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    1. cute! you're cute!

    2. who tf  is u

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      2. Val



      3. Bunnybun
      4. Val


        im little # ur big # don't forget it !! uwu

    3. lol ur a boomer

      1. Val


        u boomer? im doomer !

    4. Val

      Imagine being this big of a weeb

    5. ur a normie

    6. Black Clover, still going strong Violet Evergarden Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Overlord Season 2 Really poor selection of anime this winter season although spring looks promising. Even violet evergreen isn't that good, it's just something to stomach in my pass time. Enjoy!
    7. Popular games: The Walking Dead Series Arma 3 Northgard Stardew Vally Binding of Issac DayZ Dead by Daylight The Escapists The Forest Skyrim FTL Majority of the GTA series Just Cause Killing Floor Left 4 Dead The Long Dark Rust Tropico 5 PUBG Current Bans: H1Z1 CSGO -- 1 year, so you wouldn't get excluded from any gaming groups GTA 5 I'll provide SS's on request, I don't have time for video games anymore.
    8. Dreambot's #1 old fage

    9. Val

      lily's Sheep Shearer

      Another great script from my Mom. +1
    10. Val

      Val's summer anime list.

      This is an ongoing anime only list. Never liked Dragon Ball series personally.
    11. Anime section incoming. Arslan season 2 TABOO TATTOO SERVAMP Hitori no Shita: the outcast Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Scared Rider XechS QUALIDEA CODE Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin < Personal fav BERSERK (2016) Orange
    12. Muffins, you're selling the game for retail when someone can easily just buy the game on their own account without the risk of getting scammed. Please reevaluate the price if you'd like to make a deal.
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