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    1. The startup script Settings window need quite a long time. Is this a script issue, please repair
    2. Sir,When the bank has no log, why not add GE replenishment? I hope the script will never stop
    3. When the bank has no log, why not add GE replenishment? So you will never stop
    4. azx000

      Mogy NPC Fighter

      The script threw an error, contact the script writer.
    5. Running robot found some problems, The following is my machine configuration, Run 2 robot as an example, setting the rest for 20 minutes every 1.5 hours, continuous work five hours later, found that the mouse movement difficulty, delay,Dreambot why will appear this kind of circumstance? What's the solution? who can help me? http://m.qpic.cn/psc?/V53wZn4X184d6z02hn8m0PL1773nrJkQ/Sc7wZG8Q0BUeMz.O80ebfIQsHO5Iopq.4lUU1MytNxaC3uFrJUaljvYE5ezvvslFp3gWUeeuyPc99KtddPDao.eS66LHwGpzYIZhNcti2JY!/b&bo=BQM7AgAAAAADFw0!&rf=viewer_4 http://m.qpic.cn/psc?/V53wZn4X184d6z02hn8m0PL1773nrJkQ/Sc7wZG8Q0BUeMz.O80ebfINRYaYRtzwFP6s8F0Wb*93tgmkSSX9LezK5rBPFFeZ20nymkS0WoPzsqq*nwtU.imlbwGZL8okXUsm5lWe3H*s!/b&bo=igKpAQAAAAADFxI!&rf=viewer_4 Intel xeon E5-2670 - C2 @ 2.60 GHZ Intel X79 16GB 120GB The GTX 550 Ti
    6. Same,Run the script for a long time, found that the script the mouse trajectory are getting slower and slower, no response until the window. The following is my Settings and track record.http://m.qpic.cn/psc?/V10TZ8Im4BFtl9/Sc7wZG8Q0BUeMz.O80ebfCCBxK4L9eqo8hkNTKJPj40cX6SJFSIG.yl8*tt5nMfC21*1CsCPUT.YuyiVp*vhebz7mn8xfjMTfsu*mqZNEgU!/b&bo=WAKkAQAAAAABF88!&rf=viewer_4 http://m.qpic.cn/psc?/V10TZ8Im4BFtl9/Sc7wZG8Q0BUeMz.O80ebfIASTeQvSEz8cnLL3JexqJkAB3uYT4u5Re9utdzXpdbkE.HTw*SjfwjTVkSiaIf3Roy2xEX*mokvEbg.weAyzjg!/b&bo=igKpAQAAAAADFxI!&rf=viewer_4
    7. Did not check the,I BOT window long time running, the mouse is slow, lead to BOT window
    8. Use the tribot, open window, work long hours. Everything is ok
    9. Partners, the following is my machine configuration, 10 Windows open, run 8 hours, some black screen window, how is this to return a responsibility excuse me? Who can help me? Intel xeon E5-2670 - C2 @ 2.60 GHZ Intel X79 16GB 120GB The GTX 550 Ti
    10. Sir,Do you have the following functions? The big exchanges Automatic replenishment or sell items, including leather, stamina potions and jewelry. The buying and selling price can be customized Adjust the price support for many times to retry Support custom business listing If you have more functions, I will buy
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