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  1. vrpiv

    Hey Nex!

    I love your scripts I was wondering can you please give me a trial on the agility arena?

    I was really looking to test if I like it I will definitely buy it!

  2. Hey I noticed a minor glitch. At Rogue's Den the bot stops in the middle of the fire and cooks. Is there anyway you can fix this to draw less attention? Thank you! Sincerely, Your Supporter
  3. Great script! Could speed up the process a little bit of the confirmation of the fletching button. (This would be nice if added) Otherwise amazing script!
  4. Hey Nex can I please have a free trial! Great fletching script BTW use it daily!
  5. Needs update like now! Drags bow strings instead of withdrawing on multiple attempts. This script just needs some freshening up it has beautiful potential. Please just redo the mechanics on simply making bows because the script isn't withdrawing the items properly. Sincerely, Your Supporter
  6. I know this script has been around for awhile, but is there a shift drop option. Great script besides the fact that it doesn't have a shift drop option.
  7. Your Tree gnome village bot is also crashing constantly making errors as well in running the course or even completing it. The Draynor bot needs an update because sometimes it gets stuck at the rock wall. Also after it climbs the rock wall it goes onto the next obstacle too quickly. This is because a mark of grace can appear in that area and the bot will skip it. Al Kharid Bot needs an update entirely and I wouldn't recommend it. Haven't tried varrock or Fally or Seers village back, but I bought your script as well as all the other agility scripts and am testing them for the community. I would like some feedback about these scripts.
  8. The Draynor bot gets stuck at the first obstacle being the wall you climb up when you enter the course. The Alkarid bot has major issues and needs an update. Watch it do a lap and you will see what I mean. The Varrock course is definitely adequate The Canafis Course is also adequate More tests to come, but I think that there should be an update on this script overall because there are simple errors on the first 2 course you can run. Pretty adequate bot thus far and I look forward to hearing some feedback.
  9. The Desert rooftop course needs to be updated as it miss clicks on and near the palm tree after it clicks it during performance of the obstacle. Is this script still being updated?
  10. vrpiv


    I know I am not the first person to test this script, but overall the most amazing work I have personally ever seen. Note that I do straneously test many scripts. My only comment would be to make sure that the script is run with the rooftop option turned off so that NPC's are revealed and make it that way to run this script. If not the bot unfortunately has tons of trouble locating a task, which can cause a ban if your account is being monitored. One error in the priest in peril quest where your mouse can get stuck at the graveyard. Fortunately though 99% of the quests run very well and I would like to just say amazing work. I am hoping for more scripts from you.
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