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    1. Stats of the account Account status (bans, mutes) Login screen Quests (completed) GIFS > https://gyazo.com/a0fa8bd79a91c1d1210066e6a03943bd + https://gyazo.com/be25a77e9d7f17f6a1027201eb40e621 Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable) Minimum bid (price to start bids) - $150 or equivalent GP Autowin - $300 or equivalent GP Payment method - [Cash - Bitcoin, PP if trusted] [GP - OS or RS3] Trading conditions (middleman) - I am trustable, but MM may be used at your expense Previous owners (if any) - Mine, never sold before
    2. Sometimes, giving people a second chance brings the best out of them
    3. Welcome to dreambot nice way to introduce yourself
    4. Sounds like a ploy for people to sell their items so you can stock up on them and merch :thinking:
    5. Hi, you'll need to follow this account selling template to continue your sale: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/837-account-selling-template/
    6. Was a nice production, me enjoyed
    7. Interesting. I wonder if I'm legible for this, as I don't post much often anymore.
    8. I'll never forget you, cutie pie. Hope you progress well in your career, and your life. I spent a fair amount of time with you on the team and you are truly a sharp individual. Likewise as you said, we will never forget you either.
    9. Is there a specific word in each word? For example, GBQXVEGXCEXVREW < Is there a definite word in that, or is there a full sentence made from all the words/letters combined?
    10. All suffering is caused by ignorance. People inflict pain on others in the selfish pursuit of their own happiness or satisfaction

    11. Even though the primary focus of an upgraded/updated/new version of a client should be on improving the core functionality, I will give my input for the UI side of it, since that is pretty much the only 'peek' given (view-able screenshots) as of 7 months now (and you guys said that you have been working on it for a few months now - before this thread). The new client doesn't, in my opinion, look like something that someone would pay for. Although, it is extremely better in comparison to the current one. It looks simple, user-friendly, neat, and easier on the eye than the current. As for @Mad's comments on the professionalism, I believe that he is referring to the UI not looking skillful, in that he believes that the developers sit and watch UI videos all day everyday and should be producing content that is similar to people who actually have a profession in developing UI. In that, he is wrong for assuming such. On a side note, @Notorious where did the idea of a spherical client go?????
    12. Forum / Chat Bans Who banned you: @lily Why were you banned: My former persona led me to become an individual who lacked sensibility and expected characteristics of a former staff member. I am an individual who, from experience, does not realize circumstances until late, but I do tend to quickly realize my actions, bad or good. To most reading this, it may seem like a petty 'offense' but the problem comes at the root of the mindset. For that, I can state that I am trying my best to better myself, to become the person I am outside of the internet, the real me, the person who become moderator in the first place. Why should you be unbanned: It took me to be at the edge of the cliff to realize where I was headed blindly and mindlessly, but I believe I know my path and character now. I tried to justify my faults by illogically attempting to falsify others. For that, and for diminishing the standards I set for myself when I resigned, I apologize; I believe that I can and will act with those initial standards, and higher.
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