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    1. well had my first ban, few poitns to note When does it start to quest as i got perhaps 8 hours of runtime and it didnt do any quests. Not sure what caused the ban it was just mining south of varrock not sure where it went wrong as it had hardly any game time and is running on a brand new private proxy ill try one more and see if we can get any decent runtime otherwise ill have to cancel the sub
    2. Hey @Almonds these seem like great value, i assume we get full ssh and root access? also whats the clock speed of these vcpus
    3. already joined trying to work through your visual scripter also im torn between yours and dreamys aio, just wondering when your going to add herblore perhaps farming to your aio ??
    4. trial is going okay but it often gets stuck in a conversation loop with larry after completing, had to intervene a few times, not sure im quite ready to buy this one
    5. great idea but the manual link doesnt seem to work and neither do the sample script or help buttons? dont really know where to start
    6. Thanks when it’s sorted could I be cheeky and get a new trial? I didn’t use it as the telealch was what I wanted to test
    7. not sure if its me doing something but when cooking karambwans it defaults to poison ones at 50%xp no option to change to refgfular
    8. Hey Sub, couple of issues, webwalking on porcine of interest when trying to enter the farm by draynor it keeps clicking back and forth from the cabbage patch had to intervene. Also on the another cooks quest one it buys a varrock tab however i have my varrock tabs set to the GE and it hangs as is expecting to be in varrock centre i assume
    9. Where it says the destination tile do I list that as coordinates xxxx, yyyy ? Or do I define a tile and reference it?
    10. Hey guys, Im looking to write a QOL script that will do a sequence of events , walk here do this, teleport there do that. I would like to eventually script into it my daily tree runs too. Ive got the banking to work but for the life of me i cant get my head around walking. Im struggling to understand the api for walking. and a lot of the previous posts are using old code. what do i need if i want to walk to a specific tile open any doors required to get there and sleep until that is completed? appreciate the help, i know its simple but i just cant figure it out
    11. Top tip don’t bot for 8 hours straight 2 day ban otherwise great script I think it’s definitely the prayer flicking that got me caught
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