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    1. I use threads and ScriptManager class to accomplish this. I do it by starting a new thread, and inside of the thread I get the instance of the script manager, wait for the current script to stop, then start new script. As soon as the 1st script starts the new thread, the 1st script returns -1 to stop itself. But thread isn't killed on 1st script stop so 2nd script starts after 1000 ms (u should give DreamBot a second or two to finish script stopping / loading activities). Call this anywhere in your Main class you want to switch QuestScriptStarter questStarter = new QuestScriptStarter(); Logger.log("Attempting to stop current script and start tmp's Ten QP"); Thread t1 = new Thread(questStarter); t1.start(); return -1; and this is the class that implements Runnable package script.unlock.quests; import org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManager; public class QuestScriptStarter implements Runnable{ @Override public void run() { ScriptManager manager = ScriptManager.getScriptManager(); try { Thread.sleep(1000); } catch (InterruptedException e) { throw new RuntimeException(e); } manager.start("tmp\'s Ten QP"); } } Also, I think that using this method to automatically switch scripts requires each startable Script to override the Quickstart method onStart(String[] args) in order for them to be started this way (not sure tbh)
    2. Thank you for this report, I will look into this issue Edit: Found the bug, I had actually known about it since development but was kind of lazy for this edge case, where setting minimum quantities of around 100 or less would result in GE never buying. I also fixed another oversight where instead of going from GE History menu, closing it, opening GE, it now opens GE directly back from History tab.
    3. If you aren't that computer smart and don't know how to use a VPN, it's going to take a lot of time, money, and frustration for you to make 4b off botting - most people lose money they invest in botting (buying proxies, accounts, bonds, computer hardware, etc). I would just buy the gold using real money if you need the OSRS gp. But to answer your questions - your main account is fine unless they catch you RWT and you're trading to your main. Botting just one or two accounts at once works by launching DreamBot, selecting the one or two accounts you want to bot on, and starting the script you want to run. Vorkath is generally top-tier moneymaker which you can buy accounts and script for, however if you get banned quickly you will lose a lot of money on initial investment. You should have a mule account that trades the bots and your main so that the bots never trade your main. Killing in wilderness is not necessary to avoid detection
    4. Hi, thanks for your report! However on my end today the script works good. If you're still experiencing this bug, can you please PM me a screenshot of how you filled out the GUI settings, and if you're able to record a video of the bug happening that would be excellent.
    5. Sorry for the downtime, apparently I did not fully remove all references to the MethodProvider class which was fully removed from the DreamBot API as of the last update. Sent in a fix, and updated Github for local working versions :-)
    6. This is the download link for the legacy client that I got from the update post that I linked earlier in this thread: https://downloads.dreambot.org/dreambot-3.13.21-legacy.jar
    7. Getting this error on new client build: After talking to combat tutor and equipping sword/shield and viewing attack tab, it spams this error while spamming walk around the combat tutor in a 3-4 tile radius lol. Pausing the script and walking manually into rat cages works, script can exit the cage just fine, just not enter
    8. I would either message the script writer via PM or post on their script threads to say they should review their scripts for deprecated methods that went into effect from this last update, or alternate scripts yea. This can happen every few years or so Also, in the Update thread there is a link to download the legacy client (the version of client that can run outdated scripts) for the moment to continue to run the outdated ones
    9. Since you said it broke today maybe the scripts are using deprecated methods which the new client build released today officially deprecated
    10. Update: changed compiled .jar file from JDK 11 to JDK 8 to give compatibility for users not having JDK 11+. Also changed order of operations from skills -> idle -> quests to idle -> skills -> quests
    11. Update: Bank.open() API method works now. Close all clients and update by running DBLauncher.jar to get working SDN version without needing update request Sent in SDN update request to fix script stall when withdrawing Unf pots. Turns out Bank.open() API method kind of broke but not really so just a tiny code change fixed it. Github for local scripts is updated 🙂
    12. Just a heads up, DreamBot only works for the official OSRS game, so no script can be made on DreamBot to work with any RSPS 😞
    13. I am aware of a new bug since update where script stalls while trying to withdraw unf. I will have a look at it within a few days to see what the issue is
    14. Another grave dig but shout out to Yeeter for this great guide (and the link to the youtube vid which explains git in more detail)!
    15. I'm sorry to hear that - please keep in mind that botting is against the game rules and bans can be issued at any time. However if you experience any script errors that you may think should be fixed let me know 🙂 Personally I got accounts to 3-5m herblore XP just cleaning herbs before ban in development of this script. I also wrote this script to suicide accounts and make money before the ban without needing to do anything except start script, so please keep that in mind as well.
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