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    1. Hey i brought the Dragon dagger(p++) , just for special attacks you can chosse what spec weapon i choose that one, but it doesn't spec with it. FIXED CONFUSED WITH ABYSSAL DRAGON DAGGER thats the weapon of 2M coins, but i got the dagger of a value of 30k Coins
    2. yes it's working now Hashtag thanks! no problems now with rune energy, and keep coming baco to cut another log/fletch/burn if you ever could add the button, so the bot could exchange the pyro pieces/torches into burnt pages would be nice thanks man cheers
    3. Hes right it was flawless for so long but now it does something wrong with burn fletch it want to put it in the fire runs back you lose all your run energy getting way less fm/exp/+ more chance for missing games, + less human
    4. All these guys asking for changes, for no reason everything was solid running back to cut one log """""""""""""""""""""""""""i have noticed it cuts one log fletch burn and reapEATE lossing all my run energy""""" because missing way more games then before also running out of energy plenty of times now. everyone complaining for no reason. One thing would be nice if it could exchange the pyro outfit/torches etc for burnt pages after earning 3 for example so you dont get tortols/or magic seeds way les valuable.
    5. Hey it keeps running in the fire on the deck and then the character will try to fill up the bucket again and runs again in the fire over and over, because it keeps running in the new fire so the character can't fill up the bucket or get anything everyone can see with this that you're botting. its not always but if you run it for example 3h within that time it will do that mistake over and over.. and a lot of the times i dont even get 1 permit i use fixed client because i think you have to use that on right? and the bot is also wayy slower then the other players 60 fishing lvl, 20k xp/h is bad and i have full inventory of food still need to cook a bit but the bot decide to afk? so i dont get enough points and sometimes it just runs casualy throught 3 fires and i lose al my food please rework on this script or check it by yourself run it for couple hours and you will see how bad it acctualy is lol. purshased the minigame script because i thought wintertoth + tempros + more but acctualy the wintertoth is also not that good its a dumb bot runs to bank when you got food slow reaction time. so i bought a wintertoth script from hastag it was a bit exspesiver but atleast that script does his work and works perfect
    6. Bought a few scripts from this guy first tried the trial also tried a lot of trials from other guys but it seems this guy has the smartest bots and the best ones best scripter for sure!
    7. Worold 417 lumbrdige telespot 16,5M for 10$ credits on this site, lmk when you're here.
    8. Hey getting the gold now, i will dm you in like 20minutes where to meet up probbably in lumbrdige
    9. hey alright buddy, one moment getting the 16,5m after we've done it explan me how i can give you a postive feedback
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