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    1. Hello everyone I am currently looking for 3-4 Livechat workers who can operate on http://gold.celestial.productions/ I am basically looking for people with market experince in doing: Selling RSGP Buying RSGP Swapping RSGP Selling botting websites credits(I can teach you) Negotiating the best possible price. Obviously I wont just hire anyone I have 1 worker at the moment with over 50B RSGP traded in vouches on sythe and has paid an insurance Fee. About my self: I have been marketing for around 2 years and within those 2 years I have couducted at least 4000 Runescape related trades. I have lots of vouches on powerbot,osbot,tribot and so on. I will require everyone who joins to pay a minimal insurance fee depending on how trusted they are. The website just launched 2 days ago but we've already had orders for Bil's of RSGP. The insurance fee will be paid back if you choose to leave the service or once you have proven you are trusted. Contact me at skype: Dignityonline Thank you very much for reading Why would you join? As shown from my market research you make 2.5$ profit from each customer dealt with. If the website gets 1 customer a minute meaning 60 customers in 1 hour. You would have made 150$ profit in 1hour. Now this isn't impossible but is far-fetched just showing you that there is money to be made in this business YOU MUST ALREADY HAVE AN INSANE AMOUNT OF STOCK BEFORE JOINING! How this works? Workers make 100% of their profit but they supply their own RSGP to sell/buy and swap. Skype me for more info.
    2. ★ DignityOnline's Voucher Shop Buy VIP/Sponsor/Scripts★ Pricing 1M 07 = 2.10$ Credit Worth 8.5M RS3 = 2.10$ Credit Worth I Also Accept : BTC, Skrill & Other Payments(Just Ask!) Contact Details PM me onsite(SAFE) Skype: Dignityonline (ALWAYS ASK FOR A PM) Notes I don't mind going first to very trusted I am open to negotiate
    3. Thanks Thanks Dbuffed Nice. Also I am not the owner of the website.
    4. Why does it matter Im even banned on sythe
    5. 10m/25m FreeRoll Tournament: Sunday, Daily @ 10 AM PST/1PM EST & 11AM PST/2PM EST GIVING 2M IN CHIPS TO FIRST 100 REGISTERS!
    6. I may be interested hit me up on skype.
    7. I wish It was the other way around. I fucking love Japan (Anime )
    8. Dignity

      RIP Ericthecmh

      Aslong as nezz is running things Im sure it wont be too bad for DB.
    9. 1.35M 07 Skype: Dignityonline
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