shit just doesnt have anti ban. It works well.
    8. Been using this script for a couple hours and have one suggestion. I notice that you can only set tasks to train att str or def. Is it possible to add range and equip the arrows option. Right now I am using it to pick up the arrows while training range but they dont equip. Also script is very nice. This script Is Very good. I am so glad you made this because I can get such high levels. You are awesome.
    9. Thank you so much also thank you for having woad leaves buyer just in there as well. I have 2 f2p accounts running dyes and im just loling at how weird the economy is on this game. I had one mule account ban idk how because I was testing multple scripts but for now just sticking with this and using breaks and hopefully should be able to fly under the radar and make mils. EDIT: Is it possible if you can add a make orange dye option I sometimes have alot of red and yellow dye.
    10. Dye maker was running so flipping nice but the system update jagex had broke this bot. it just stands in aggies house with the ingredients to make the dyes just for it to stand their using whatever item in the inventory. BE careful as I think jagex is trying to ban any bots that get caught standing doing the same thing over and over. Script breaks when trying to find aggie and just stands there edit:The hot fix has fixed this and now im back making more dyes and this is a op f2p bot script thank you so much,
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