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    1. In honor of @yeeter01 , celebrating pride month, and preparing for the upcoming Transgender Awareness Week (November), I created a script to retrieve a transgender flower crown from Gilbert if it is not already in your inventory. This script is intended to be run straight after finishing tutorial island so that your fresh tutorial island accounts can show off their pride around Varrock. This script is also great to run after using any public tutorial island script because it implements my own proprietary anti-ban and it changes the behavioral pattern of the script running prior, and totally disrupting Jagex's bot detection heuristics! (Feel free to run it right after any Dreambot script that you might feel is unsafe. Getting a trans crown will make Jagex think twice about banning you. ) This script also utilizes advanced anti-ban such as multi-brain technology, chameleon anti-ban camouflage, bernstein polynomials, mirror mode, injection, reflection, cloaking, runelite spoofing, and is not a FORK. In the study I did prior to this script's release, I ran about 6,000.000 tuts(for scientific accuracy), and was able to reduce ban rates by a whopping 41% !!! (p<0.000000000000000001) You can get the script on the SDN under the name osPride! Lastly, be on the lookout for an upcoming tutorial island shop called TransTuts by @camalCase! You will be able to buy cheap and FRESH tutorial island accounts at a fraction of the cost compared to @maclof>:) and more importantly, it comes with a trans crown! Thank you for visiting my thread, I hope to see all of you at the pride parade with your transgender crowns in Varrock soon! (We're here everyday) Also, thank you Dreambot for making this script possible!
    2. I freakin, LOVE the ccBlacks script. I was using it for 2 weeks and got over 6 million chins in 4 days. Thank you camal cock. Let's Botting Hard 💪
    3. I have a lot of experience with this and there isn't really an ideal break time because it depends on how many times you are hopping per hour. The "too many login attempts" is IP based and it usually means you're exceeding the world hopping limit (I wish I had the hard numbers for what the world hops/hr limit was). I don't think anyone has the numbers or how long it takes for the break to disappear. Im also trying to test on several accounts as to how long it takes for the IP ban to disappear. I have not tried this but I think a more ghetto way of getting around this is to make a bash script with Quickstart to kill sessions every 8 hours (or as many times as you get rate limited for world hopping) or so and switch proxies since the ban is IP based, not account based and then rotate the IPs.
    4. Yeah I dont think the link works anymore nex
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