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    1. THESE PROXIES ARE FIRE! Was a beta tester and it def improved my run times.
    2. You should throw everything away just because its osbot on god
    3. Why not use a light weight linux distribution then? It would beat out both of them (atlas/winxp) and you can keep your silly 19 vms + some lol.
    4. If you want to be a winshitter that bad, use https://atlasos.net/ Otherwise, use linux or go back to osbot please lol
    5. I freakin, LOVE the ccBlacks script. I was using it for 2 weeks and got over 6 million chins in 4 days. Thank you camal cock. Let's Botting Hard 💪
    6. I have a lot of experience with this and there isn't really an ideal break time because it depends on how many times you are hopping per hour. The "too many login attempts" is IP based and it usually means you're exceeding the world hopping limit (I wish I had the hard numbers for what the world hops/hr limit was). I don't think anyone has the numbers or how long it takes for the break to disappear. Im also trying to test on several accounts as to how long it takes for the IP ban to disappear. I have not tried this but I think a more ghetto way of getting around this is to make a bash script with Quickstart to kill sessions every 8 hours (or as many times as you get rate limited for world hopping) or so and switch proxies since the ban is IP based, not account based and then rotate the IPs.
    7. Yeah I dont think the link works anymore nex
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