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    1. Hi there! I just noticed some items have the "Wield" option and others have the "Wear" option... I was wondering if there was a way to make the Inventory.interact(itemName, "Wield") as a list of actions like this: Inventory.interact(itemName, "Wield", "Wear") or something so it will do whatever that action is?
    2. I want to say from what I remember it would be like $10 - $25 possibly... Though I'm not an expert
    3. Hi there! I know this was a bit ago but if you still need this feel free to contact me with all the details and I'd be happy to make this for you
    4. Hi there! I'm willing to make custom private scripts. Just feel free to PM me all the details you're looking for and I'll be happy to help
    5. How long would you say it took for you to develop this script? I feel like the scope of this one single script is massive because it literally can just play the entire game for you with so many activities... I am thinking of making a script sort of like this but not sure if I really want to invest sooooo much time this would take to develop.
    6. Hi guys! So I am easily drawing images and text using the onPaint() method. I was just curious though... I wanted to make a small button and when clicked do something in the script. How can I achieve this? Is this still in onPaint() ? Thanks!
    7. Bryno

      [Bryno] - Iron Banker

      I absolutely can! I don't play OSRS really though.. So my highest level account is only 14 right now lmfao.. Is there any chance you can tell me EXACTLY how that process works? Or if you want, send me a video/clip of it all happening!
    8. Awwwhh LivePrices ! Thank you so much!
    9. Hi there! So I see there is GrandExchange.getCurrentPrice() however to get that value I would already needed to put an item inside the "buy offer" in the GE. So I was curious if there is any way of getting the price's GE value of an item without even being inside the GE offering windows?
    10. Awwh.. Hmm okay okay. Thanks for all the information guys!
    11. Sooo I just had a thought.. I'm curious, how exactly is Dreambot's client pulling the OSRS client? I've done a ton of reading around and noticed pretty much everyone states it's easily common knowledge for Jagex to see what client your own. If they can see someone is on offical client, runelite, osbuddy, etc... Can't they then also see we are on "dreambot" client? What is preventing dreambot's client to try and look different or hide like its an official client? Idk.. just thought, and I'm curious about this whole process haha. Thanks for any info!
    12. Bryno

      [Bryno] - Iron Banker

      Thank you @Sayian Bruz and @rune adam43 for giving me your feedback and bug reports! I should have fixed all listed known problems Once it's approved from the Dreambot staff, it will be posted as version 1.1 Let me know how the update feels! P.S. Working on my first premium script right now so once I finish this I will head back to "Iron Banker" and add a GUI and cool features
    13. Sorry.... Yup I knew I was trolling my self lmfao Here is final code: GameObject g = GameObjects.closest((Integer[]) rocks.toArray());
    14. I'm sure I am missing something small here... I have an ArrayList<Integer> with rock id's to mine. Then I'm doing: List<GameObject> go = GameObjects.all((Integer[]) rocks.toArray()); GameObject g = GameObjects.closest(go, m.getLocalPlayer().getTile()); but of course it's mad because closests() wants Filter<GameObject> and not my List<GameObject> just not sure how to get this job done If anyone can help, let me know please! Thanks.
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