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    1. SOMETHING is clearly being detected I remember having a problem like this a long time ago and changed my MAC address and the problem was fixed. However... I can't remember if that was the only variable I changed. Might have changed a few things at a time 😕
    2. Also, a warm welcome Hopefully you enjoy our community! We're happy to have you here
    3. That is a very strange scenario....... Hmm, I guess let's just start with the simple things. What methods are you using for walking? Maybe just submit a snippet of the walking to draynor code to preview.
    4. Feel free to PM me if you’re still interested in a private script
    5. Feel free to PM me if you’re still interested
    6. Oh nice okay! Thanks for the information
    7. Aw damn that's lame haha... I didn't know this, kinda surprised
    8. Hi there! I just got an error saying there is too many clients open when if I can recall correct it was only 3. Does Scripter roles not have access like VIP rank for unlimited clients?
    9. I can accept: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, Paypal, Venmo.
    10. The more click-intensive a repetitive task is, the most likelihood it will be caught and banned. I've personally been doing a ton of experimentation for their bot detection system and just a cool finding that relates to "click-intensity" was the following: Firstly, the more "unhuman" your skills are the most likely to be banned; meaning if you have all 1's and woodcutting is 90+ then it's most likely a bot. Knowing this, I setup two brand new lv3 accounts and manually trained both to lv30 woodcutting. Left all other skills 1. Now one account 's script chopped willows at a decent-good xp/hr (being very attention, clicking trees). The other account's script chopped willows at a horrific xp/hr and AFKing like crazy each tree click. The attention bot got banned at level 52. The horrifically un-attentive bot got banned at level 68.
    11. Hi @jmelin261, this is a good question. Thankfully in my personal experience it seems that Dreambot's client is not setting off any flags in jagex's client detection. For proof, I have made a brand new account the day AFTER the date they are enforcing this rule and he is still going strong with 14hours, 15minutes in-game time
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