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    1. V1.1 was just pushed to the SDN for review - Fixed Yew tree area - Dropping logs only drops chopped logs - Fixed level up dialogue handler
    2. Hmm that's interesting, ill take a look and see if I can push an update to fix that
    3. This is a basic F2P woodcutter script that covers all the main woodcutting locations and handles any type of axe. Has built-in banking and dropping functions as well as checks for having the axe in your bank. Please use Dreambot's built-in breaking system. Locations: - Lumbridge - Trees - Draynor - Trees - Varrock - Oaks - Lumbridge - Oaks - Varrock - Willows - Draynor - Willows - Lumbridge - Yew Please let me know if you have any issues and there are more updates to come.
    4. Youre the best! It worked right away, thanks for your help
    5. I'm having this same exact issue, have the repo set up exactly how it is supposed to but the upload form is not letting me upload it.
    6. This is a F2P script aimed to cover the main locations one would want to fish. It does not have built-in breaking yet, so make sure to set your dreambot breaks. There are checks to make sure you have the appropriate fishing method and location before the script begins. Locations: - Lumbridge: Shrimps/Anchovies - Draynor: Shrimps/Anchovies - Barbarian Village: Fly fishing and Normal Fishing with bait - Karamja: Tuna/Swordfish - No Banking Requirements: - Make sure you have the appropriate fishing items in your inventory or bank or the script will stop. Please let me know if you have any issues or suggestions, and there will be more updates to come.
    7. That seems to have done it! Makes sense when you explain it that way. Thank you so much for helping out! I had a variable for Players.localPlayer() and once i swapped it like you said it works after a break.
    8. I am attempting to use dreambot's built-in breaks, and this issue is happening on all of my scripts. Ill get some screenshots together, thanks for the help
    9. I feel like im just missing something here. I'm working on a script for fishing. Everything works perfectly until the first log-out break timer hits, it breaks for the appropriate amount of time and logs back in. After logging back in it gets caught in a walking loop like it doesnt know where it is, even though its in the same exact spot that it was able to click the fishing spots from last time. Am i missing something? I can send screenshots if needed but since it works perfect until the break im stumped.
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