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    1. Feel free to DM me at my discord on my Profile page or here over PM on forums, as well as here directly on this thread, but no I do not plan on opening a Discord server for my scripts.
    2. Hi, no this is a bug, thanks for posting. I am working on cleaning up the code and somewhat refactoring to allow for new features and will fix this bug before releasing next version
    3. Script fails to start and needs to be updated for most recent deprecations most likely
    4. Yes, in the near future, I am going to add 3 more checkboxes to GUI - "Buy grimy", "Buy clean", and "Sell (unf)". This will allow custom and independent selection of buying / selling modes. This will be implemented along with
    5. Hello fellow DreamBotters, Sinan and I have taken up a project to complete a number of quests using custom methods and shared frameworks to streamline the quest-scripting process, and we are looking for other members of the community who would like to contribute to the project. Right now we have almost 20 working quests, with room for expansion in areas of more complex questing methods. The github link: https://github.com/NotSinan/DreamBotQuester DreamBotQuester DreamBotQuester is a Java library that allows you to automate quests in RuneScape using the DreamBot API. It offers a range of tools for interacting with the API and executing various tasks in the game. Whether you're looking to save time on tedious quests or optimize your progress, DreamBotQuester has something to offer. Features Support for over 20 quests: DreamBotQuester provides automation for a wide variety of quests in RuneScape, allowing you to complete them quickly and easily. Checks for skill and quest requirements: The script is designed to check for the necessary skill and quest requirements before attempting a quest, ensuring that you have the necessary resources and progress to complete it successfully. Support for ironman mode: DreamBotQuester is designed to work with ironman mode, allowing you to automate tasks and quests while still playing in a more challenging and immersive way. The script is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with new quests and features in RuneScape. DreamBotQuester is designed to be safe and reliable, with built-in safeguards to prevent errors and protect your account. Installation To install and use DreamBotQuester, you will need to have the following tools installed on your machine: Java Development Kit (JDK) Apache Maven Once you have these tools installed, you can use the following steps to build and package DreamBotQuester: Navigate to the root directory of the DreamBotQuester project in a terminal window. Run the mvn package command. code(mvn package) This will create a jar file in the DreamBot/scripts directory. Running the script To run the script, you will need to have the DreamBot client installed on your machine. Open the DreamBot client. Select the script in the Script Manager and click the "Start" button to begin running it. Contributing If you want to contribute to the development of DreamBotQuester, please see the CONTRIBUTING.md file for information on how to get involved. Credits Bonfire TBL - Primary framework used for this project. LostVirt's Dreambot-Tree-Branch-Framework - For the bulk of framework code here. Elli-tt's elutils - For the tick and sleep delay ideas and code. @camalCase - For roasting / code review
    6. Thanks for your report - I was able to replicate it only one time - it started to buy the exact same amount over and over in each GE slot even if the 1st fulfilled. But, afterwards for multiple runs it bought a custom amount only one time and proceeded to clean. If you can please ensure your client is updated by closing all clients, running DBLauncher.jar, and enabling Fresh Start in the client, and if the error persists please post or send me the logs of when it occurs.
    7. You have a point there. Currently the script goes along with the active instant buy/sell offers that already exist on the GE, but I can look into putting a separate mode for custom % of the price using the LivePrice data, that way it will sit on the buy/sell offers indefinitely at the specified price. I can look into it this week, unfortunately until then it probably won't work for FSW besides the actual cleaning/mixing part. At some point, I also want to add the option to check clean herb prices in addition to grimy to evaluate if the clean version of the herb is cheaper.
    8. I use threads and ScriptManager class to accomplish this. I do it by starting a new thread, and inside of the thread I get the instance of the script manager, wait for the current script to stop, then start new script. As soon as the 1st script starts the new thread, the 1st script returns -1 to stop itself. But thread isn't killed on 1st script stop so 2nd script starts after 1000 ms (u should give DreamBot a second or two to finish script stopping / loading activities). Call this anywhere in your Main class you want to switch QuestScriptStarter questStarter = new QuestScriptStarter(); Logger.log("Attempting to stop current script and start tmp's Ten QP"); Thread t1 = new Thread(questStarter); t1.start(); return -1; and this is the class that implements Runnable package script.unlock.quests; import org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManager; public class QuestScriptStarter implements Runnable{ @Override public void run() { ScriptManager manager = ScriptManager.getScriptManager(); try { Thread.sleep(1000); } catch (InterruptedException e) { throw new RuntimeException(e); } manager.start("tmp\'s Ten QP"); } } Also, I think that using this method to automatically switch scripts requires each startable Script to override the Quickstart method onStart(String[] args) in order for them to be started this way (not sure tbh)
    9. Thank you for this report, I will look into this issue Edit: Found the bug, I had actually known about it since development but was kind of lazy for this edge case, where setting minimum quantities of around 100 or less would result in GE never buying. I also fixed another oversight where instead of going from GE History menu, closing it, opening GE, it now opens GE directly back from History tab.
    10. If you aren't that computer smart and don't know how to use a VPN, it's going to take a lot of time, money, and frustration for you to make 4b off botting - most people lose money they invest in botting (buying proxies, accounts, bonds, computer hardware, etc). I would just buy the gold using real money if you need the OSRS gp. But to answer your questions - your main account is fine unless they catch you RWT and you're trading to your main. Botting just one or two accounts at once works by launching DreamBot, selecting the one or two accounts you want to bot on, and starting the script you want to run. Vorkath is generally top-tier moneymaker which you can buy accounts and script for, however if you get banned quickly you will lose a lot of money on initial investment. You should have a mule account that trades the bots and your main so that the bots never trade your main. Killing in wilderness is not necessary to avoid detection
    11. Hi, thanks for your report! However on my end today the script works good. If you're still experiencing this bug, can you please PM me a screenshot of how you filled out the GUI settings, and if you're able to record a video of the bug happening that would be excellent.
    12. Sorry for the downtime, apparently I did not fully remove all references to the MethodProvider class which was fully removed from the DreamBot API as of the last update. Sent in a fix, and updated Github for local working versions :-)
    13. This is the download link for the legacy client that I got from the update post that I linked earlier in this thread: https://downloads.dreambot.org/dreambot-3.13.21-legacy.jar
    14. Getting this error on new client build: After talking to combat tutor and equipping sword/shield and viewing attack tab, it spams this error while spamming walk around the combat tutor in a 3-4 tile radius lol. Pausing the script and walking manually into rat cages works, script can exit the cage just fine, just not enter
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