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    1. I get it, and I said I was originally planning on adding a "to file" option on the results just haven't gotten around to it yet. But I still don't see how that's going to help unless the original file you used to check was already less than what's currently in the client, because if you have "delete" selected, and you're using the entire contents of the client, it's just going to return the new contents of the client... which seems a bit redundant, uess of course "delete" is not selected or you're looking to only move banned or locked accounts. But again there will, hopefully, eventually be a to file option.
    2. What is it that you're trying to do? This was simply designed to keep the account manager clean by deleting banned accounts because there's no "mass delete" function in dreambot. If you're interested I can write you something custom, but I don't see the benefit of returning the password. Besides, I can only return it IF it was in the original file used, can't grab it via the API, and currently I'm not even storing the password in any variables because there's no use for it in the script in it's current design
    3. Can you send a screenshot? I'm not really sure what the issue you're having is
    4. There's a results GUI that will pop up when the script stops or is stopped. I can add an output file I guess, initially I was going to add an option to the results GUI to send the results to file but haven't gotten around to it yet. But nothing is created or shown while the script is running except the on screen paint, that should tell you how many accounts have been checked, and if they're good, banned, deleted, etc. But if you're looking for which accounts were tagged with each status, you'll need to either let the script finish or stop it
    5. Thanks! I got tired of manually deleting banned accounts so I made this and figured others would hopefully find it helpful
    6. Sounds like you have a username in your text file that's not added in your Dreambot Account Manager. I might have left it case sensitive, so if you believe that account Nickname is infact in your Account Manager double check capitalization. (If you use the export button on the Account Manager it should eliminate this problem)
    7. I had a feeling nothing would happen if the tile wasn't on screen, that's good to know. I think I only used it once and it was only a few tiles away
    8. Walking.walkOnScreen(Area.getRandomTile) should do the trick [should probably make sure the tile is on screen first though, I'm not 100% sure what would happen if you're too far away] https://dreambot.org/javadocs/org/dreambot/api/methods/walking/impl/Walking.html#walkOnScreen(org.dreambot.api.methods.map.Tile)
    9. Not sure if it's updated/working but yeeter has a free picker script on the SDN. https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/18954-yeetpicker-aio/
    10. {Live on SDN} What is it? This is a small utility I made for managing accounts on Dreambot's Account Manager. It will take a list of Nicknames (explained below) and check the status of each account [Good, Banned, Wrong Password, etc.], delete the account from the Account Manager (if you choose to based on result) and display a plethora of information when complete. {All the Accounts checked, what the result was, if it was deleted, and a breakdown of each result type, and of course a quick summary tab as well} How do I set it up? If you happen to have a .txt file will all of your Dreambot Account NICKNAME(s) then simply just select that .txt file, for the rest of us, simply open up the Account Manager on the Dreambot Client, and select "Export" and choose where you would like to save this file. (save it with .txt extension) Feel free to remove any accounts you do not wish to run through the script. NOTE: this file will contain a list of your accounts in the format Nickname:Email/Login:Password where password is in plain text, the script will NOT automatically delete the file it uses so delete it once the script is complete AND you've checked results, if you're worried about that sort of thing. (You might want it for bulk import if you deleted accounts by mistake) How do I run it? Once you have your list of Accounts (really all you need in the file is Nickname, the script reads the file and drops everything after the first ":" on each line, and if you happen to cuck it up some how, it will skip anything that doesn't match what's in the Nickname field in the Account Manager) simply run the script like you would any other script (you must select an Account as you normally do) and you will be presented with a very basic GUI with 3 checkboxes and 2 buttons. The checkboxes are if you wish DELETE the account from Account Manager if one of the 3 Results is found upon attempting to log in {Banned/Locked, Incorrect Password, UNKNOWN} I would suggest keeping Unknown unchecked because I didn't go through the entire list of Login Responses but aside from Good, Banned/Locked and Invalid PW, I have the script come to a stop if it comes across: Updates, Full World, Login Limit, and Too Many Attempts. (I can only prevent user error so much... Don't run a f2p bot farm with a P2P world selected.) Ok, so Checkboxes Delete Accounts from the Account Manager in Dreambot. Now, simply click the "Acc File" button and navigate to where ever you saved your Nickname/Export .txt file from before. This tells the script what accounts you want to check. Now you're all set, just click "Start" NOTES Login and Password data is grabbed directly from the Account Manager in Dreambot, NOT the file. If Login Successful, it just logs out a couple seconds later. It's kind of slow, this is intentional because gegex and the Too Many Login response. "Can I add accounts with this?" NO, just use the Bulk Import. "I cucked it, deleted all accounts!" Well, it's a good thing the "Export" puts the account data in the exact format Bulk Import uses, just put them back. QuickStart supported - 4 REQUIRED Params in this order: {DeleteBanned, DeleteInvalidPassword, DeleteUnknown, FULL_PATH_FILE} Example: start java -jar C:\Users\User\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -script "CheckBans" -account "zezima" -covert -world F2P -params "True" "TrUe" "FaLsE" "C:\\Users\\User\\Documents\\DBExport.txt" [for the Delete booleans, anything other than a "True" {Non-case sensitive: "tRUe" will work} will result in False] I hope this helps someone!
    11. Yes I'm enjoying it so far, much cleaner than my basic node structure previously
    12. [ERROR] Overriding Login Handler random handler is not allowed! Seems I can't extend RandomSolver or LoginSolver to create my login handler. Does this mean I now also need my own listener for determining if I'm logged in or not as well? Or is there a way to create a new RandomEvent or some other way to use RandomSolver?
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