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    1. Great free script. A few bugs where the script needs intervention: -Death at draynor maynor due to skeleton in closet - script idles at lumbridge (only sometimes when skeleton kills you) -Walked from cadavaberries towards east varrock, and gets stuck idling east of varrock on the path. Walking the character manually more towards varrock fixes it. -Spamclicks Romeo inside the final cutscene of Romeo and Juliet and this actually cuts the cutscene short, sends you back into varrock after clicking him without completing the quest, and just does this forever. Just holding spacebar manually in the cutscene finishes the quest.
    2. Here is some code I wrote to interpret the total age of an account based on the text in the new account mini-tab in the Quests main tab. It assumes you already have the playtime tab open, and the chat dialogue to Reallyreallyreallyreally view your playtime really for sure has been gone through already. At the end of the code block the int variable "gameTimeHours" has either 0 hours, 1-19 hours, or 20-24 hours. These correspond to less than 1 hour playtime, less than 20 hours playtime, and over 20 hours playtime respectively, even if the playtime has one or more days. If you want the formatted text to display in your Paint for example "2 days, 4 hours, 39 minutes" then you can use the String variable "timePlayed" afterwards. int gameTimeHours; String timeplayed = Widgets.getWidgetChild(712,2,100).getText(); int hoursplayed = 0; int daysplayed = 0; int minutesplayed = 0; String[] t1 = timeplayed.split(">", 2); //t1[1] = text after <color=shit> String[] t2 = t1[1].split("<", 2); //t2[0] = text before </col> timeplayed = t2[0]; MethodProvider.log("Total Time played: " + timeplayed); if(timeplayed.contains("day")) {//Time played is at least one day and dont need to wait any longer t1 = timeplayed.split(" day", 2); daysplayed = Integer.parseInt(t1[0]); } else { if(timeplayed.contains("hour")) { t1 = timeplayed.split(" hour", 2); hoursplayed = Integer.parseInt(t1[0]); } else {//Time played is less than one hour and need to wait if(timeplayed.contains("minute")) { t1 = timeplayed.split(" minute", 2); minutesplayed = Integer.parseInt(t1[0]); } } } if(daysplayed > 0) { gameTimeHours = 24; } if(hoursplayed > 0) { gameTimeHours = hoursplayed; }
    3. Interesting advice! Edit: However, some invocations still require constant updating in certain situations because for example, just assigning a nonnull NPC to an NPC variable in the script will make the variable always null after the NPC leaves one time and comes back, until you perform a new invocation to get the "new" same NPC. I've never thought to limit this in any way and just thought of the client data as free and openly accessible to get as much as you want as often as you want :P
    4. Very close buddy 🙂 There is a filtering function that the API supports for getting most things like this (includings NPCs, GameObjects, and others). Try this code: GameObject rock = GameObjects.closest(p -> p.getName().equals("Rock") && p.distance() <= 1); Some relevant info about this code line: -p is a name, and doesn't matter what its called, could've been named "literallyUselessVariableName" or "Rock" -everything after the -> has to return true in order for the GameObject to be considered valid and returned, otherwise will skip those GameObjects for which these conditions are false -When this line runs it finds all rendered GameObjects and filters these to match both the name and the distance. Each GameObject takes a turn at being "p" and gets evaluated, then the closest is determined and that one GameObject is returned -the method .distance() will automatically assume distance is being calculated from the local player's tile -distance is calculated via pythagorian theorem to get real circle radius distances, rather than "square" distances. For example: something 15 tiles east and 15 tiles north will result in 21.2132 as distance, whereas "square" distance would simply be 15. So therefore any rocks that are adjacent to your player will be 1.0 distance away, and if you only say "distance < 1" then it wouldn't ever pick up any rocks because you can never stand on any rocks, so it must be "distance <= 1" or "distance < 2"
    5. I used quickstart without any -params, the bot talked to first NPC then was on the step something like "Clicking settings icon" and after I clicked it manually it changed the resizable setting and talked to the 1st NPC again. So probably looking for a resizable widget or fixed icon widget (sorry cannot remember whether it was fixed or resizable when it got stuck)
    6. It would be cool API calls to be able to do something like: Client.hideAllNPCsExcept(String names...) Client.hideAllNPCsExcept(int IDs...) Client.hideAllNPCs() Client.renderAllNPCs() Client.renderNPC(String names...) Client.renderNPC(int IDs...) ^Same for Players
    7. Gets stuck trying to enable the very first settings button after talking to the very first NPC one time, but doesn't spamclick just sits there until I click the settings button manually then goes and does rest of tutorial island.
