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    1. I don't use any Tut bots as I've been stung before by them so I manually run accounts through Tutorial Island. I will look into proxies and account resting though for sure.
    2. I have noticed a massive increase in bans. I have just had my main account along with another account I was running in parallel banned. I set up 2 more accounts, one banned within 30 minutes and one still going now. Seems as though they've found a way to detect bots better? ***EDIT*** a few moments later - my second newly created account was banned!!
    3. The script has massive potential, but for some reason my script selects the ingredients needed and follows Aggie with the cursor and doesn't actually click on Aggie as needed. The cursor just follows her around and could take around 6 minutes to make one dye. Not sure if I have any settings wrong? But any help would be nice as this script does definitely have massive potential. Thanks!
    4. Thank you! Will definitely keep an eye on this!
    5. Hi all, When I start up DreamBot and login as normal and try to start a script to run, the client freezes and the GUI for the script doesn't open. The message at the bottom of the client reads "Preparing gamepack for start..." and the log file shows the following: Anybody provide any support on this? Thanks!!
    6. I have been running for around 12 hours now and so far running very smoothly. I have breaks in there that occur every 35 - 47 minutes for at least 16-32 minutes. I started with a fresh account (ran the tutorial island myself just to ensure that it wasn't other tutorial island bots giving me a delayed ban) and so far I am on 45 strength, 29 attack, 21 defence training on goblins and just transitioned to cows. Safe to say I think it's an awesome script. One issue that occurs is changing the goals which gives errors for me so I have to manually check and change this for now. I will share with OP when he is back. Hope this helps!
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