    8. Runecrafting Method #68: Airs with bots Xp/Hr: 55k Xp/hr with 20+ bots, note: the xp rates here heavily vary based off your clicks and bot's ability. The bots also have to be trade unlocked in order to give away any essence. You'll always want to have over 9000 bots to powerlevel. Description: Don't join the Essence Running Discord and instead look for your own runner bots on the world & tile you tell them to go to. Simply mule over air tiara & pure essence to your runner bots, then stand at altar, trade, and craft air runes. This method is not very expensive, costing -4 to -5 gp/xp. Runecrafting Method #69: bodys with bots ( otherwise same as above) Xp/Hr: 95k Xp/hr with 20+ bots https://github.com/Dreambotter420/F2PEssenceRunner
    9. RuneProxies did this, they bought AWS, did some funky tech shit to sell them as "residential IPs" to a lot of OSRS botters, then they shut down after mass bans from users. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/161645-rune-proxy-9999-uptimeuhq-socks5-proxiesclean-proxiesresidential-quality/
    10. IMO, you got flagged for chain ban by creating multiple accounts on same IP then swiftly starting botting the same activity on those accounts after tutorial island. It's not a problem if you create the accounts on same IP then immediately complete tut island by hand, but try resting them for a week or so afterwards before suicide botting them. Some people mass-create accounts (including botting tutorial island) then rest them for a month or two to sort of reset any existing "suspicious" flags Jagex may have put on the account from mass-creating them. My opinion is that this may be a result of the reactive nature of the anti-cheat system reacting to the creation of multiple accounts on the same IP by marking them as suspicious, and if they do much more suspicious things (for instance, macroing) then they get flagged for ban, but if they discontinue any more suspicious things then the system reacts as not being anymore of a threat. Resting accounts only serves to lengthen the operational lifespan of a suicide bot though. If you suicide bot a single skill after tutorial island, even with resting, you're going to get banned eventually.
    11. Hi guys, just wanted to share a script I made: https://github.com/Dreambotter420/PartyHatPicker/ Script for accumulating Grain, Cabbage, Potatos, and Onions while wearing a Partyhat in Old School Runescape. Written in Java for the Dreambot client from the barebones tree framework found here: https://github.com/LostVirt/Dreambot-Tree-Branch-Framework Due to a lack of features in a single picking script on the Dreambot SDN, I made my own, with the following features: -Picking algorithm designed to emulate a human being forced to pick an inventory full of stuff if they ever had to -Assigns random delay modifier on startup which affects all internal delays so that many accounts can pick at different rates -Chooses an area of the best available areas to Pick from in F2P then randomizes this after a random amount of bank deposits then randomizes bank deposit threshold -Hops to another random world after a random amount of Picks then randomizes world hop pick threshold -While picking, hops to a random world immediately after detecting either a player nearby or another Picker you're competing with -Sells stuff at GE after accumulating a random amount of stuff -Enables run if walking and energy level is above a random threshold then randomizes run threshold -Moves camera up and zooms out after awhile to combat dreambot's camera movement embedded in the API calls However, all of these features are futile and will absolutely get your fresh F2P account banned after doing the above for several hours. To combat this, I have hacked the mainframe, ran the data through IBM Watson and Google DeepMind, and observed the ultimate solution. Your character will strip naked then buy and equip a random-colored partyhat for the entire duration of picking if they have enough money (8k). Missing features: -PK Mule after a random total GP threshold using sockets
    12. I tried that already, and doing that alone doesn't work. You're right! Some calls from the banking class don't update the cache, for instance, the 2 calls I am posting about not working are part of the Bank API class. Simply calling Bank.all(); on its own line w/ no assignment works to update the bank cache if it's open.
    13. Hello, in my first attempt at using the Bank Cache function of dreambot API, I am not getting any success with it, and seems to not work, but I'm not sure exactly so I'm asking if anyone is succesfully using these API calls: Bank.getBankHistoryCache() Bank.getLastBankHistoryCacheTime() Currently to test its usage I set up a simple script to call both of these methods and store them into variables, then print the variables. The method Bank.getBankHistoryCache().size() always returns 0, and Bank.getLastBankHistoryCacheTime() returns 0 always also. Opening and closing the bank, depositing/withdrawing items, setting Bank.setUseBankHistoryCache(boolean) to true or false, and calling Bank.resetCache() does nothing to create/update the cache. Am I missing something or doing it wrong?
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